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Who Makes the Best Kitchen Faucets? An Unbiased Comparison of the Top 10 Brands

Gabriela Connell
7 minute read

Kitchen renovations remain one of the most popular home improvement projects year after year. And when remodeling a kitchen, one of the key elements to consider is selecting the perfect kitchen faucet. With so many styles, finishes, and innovations available, choosing the right kitchen faucet can be overwhelming. Should you opt for a trusted brand like Moen or Delta? Or take a chance on a more affordable option from Kraus or Premier? Do you need smart home functionality or just flawless performance?

We’ll also provide unbiased reviews of the ten best kitchen faucet brands on the market and specific recommendations to match any budget or kitchen decor. Whether you prize cutting-edge touchless tech or just need a reliable faucet that will last for decades, read on to discover which brand is best for your home.

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Faucet for Your Needs

Determine Your Budget

Prices for kitchen faucets can range from $50 budget models to $1000+ for luxury brands. Make sure to set a realistic budget before you start shopping. While you can find very functional faucets for under $150, investing more typically yields better materials, styling, and features.

who makes the best kitchen faucets

Also factor in lifetime costs. A higher upfront price may be worthwhile if you’re gaining decades of reliable performance. Examine warranties too – brands like Moen and Kohler offer lifetime coverage to guard against leaks, drips, and defects.

Style & Design

The style of your kitchen faucet can make or break your intended design aesthetic. Key styles include:

Also decide on your preferred finish. Polished chrome remains popular, but matte black, stainless steel, bronze, nickel, and chrome are also widely available.

Features & Functionality

Standard kitchen faucets operate with a single handle that controls hot and cold water. But innovations abound when it comes to functionality:

Determine which features would be most useful for your household.

Ease of Installation

Replacing an old faucet usually takes 2-3 hours. Look for quick-connect coupling and supply lines that don’t require plumber’s putty. 1-hole or 3-hole mounting compatibility is also key.

Overall, Pfister and Moen are regarded as easier for DIY installation thanks to thoughtful design and simplified instructions.

Reliability & Performance

A leaky, troublesome faucet can quickly sour your remodeling joy. Seek out ceramic disc valves and heavy brass components that resist drips, leaks, and wear for decades of near silent operation.

Top brands like Kohler also employ rigorous testing regimens like 1 million open/close cycles to ensure lasting performance.

Brand Reputation & Warranty

It pays to stick with an established brand with outstanding customer satisfaction ratings. Be sure to research reviews specific to the model you’re considering.

Reputable companies like Delta and Moen also back their faucets with generous lifetime warranties – a sign of confidence in quality and longevity.

Reviews of the Top 10 Kitchen Faucet Brands

1. Moen

Overview: Moen leads the market in kitchen faucets thanks to innovative features, reliability, and outstanding support. Prices range from $80 to $650+ across a huge range of styles.

Notable Features: Reflex motion-sensing technology, Power Boost spray, Duralock quick connect.

Finish Options: Chrome, matte black, stainless, bronze

Warranty: Limited lifetime – covers leaks, drips, defects.

Why Choose Moen? Moen faucets offer an unbeatable blend of useful innovations, durable construction, and versatile styling. The Reflex system provides reliable touchless operation, while Power Boost enhances the reach and pressure of the pull-down sprayhead. From contemporary to traditional designs, you’re sure to find the perfect Moen faucet for your kitchen.

2. Delta

Overview: From smart Touch2O faucets to budget-friendly fundamentals, Delta offers exceptional quality and reliability across its lineup.

Notable Features: Touch2O, ShieldSpray, MagnaTite docking, Diamond seal valve.

Finish Options: Chrome, matte black, Venetian bronze, Arctic stainless

Warranty: Limited lifetime

Why Choose Delta? Delta’s Touch2O technology lets you easily turn water on and off with a tap or nudge of your wrist or forearm – very convenient when hands are messy. The powerful ShieldSpray nozzle resists buildup, while the MagnaTite docking system keeps the spray wand securely in place. Delta represents smart innovation and everyday dependability.

3. Kohler

Overview: Kohler is a leader in bold, sophisticated styling and innovative operation for those seeking a premium kitchen focal point.

Notable Features: Touchless response, sweep spray, MasterClean sprayface, ceramic valves.

Finish Options: Polished chrome, vibrant stainless, matte black

Warranty: Limited lifetime

Why Choose Kohler? With striking designs that make a statement, Kohler faucets are perfect for contemporary and transitional kitchens. The high-arch gooseneck spout and 360-degree sweep spray offer complete sink access. Kohler also pioneered the MasterClean sprayface that withstands mineral buildup and corrosion. For those seeking a sleek centerpiece faucet, Kohler is ideal.

4. Hansgrohe

Overview: This German brand is revered for exceptionally engineered kitchen faucets with European style.

Notable Features: AirPower tech for smooth docking, adjustable flow restrictor, high arc spout.

