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Choose the Perfect Curtains to Brighten Your Kitchen Window Above the Sink

Gabriela Connell
3 minute read

Finding the right curtains for the window above a kitchen sink requires balancing form and function. The sink area tends to face outward to yards or the neighborhood, so privacy is a must. But you don’t want to sacrifice all natural light. The trick is choosing window treatments that filter light while obscuring views.

Options like cafe curtains, valances, shades, and layered curtains can provide customizable privacy and light control. You’ll also want to coordinate with the overall kitchen decor while accounting for the wear and tear that comes from splatters. With some thoughtful choices, you can brighten your kitchen window in style.

Consider the Privacy You Need

Kitchen sink windows often look out onto front or backyards, a busy street, or neighboring properties. For this reason, privacy is usually the top concern for sink window treatments.

You’ll want curtains that fully cover the window, especially during evening hours. But that doesn’t mean sacrificing all natural light. Sheer curtains and adjustable shades allow for customized privacy and light filtering.

curtain for window above kitchen sink

Cafe curtains are one excellent option, as they cover only the lower half of the window. This provides privacy where you need it most while still allowing light to filter in from above. If cafe curtains are too casual, consider adding a stylish valance at the top of the window to dress it up.

Filter the Light

While privacy is important, kitchens also rely on ample natural light for food prep tasks and to create a bright, cheery ambiance. Avoid blackout curtains that block all light.

Opt for light filtering shades or sheer curtains to find the right balance. Sheers made of linen or cotton brighten up the space while still obscuring views and activities.

For even more customizable control, mount slatted vinyl or wooden blinds inside the window frame. Adjust them to let in just the right amount of light for any time of day.

Coordinate with Your Decor

When choosing sink window curtains, you’ll want to coordinate with the overall kitchen decor. But don’t be afraid to go in a slightly different direction than curtains used for other windows.

Mixing up colors and patterns from the rest of the kitchen is totally fine for sink windows. Just repeat some accents like fabrics or colors to create visual unity. For example, gingham cafe curtains can work with plain linen curtains elsewhere.

If your kitchen is traditional, try elaborate swag valances. For modern spaces, opt for sleek roman shades. The choice depends on personal style.

Choose the Right Fabrics

Due to splatters and messes, sink curtains should be made of durable, machine-washable fabrics. Lightweight cottons, linens, and microfibers are ideal choices.

Steer clear of delicate silks or embellished fabrics that require dry cleaning. Opt for solid colors or busy patterns, which hide grease spots and stains better than plain light fabrics.

Darker colors like navy blue also disguise dirt well. But make sure your fabric choices still tie into the overall kitchen color scheme.

Find the Perfect Length

For maximum privacy, choose standard floor length curtains. These will provide full coverage while blocking out light as needed.

For a more casual look, cafe curtains falling to knee level ensure accessibility to the sink area. Just make sure they don’t get soaked by the faucet!

Measure carefully so the mounted rod doesn’t interfere with window cranks or handles. Getting the length right impacts how much light fills the kitchen.

Don’t overlook the extra details that elevate ordinary curtains to stylish focal points:

With the right curtains, your kitchen sink window can provide privacy, beautifully filtered light, and a coordinating design aesthetic unique to this high-traffic area.