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Invigorate Your Kitchen Cabinets with Stunning Copper Hardware

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With its rich, warm hues and artisan-crafted finishes, copper offers an easy yet dramatic way to elevate the look of any kitchen. Once considered old-fashioned, copper has made a major comeback as homeowners seek out unique, expressive styles to make their culinary spaces shine.

From adding intrigue to modern designs to complementing more traditional spaces, copper infuses kitchens with character, luxury, and timeless rustic charm. Keep reading to discover the many benefits of copper knobs and pulls, from the range of available finishes to creative ways to incorporate copper hardware into your own kitchen cabinets.

Benefits of Copper Knobs

Beyond just aesthetics, copper offers some compelling advantages as a material for cabinet hardware.

Adds Warmth and Texture

copper knobs for kitchen cabinets

The rich, fiery orange tones of copper add welcoming warmth to kitchens. The metal’s subtle brushed grain and lightly hammered textures also bring depth and dimension to cabinets.

As copper ages, it develops a unique patina and living finish that evolves over time. The material’s natural imperfections lend authenticity and rustic appeal.

Vintage, Antique Look

While many metals remain static, copper changes in appearance as it oxidizes and interacts with air and humidity. This gives copper hardware an intriguing, vintage vibe.

Knobs and handles take on a timeworn look, with dings, weathering, and verdigris adding antiqued character. Copper has an heirloom quality and supplies any style of kitchen with a relaxed, aged ambience.

Unique and Rustic

Beyond stainless steel, nickel, or bronze, copper supplies a unique pop of color and artistry. With its organic, handcrafted look, copper gives kitchens a rustic, one-of-a-kind feel.

The metal’s distinctive properties make it a decorative focal point. When lit correctly, copper surfaces come alive with dimensional beauty.

Affordable Luxury

While offering the patina and richness of an heirloom antique, copper is deceptively affordable. Costing far less than stainless steel, it provides luxury on a budget.

Standard copper knobs run just $2-$10 each, easily dressing up cabinets for a fraction of a full remodel cost. Copper makes high-end style attainable.

Copper Finishes for Knobs

Beyond the traditional shiny copper, an array of artisan finishes are available to match any kitchen design aesthetic.

Oil-Rubbed Bronze

This darkened finish has an antique copper appearance. The bronze is hand-applied and then buffed to a sheen, giving depth to the patina.

The process results in a rich, almost black color, evoking Old-World daubings on weathered estate gates and furnishings.


To create a timeworn, salvaged look, copper is intentionally aged through physical abrasions. The knobs and pulls mimic years of use.

Dents, nicks, verdigris spots, and hammer marks add character and make each piece unique. The resulting hardware looks like an antiqued find.


On the opposite end of the spectrum, polished copper has a brilliant, shiny surface like a brand new penny. The slick, mirror-like finish offers a sleek, contemporary vibe.

Gleaming polished knobs can provide a striking pop of brightness to temper darker cabinetry in modern kitchens.


A lightly brushed surface preserves copper’s warmth while removing the mirror finish. The subtle graining adds eye-catching texture without being too busy.

Brushed copper has a soft, satin glow that pairs well with many styles from modern to traditional.


This finish mimics the look of naturally aged copper. A hand-applied varnish adds a protective coating with an authentic copper patina.

The depth and variation of color in antique copper knobs make them an intriguing choice for vintage-inspired kitchens.

Placement of Copper Knobs

Thoughtful placement of hardware complements your cabinetry design and kitchen work zones. Consider these tips on installing your copper knobs.

Cabinet Doors

Alternating large and small knobs adds interest on door fronts. Cluster knobs together on wider cabinets for visual balance.

Or, reserve special knobs just for accent areas like an island or open shelving to highlight those focal points.


Center knobs about 3 inches down from the top of drawers for the most comfortable grip. Place pulls on the side or middle for easy access.

Vary knob styles and sizes between doors and drawers. Large pulls on drawers balance out smaller knobs on doors.

Near Stove

The high heat around stoves is no match for copper. Thanks to its excellent conductivity, the material easily enduresCooking spills and fingerprints also wipe away easily.

Use copper knobs on cabinets by the range to introduce eye-catching style near a major workspace.

Knob Shape and Style Options

From traditional designs to modern, copper accommodates a range of kitchen aesthetics.

Round Knobs

The most classic choice, round knob silhouettes work in kitchens from farmhouse to contemporary. Vary sizes from 1-inch diameters up to oversized 3-inch pulls.

Giant round copper knobs make a striking style statement on their own against sleek cabinet fronts.

Square Knobs

For a more streamlined, geometric look, square copper knobs offer a contemporary edge. The flat faces and sharp corners look especially at home on modern cabinets.

Stack aligned squares for a grid effect or go asymmetrical. The sleek shape complements crisp cabinet lines.


For contemporary designs, opt for unexpected shapes beyond basic knobs. Look for triangular, trapezoidal, or diamond-shaped pulls in sleek polished or brushed finishes.

Cutout or negative space handles also supply modern flair. Let creative copper knob shapes be the finishing touch on a minimalist kitchen.


Mixing traditional knob silhouettes with modern brushed copper creates a versatile transitional look fitting for any evolving kitchen style.

Aged copper finishes also straddle contemporary and classic beautifully. The rich material adapts to personal taste.

Coordinating with Other Metals

Thoughtfully blending copper with other metals and finishes creates a custom look.

Matching Metals

Team up complementary metals in a soothing, coordinated way. The warmth of copper pairs attractively with the muted patinas of oil-rubbed bronze or unlacquered brass.

Matching copper and nickel knobs results in a clean, integrated look since both metals wear to a soft satin sheen over time.

Contrasting Metals

For more visual interest, blend copper with contrasting black, matte gray, or even painted brass hardware. The mix of finishes adds nuance and depth.

Aged copper against bright stainless steel makes an especially bold, opulent statement.

Eclectic Mix

For a personalized, collected look, don’t be afraid to get creative mixing a range of metals and materials like copper, iron, brass, and glass.

The eclectic blend highlights the beauty and uniqueness of each finish. Reflect your style.

Budget Considerations

Part of copper’s popularity stems from its surprising affordability given the high-end look it delivers.

Affordable Prices

Standard copper knobs less than 1 inch in diameter retail for just $2-$4 each. Larger, 1 to 3-inch knobs range from $4-$10 per piece when purchased in bulk.

Intricate handmade copper pulls climb higher in price but still cost less than stainless steel and exotic metal options.

Cost Comparison

In general, copper costs about 60% less than stainless steel and 40% less than nickel silver. Factors like knob size, design intricacy, and construction impact price.

Of all the metals that offer a luxury look, copper provides the most dramatic impact for the lowest cost.

With its inviting glow, artisan finishes, and organic imperfection, copper brings a raw and rich warmth to any kitchen. The metal makes an undeniably stunning statement.

Strategically installing knobs and pulls showcases copper’s graceful patina and handcrafted allure. Let copper be the special touch that elevates your cooking space into a personal work of art.