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Modernize Your Kitchen With A Navy Blue and White Color Scheme

Gabriela Connell
6 minute read

Looking to give your kitchen an updated, classic look? Consider embracing the enduring color combination of navy blue and white. This sophisticated two-tone scheme offers a crisp, clean aesthetic with timeless appeal. The bold navy blue makes a dramatic statement, while the white provides a fresh, bright counterbalance. Together, these cool tones create a versatile palette that feels both elegant and inviting.

Incorporating a navy blue and white color scheme into your kitchen design is an easy way to add nautical New England charm. The colors evoke breezy seaside cottages, coastal vibes, and chic beach house style. But you don’t have to live near the shore for this look to feel right at home. These versatile hues complement a wide range of decors from traditional to modern. Read on to learn how to successfully execute this iconic pairing throughout your kitchen.

Selecting a Navy Blue Backsplash for Maximum Impact

One of the best ways to incorporate navy blue into the kitchen is with a bold backsplash. The backsplash offers the perfect canvas for displaying your chosen tile design, while making a serious style statement. When selecting a navy backsplash, start by considering the desired height. A standard 4-6 inch partial height backsplash keeps the look classic yet understated. For more drama, take the tile from countertop to ceiling.

white kitchen with navy blue backsplash

Now it’s time to explore navy blue backsplash tile options. Timeless subway tile in a glossy navy hue provides an easy backdrop for white cabinets. Or create visual interest with a fun herringbone pattern. Moroccan fish scale tiles in deep blue make a mesmerizing focal point. For lots of shiny contrast, try a geometric mosaic design. An ombre design that graduates from soft sky blue at the bottom to rich navy at the top is another artistic choice.

Choosing the Right Tile Material

Ceramic, porcelain, and glass tile all beautifully showcase navy blue backsplash designs. Ceramic tile offers an affordable option that comes in a variety of finishes from matte to shiny. Slightly more expensive porcelain tile provides superior durability and resistance to moisture. For a real showstopper, glossy glass tile provides next-level shine and elegance.

Accent with White Grout or Go Bold with Navy

Don’t overlook the grout color when planning a navy blue backsplash. White grout nicely frames and accentuates the tiles. Or make the blue pop even more by pairing it with matching navy grout. Just be aware darker grout requires more maintenance to keep it looking clean.

Selecting Complementary Cabinetry for Visual Harmony

When decorating a navy and white kitchen, cabinetry color choice is key. Sticking with a light cabinet color is recommended, so the bold blue doesn’t feel overpowering. Timeless white cabinets pair beautifully with a navy backsplash, creating a classic nautical look. Off-white, light gray, or taupe cabinets also complement the blue tones nicely.

What about wood cabinetry? Opt for light woods like maple or birch, avoiding darker stains that will clash with the cool navy tones. For a bit more contrast, consider white uppers with navy blue lowers. This allows you to anchor the space with the drama of navy cabinets while maintaining brightness up top.

Finishes for a Cohesive Look

The finish you select for white cabinets also impacts the overall effect. A high-gloss finish contrasts with the matte tiles, while a subtle sheen blends more seamlessly. Consider a satin, flat, or eggshell paint for a soft look. Or go bold with lacquered cabinets for some sleek modern style.

Choosing Countertops to Complement the Two-Tone Palette

When selecting countertops for a navy blue and white kitchen design, lighter neutral colors tend to work best. Try a crisp white quartz countertop paired with bright white subway tiles for a seamless look. White Carrara marble makes an elegant and timeless choice. For more depth, look for quartz or granite slabs in light tan, gray or cream tones with white veining.

Butcher block countertops in maple or oak add warmth and texture to the cool color scheme. Just avoid busy patterns like elaborate granite swirls or bold faux finishes that compete visually. The goal is to create a relaxing and harmonious environment using materials that complement the black and white palette.

Sink and Faucet Styles for a Streamlined Look

Now let’s move onto selecting sink and faucet styles that align with the navy and white design vision. An undermount stainless steel sink is recommended to complement the scheme. The shiny steel pairs nicely with the cool tones in both the navy blue and crisp white. Undermount installation creates a flush, streamlined countertop plane.

If seeking an alternative to stainless, white ceramic or composite material sinks continue the light and bright motif. Or for more contrast, opt for a navy farmhouse apron-front or enameled cast iron sink. Just balance it with plenty of white accents so the space doesn’t skew too dark.

For the faucet, choose a finish that coordinates well with your hardware and lighting fixtures. Polished chrome has a clean, modern appeal, while brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze lend a more traditional charm. If possible, select a faucet equipped with a pull-down sprayer for added functionality.

Grounding the Space With the Right Flooring

With so much cool navy blue used in the kitchen, it’s important to bring in warmth through your flooring selection. Light-colored wood floors create an inviting foundation for the space. Good options include white oak, maple, and ash – either natural or whitewashed. Weathered gray wood also complements the coastal color scheme beautifully.

If you prefer non-wood flooring, there are several sophisticated options that work with navy and white. For example, porcelain or ceramic tile in whites, grays and light blue-green tones can echo the colors on the walls and backsplash. Or add interest with a mosaic tile rug inset within larger floor tiles. Vinyl and laminate planks also come in an array of colors suitable for this palette.

Pulling It All Together with Finishing Touches

Once you’ve selected the major kitchen components like cabinetry, counters and backsplash, it’s time to pull the whole design together with refined finishing touches. Window treatments in crisp white or subtle patterns are ideal for retaining an airy ambiance. Install pendant lights or undercabinet lighting to illuminate task areas in style.

If space allows, add a kitchen island for additional prep space and storage. Navy blue bases grounded by light cabinets and counters prevent the island from feeling overwhelming. Strategically placed pops of navy and white in wall art, appliances and decor tie the whole palette together into a harmonious composition.

Executing a Balanced Navy Blue and White Kitchen

The key to successfully executing this bold two-tone kitchen color scheme is maintaining visual balance. To keep the space feeling open and airy, anchor navy blue tile accents with plenty of white in the cabinetry, counters, sink and lighting. Stick to light wood flooring, and use navy only on lower cabinets to ground the space.

When it comes to navy blue, a little goes a long way. Use it thoughtfully as a dramatic accent against a clean white backdrop. Keep decor minimal and focus on quality finishes in this sophisticated palette for a timelessly chic kitchen designed to stand the test of time.

A white and navy blue kitchen achieves a masterful interplay of crisp, classic elegance and enduring, coastal-inspired style. For homeowners seeking a kitchen update that feels fresh yet timeless, this foolproof color combination hits that design sweet spot. Play up the nautical charm with natural textures, antique brass hardware, rope accents and reclaimed wood touches.

With an endless array of materials and patterns to explore in this two-tone palette, the options are unlimited. Use the navy to make a bold and artistic statement, then keep the rest light and airy. The result is sure to be a kitchen retreat with broad decorative appeal that delights for years to come.