Finish Options: Chrome, stainless steel, matte black, bronze

Warranty: Limited lifetime

Why Choose Hansgrohe? For a forward-thinking faucet that feels like functional art, Hansgrohe is a top choice. The soft AirPower docking gently draws the spray head into place, while ComfortZone positioning lets you pivot the faucet out of the way for added room. With sleek lines and high-tech features, Hansgrohe represents modern luxury.

5. Pfister

Overview: From affordable essentials to pro-style pull-down faucets, Pfister brings quality within reach.

Notable Features: Quick install, Spot Resist stainless, Pforever seal advanced ceramic disc valve.

Finish Options: Stainless, black stainless, polished chrome

Warranty: Limited lifetime

Why Choose Pfister? This trusted brand makes choosing, installing, and living with your new kitchen faucet refreshingly easy. The Pforever ceramic disc valve removes worry over drips and leaks. Spot Resist stainless finishes hide fingerprints and water spots between cleanings. For a simplified and dependable faucet, Pfister delivers.

6. Grohe

Overview: Known for performance innovations, Grohe crafts gorgeous, sculptural faucets for design-conscious kitchens.

Notable Features: SilkMove cartridge for smooth handling, SpeedClean anti-lime system, pull-out mousseur for easy cleaning.

Finish Options: Chrome, steel, bronze, matte black

Warranty: Limited lifetime

Why Choose Grohe? Few brands can match the modern aesthetic and intuitive operation of Grohe. The unique pull-out mousseur makes rinsing vegetables a breeze while SilkMove and SpeedClean prevent potential issues. Grohe also uses solid stainless steel internals rather than lower-cost plastics. If you appreciate stellar engineering and timeless proportional design, check out Grohe.

7. American Standard

Overview: Combining practical performance innovations and transitional style, American Standard delivers beautiful dependability.

Notable Features: Brass swivel spout, memory position valve handle, mineral buildup resistance.

Finish Options: Polished chrome, stainless steel

Warranty: Limited lifetime

Why Choose American Standard? Featuring brass construction and ceramic disc valves, American Standard faucets withstand years of regular use. The articulating spout offers great clearance even in tight spots. From affordable basics to pro chef faucets, American Standard represents thoughtful design perfect for active households.

8. Kraus

Overview: This fast-growing company focuses on stylish faucets with quality and performance typically found at much higher price points.

Notable Features: All-metal construction, high-performance Neoperl aerator, dual-function sprayhead.

Finish Options: Matte black, chrome, stainless steel

Warranty: Limited lifetime

Why Choose Kraus? Kraus faucets impress designers with their heft and substantial feel usually only found with premium brands. All-metal components resist corrosion and wear while providing smooth, drip-free, quiet operation. Combine that build quality with striking industrial designs, and Kraus represents one of the best values around.

9. Ruvati

Overview: This newcomer offers pro-style faucets packed with features at affordable prices.

Notable Features: Commercial-style design, matching soap dispenser, heavy-duty construction.

Finish Options: Brushed nickel, matte black

Warranty: Limited lifetime

Why Choose Ruvati? Inspired by restaurant kitchens, Ruvati faucets feature robust steel construction and useful amenities like magnetic docking for the spray head and an integrated soap/lotion dispenser. The generous reach of the flexible gooseneck spout makes filling pots and washing large items easy. Ruvati allows you to achieve a commercial look without the commercial price.

10. Premier Faucet

Overview: This affordable brand focuses on delivering stylish, reliable faucets with handy features.

Notable Features: Pull-down sprayer, 360-degree rotation, high-arch gooseneck.

Finish Options: Brushed nickel, matte black

Warranty: Limited lifetime

Why Choose Premier? While not yet a household name, Premier’s faucets impress with conveniences like magnetic docking to secure the pull-down wand after use. All-brass waterways prevent leaks and drips. The high spout clearance and swiveling spout provide versatility. For a dependable faucet with professional styling, Premier is tough to beat.

Final Recommendations

Best High-End Kitchen Faucets: Kohler, Hansgrohe, Moen

Best Mid-Range Kitchen Faucets: Delta, American Standard, Pfister

Best Budget Kitchen Faucets: Premier, Kraus

Best for Families: Moen, Delta

Most Durable and Reliable: Moen, Kohler

Easiest Installation: Pfister, Moen

Best Smart Faucets: Delta, Moen

Best Modern Styles: Kohler, Hansgrohe

Quietest Operation: Kohler, Moen

Finding your perfect kitchen faucet means carefully assessing your budget, style needs, preferred features, and kitchen usage. While name brands like Moen and Delta offer great reliability and innovations, lesser-known companies like Premier and Pfister also impress with performance and value.

Be sure to browse many examples of each brand to get a feel for the differences in design. Investing in a quality faucet that gracefully suits your space will give you a beautiful, intuitive cooking companion for many years to come.