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Give Your Kitchen Vintage Farmhouse Charm with Antiqued White Cabinets

Gabriela Connell
5 minute read

Do you love the warmth and character of farmhouse style but find stark white cabinets to be a bit too crisp? Antiqued white kitchen cabinets could be the perfect solution. This softly distressed painted finish bridges the gap between bright white and wood tones for a cozy, vintage-inspired look. Keep reading to learn all about antiquing kitchen cabinets and designing a rustic farmhouse kitchen with antique white cabinets.

Antiqued finishes are achieved by artificially aging new wood or paint using various techniques. This weathered, worn aesthetic pairs beautifully with farmhouse decor. Let’s explore how to antiqued white cabinets to infuse cozy farmhouse charm into your kitchen.

White Antiqued Kitchen Cabinets for a Rustic Farmhouse Look

Farmhouse style is all about creating a casual, lived-in look in your home. For the kitchen, antiqued white painted cabinets help strike that rustic farmhouse balance.

What Are Antiqued Cabinets?

white antiqued kitchen cabinets

Antiquing is the process of making wood or painted surfaces look aged and weathered. Special techniques create an illusion of naturally distressed finishes. This gives new cabinets a vintage charm, as if salvaged from an old farmhouse. Common antiquing methods include:

The resulting finish appears naturally worn. White turns into an off-white with subtle wood undertones. Antiqued cabinets have more depth than flat white paint.

Benefits of Antiqued White Cabinets

Here are some reasons why antiqued white cabinets suit farmhouse kitchen so well:

For farmhouse spaces, antiqued cabinets strike the right balance between white and woodsy. The weathered white finish brings a cozier, gentler feel than bright white cabinets. Let’s compare antiqued cabinets to other finishes.

Antiqued vs. Distressed vs. Painted Cabinets

Though similar, antiqued is distinct from distressed or simply painted cabinets:

Antiqued strikes a balance with modest levels of distressing. The white base coat shows through for a softer, subtler weathered look. Now let’s look at paint choices.

Popular Paint Colors for Antiqued Cabinets

For antiquing, lighter neutrals work best over wood cabinetry. Popular base coat choices include:

Soft whites like these help the weathered finish feel cozy rather than stark white. Creamy off-whites with subtle yellow, tan or gray undertones enhance distressing. Once painted, add antiquing.

Design Ideas for Antiqued White Kitchens

Now let’s explore some stylish ways to use antiqued white cabinets in a farmhouse kitchen.

Farmhouse Kitchen with Antiqued Cabinets

To complement antiqued cabinets, include design elements like:

Warm wood, antique-style lighting, and pops of color enhance the timeworn look of antiqued white cabinets. Add vintage accessories like ceramic canisters, woven baskets, and a distressed wood shelving for a cozy farmhouse vibe.

Cottage Kitchen with Antiqued Cabinets

For a whimsical cottage kitchen, try these companion designs for antiqued cabinets:

Playful pastel colors, flower patterns, and country-chic accessories complement antiqued cabinet’s nostalgic charm. The relaxed cottage look comes together beautifully.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Give antiqued cabinets a contemporary twist with these modern farmhouse ideas:

Blending modern elements like black fixtures, geometric patterns, and streamlined furniture helps antiqued cabinets feel current rather than kitchsy. The aged white finish bridges old and new for a stylish modern farmhouse.

Antiquing Kitchen Cabinets with Paint and Glaze

Now let’s get into the process of antiquing cabinets yourself using paint and glaze techniques.

Preparing Cabinets for Antiquing

Proper preparation is key for a long-lasting antiqued finish:

With cabinets primed and painted, you’re ready to antiquing. Glazing is a popular method.

Antiquing with Glazing Technique

Glazing involves applying a translucent coloring over the base coat to accent recesses. Steps include:

  1. Choose an oil-based glaze that complements your cabinet color
  2. Apply glaze evenly over cabinets with brush or cloth
  3. Before glaze dries, wipe it off surface leaving color in cracks and crevices
  4. Add more coats to build up an aged effect

The key is removing excess glaze so color remains only in detailed areas, creating a timeworn look. An alternative is rub-through.

Rub-Through Antiquing Method

This technique involves wearing paint away along edges and corners:

  1. Allow base coat to fully dry
  2. Gently sand areas like edges and hardware
  3. Use rags and rubbing compound to further remove paint
  4. Consider combining with a subtle glaze for extra aging

Focus abrasion on high-use spots like corners and knobs where natural wear would occur. Remember less is more for a believeably aged look.

FAQs About Antiqued White Kitchen Cabinets

Does antiquing cabinets change their color?

Antiquing mutes solid paint colors into softer, more varied hues with undertones showing through. The aging effects add depth versus flat painted finishes.

How do you protect antiqued cabinets?

Use a polyurethane top coat to seal and protect the antiqued finish.

Can you antique cabinets that were already painted?

Yes, existing painted cabinets can be sanded down and re-painted to apply antiquing techniques.

How much does it cost to antique kitchen cabinets?

Expect to pay $50-100 per cabinet on average for professional antiquing services.

Antiqued white kitchen cabinets offer the best of both worlds – white paint with vintage charm. The light distressing provides subtle interest without overpowering a space. For a touch of farmhouse coziness, try antiquing your existing cabinets or choosing new ones in an antiqued white finish. Just be sure to decorate to match with wood accents, classic tiles, and homespun accessories.

In this article we learned how artificially aging white cabinets through glazing, sanding and rubbing creates a nostalgic farmhouse look. Antiqued white provides warmth versus stark white for a cozy workhorse kitchen. With the right rustic or cottage accompaniments, antiqued cabinets lend vintage styling perfect for any remodel. Hopefully you now feel inspired to give your kitchen a dose of timeworn character with antiqued white cabinets.