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Upgrading Your Kitchen with Convenient Delta Touchless Faucets

Gabriela Connell
4 minute read

If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen to be more modern, hygienic, and hands-free, a touchless faucet is an excellent option. Delta, a leader in innovative faucet technology, offers a variety of touchless models that allow you to turn water on and off with just a wave of your hand.

Read on to see how a Delta touchless faucet can add convenience and style to your kitchen.

Delta Touchless Faucet Technology

How Delta Touchless Faucets Work

delta touchless kitchen faucets

Delta’s touchless kitchen faucets feature motion-sensing technology to deliver a hands-free, hygienic water flow. An infrared sensor at the faucet base detects when your hand moves within range, signaling the faucet’s solenoid valves to open and start the water.

When you move your hands away, the sensor tells the valves to close and shut off the water. This touchless activation allows you to easily turn water on and off without ever touching the faucet handle.

Key Components

Some key components that allow Delta’s touchless faucets to operate include:

Benefits of Delta Touchless Faucets


Touchless faucets from Delta provide exceptional convenience in the kitchen. When your hands are messy from cooking or cleaning, you can still activate the water without spreading germs from touching the handle. The hands-free operation also makes it easy for children and elderly to use the faucet independently.

By minimizing contact with the faucet handle, Delta’s touchless models help avoid cross-contamination and promote better hygiene.

Water Savings

Delta includes integrated flow limiters in their touchless faucets to help conserve water. These limiters reduce wasteful high flow rates. The precise on/off operation also avoids water being left running accidentally, as can happen with manual faucets.

Easy Maintenance

Touchless Delta faucets are designed for easy maintenance. The battery box and solenoid valves are conveniently located under the sink for quick access. Clear instructions are included for replacing batteries when needed every 2+ years.

The faucet head has a removable nozzle that allows you to easily detach the spray head and clear out any mineral buildup.

Modern Styling

With a sleek, contemporary profile, Delta’s touchless faucets add a modern look to any kitchen. You can choose models in a variety of finishes like chrome, stainless steel, matte black, and more to complement your décor.

The advanced hands-free function also pairs well with other smart home technologies you may have, like voice assistants or smart lighting.

Choosing Your Delta Touchless Faucet


Consider the existing hole configuration of your sink or the setup you’ll have with a new sink install. This will determine the faucet size and number of holes needed. Also look at the reach when standing at the sink – you want to be able to wave your hand comfortably to activate the water flow without excessive leaning.

Make sure there is adequate clearance above and in front of the faucet so the sensor is not blocked by overhead cabinets.

Style Preferences

Delta offers both single handle and double handle models, so pick the style you prefer. Double handle allows separate hot and cold water control. There are various metal finishes like chrome, arctic steel, and Venetian bronze to match your kitchen hardware.

Choose between a sleek commercial style faucet, or one with a high arching neck for more traditional looks.

Special Features

Some Delta touchless faucets include handy extras like a soap dispenser, a water filtration system, or voice activation technology. Consider special water supply needs and smart home integrations you may want when selecting your model.

Also look at the type of valve system – ceramic valves last longer than plastic or metal types.

Installation Tips

Prepare the Sink

First, measure your existing sink holes or plan new sink construction to accommodate the faucet specifications. The touchless models need extra clearance for the sensor box. You may need to adjust the sink basin or counter cutout to create sufficient room.

Mount the Faucet

Once the sink area is prepped, mount the main faucet and secure the sensor box assembly underneath according to the provided instructions. Take care to position the sensor facing forward with an unobstructed view zone.

Plumbing Connections

Connect the hot and cold water supply hoses to the corresponding valves and lines. Make sure all fittings are tightened properly and check for leaks. Verify you have the correct hot/cold orientation.

Power Up

Install 6 AA alkaline batteries in the included battery box. Test the sensor’s activation zone by waving your hand in front to turn water on and off. Adjust the activation distance as needed for your setup. You may also set an auto shutoff timer.

Keep Your Delta Faucet Performing


Periodically wipe down the faucet exterior with a soft cloth and mild cleaner to keep the finish looking its best. To remove hard water buildup, detach the spray head periodically and soak it in vinegar. Rinse thoroughly before reattaching.

Battery Replacement

Plan on replacing the batteries every 2+ years, or sooner if you notice weaker water flow. Only use new AA alkaline batteries, not rechargeable types, for optimal performance.

Product Support

Delta provides a limited lifetime warranty on their faucets. If you have any issues, check the online FAQs and troubleshooting guides. You can also contact Delta’s customer support team for assistance.

With innovative touchless operation and stylish designs, Delta’s motion sensing kitchen faucets make an excellent addition to any home. They provide exceptional convenience, improve kitchen hygiene, and help conserve water.

By selecting the right Delta touchless model for your needs, measuring clearances, and following proper installation steps, you can upgrade your kitchen with the latest hands-free faucet technology.