Early design decisions have the greatest impact on project success.



Make those decisions better & faster with Archetris Schema.

projects developed with Schema

minutes of design time saved

dollars saved

Clearly communicate complex program information and spatial relationships.

Come to consensus quicker. Turn client meetings into collaborative design sessions.

Quickly zero in on optimal solutions with Schema’s informed design.

Fly through early stage design tasks with a tool purpose-built for the work.

Start BIM workflow earlier. Schema brings building data into BIM with the project program and extends the workflow with an Autodesk Revit plugin.




Architectural Programming & Conceptual Design Software: Project Management module


Schema’s Projects module is the home page of the application and provides project navigation, organization & basic project information cataloging. Learn more…

Architectural Programming & Conceptual Design Software: Reporting module


Schema’s Resources module where a project’s sites, buildings, floors, organizational groups, space standards and standard components are defined. Learn more…

Architectural Programming & Conceptual Design Software: Programming module


Create and edit complex programs visually through an innovative and easy to use graphical interface. Develop and compare programs changing over time with Schema’s projections feature. Import from and export to Excel. Learn more…


Stacking in Schema is a design process, not just a report. Assign project organizations to building levels with an easy drag & drop process. See how your Stacking design compares to the program as you work. Design alternates let you create and compare multiple design solutions quickly and easily. Learn more…


Schema’s Blocking module takes the work you’ve done in Stacking to the next level of detail. Layout divisions, departments, functional areas etc. on building floor plates. Import and update backgrounds easily. See how your Blocking design compares to the program as you work. Design alternates let you create and compare multiple design solutions quickly and easily. Learn more…


Drag and drop standard spaces to create preliminary space plans while keeping track of the design’s relationship to the program goals. Design alternates let you create and compare multiple design solutions quickly and easily.


The Stacking, Blocking and Planning modules all have sidebars that show you the status of your design relative the to the project program. Schema’s Reporting module provides more comprehensive and detailed analysis of your project – client presentation ready, of course.

Integration with conceptual design and bim tools

Free trial

Schema comes in five configurations (Free, Solo, Team, Firm and Enterprise) with features and price points to meet almost any design team’s needs. You can try out the nearly full-featured Team level configuration with no obligation and no charge for your first month or your first project.


Who uses Archetris Schema

Schema is built for architects, by architects to support informed decision making early in the design process. Architecture firms are using Schema on healthcare, workplace, education and science & technology projects. Construction and construction management companies are using Schema for preliminary cost estimation. Commercial and corporate real estate professionals are evaluating Schema for use on relocation & restack projects.

If you’re designing or planning projects with complex programs, Schema might be a good fit.

and what they’re saying about it

Schema was easy to learn and immediately provided value to our team and our client’s understanding of important information.
Array has been searching for this tool for a long time.  We had undergone years of research and testing as we tried to connect our clients with critical program information, but found every other platform we tried to be either too complex or without lasting project value.  With Schema, our clients enjoy being able to see the impact of change to a program in real-time and our projects benefit from rapid, informed decisions.

Noah Tolson

Principal, Array Architects