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String Lights Above Kitchen Cabinents: Illuminate Your Space

Gabriela Connell
4 minute read

Kitchens are the heart of the home, where memories are made around meals with family and friends. However, many kitchens suffer from unflattering fluorescent lighting that can make these spaces feel cold and uninviting. An easy and affordable way to set a warmer mood in your kitchen is by installing stylish string lights above your cabinets.

String lights over kitchen cabinets add an extra element of cozy ambiance while accentuating your decor. Read on to explore the benefits of using string lights in your culinary space and get helpful tips on selecting and installing the perfect fixtures for your needs.

Set the Mood and Enhance Ambiance

One of the biggest advantages of using string lights above your cabinets is their ability to instantly enhance the overall feel of your kitchen. The soft, ambient glow creates a warmer and more welcoming environment compared to harsh overhead lighting alone.

String lights give off a cozier vibe that encourages people to relax and linger in the kitchen. Their warm illumination transforms the mood, making the room more inviting for dining, entertaining or casual family gatherings.

string lights above kitchen cabinets

Accentuate Your Decor

In addition to setting ambiance, string lights are an excellent way to spotlight treasured kitchen collections displayed on top of your cabinets. The strings can be positioned to draw attention to prized dishes, glassware or decorative pieces you want to exhibit.

Properly illuminating your decor, whether it’s porcelain figurines, colored glassware or rustic pottery, helps display your style. String lights allow you to visually enhance vignettes of your favorite collectibles and treasured memorabilia.

Add Personality and Character

String lights give you an easy, inexpensive way to infuse personality into your cooking space. They can complement your existing style or help you change up the look of your kitchen by reflecting your unique taste.

You can choose vintage Edison-style bulbs, modern globes or classic bare lights to match your preferred aesthetic. Their customizable nature makes string lights one of the simplest ways to put your DIY stamp on a room.

Choosing String Lights for Kitchen Cabinets

To choose lights that will meet your needs, first determine the look and functionality you want them to provide. Key factors to consider are lightbulb type, power source, fixtures and the amount of lighting.

Lightbulb Types

LED bulbs are the most popular choice as they are energy-efficient, long-lasting and dimmable. LED string lights allow you to create a bright, functional glow above cabinets when needed and dial it down to a more subtle ambient level.

You’ll also want to select the light color that complements your space. Warm white creates a cozier traditional ambiance while daylight or cool white offer cleaner, modern illumination.

Power Source

Hardwired electric string lights provide the most seamless permanent installation. But battery-powered options can work well for temporary or removable lighting if you want to change up the look seasonally.

Consider lights with built-in timers or dimmers so you can easily control the lights without getting on a ladder. Some higher-end options can connect to home automation systems or smart devices.

Light Fixtures

Bare bulb string lights nicely blend in with a minimalist or industrial decor theme. For a homier feel, choose globe or lantern-shaped fixtures. Or go for a more dramatic decorative statement with pendant lights.

Track lighting offers a contemporary linear look that can be positioned at different angles to highlight specific displays or zones.

Installation Tips and Methods

One of the appeals of string lights is that they are relatively easy to install as a DIY weekend project. But good planning and proper mounting are key to creating a polished, professional look.

Mounting Options

Adhesive hooks or clips allow you to attach lights directly to the underside of wall cabinets for unseen support. For ceiling installation, use anchors rated for the weight.

Another clean option is installing rails, tracks or channels. Lights can then be secured anywhere along the rail yet hidden from view. This allows more flexibility in positioning.

Layout and Planning

Take measurements of the underside of your cabinets and map out placement before installing anything. Account for how many outlets you have to connect lights and where you’ll need extensions.

Evenly spacing strands and preventing sagging wires comes down to carefully planning the layout. It helps achieve a polished look and consistent illumination.

Inspiring Style Ideas

Now comes the fun part – choosing a lighting style that aligns with your kitchen’s aesthetic! String lights above cabinets complement many popular decor themes.

Kitchen Styles

Warm dangling bulbs perfectly suit cozy cottage, farmhouse or rustic spaces. For more modern kitchens, opt for sleek parallel tracks or geometric pendant arrangements.

Classic kitchens can get a whimsical upgrade with twinkling bare bulb strands. Lively multicolored strings enhance eclectic or retro-inspired rooms.

Some install lights across the entire ceiling for ambient lighting wall-to-wall. Others neatly line the top of the upper cabinets for a polished accent.

Lights over a kitchen island make it a focal point and illuminate a main prep zone. Mix up pendant fixtures and string light lengths for eclectic personality.

Get creative, combine multiple lighting techniques and allow your personal style to shine!