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Refresh Your Kitchen with Stylish Cabinet Top Décor

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If your kitchen cabinets are looking a little blah, one of the easiest ways to add visual interest is by decorating the tops. The space above your cabinets offers ample opportunity to reflect your personal style. With the right accents and furnishings, you can create a display area that complements your kitchen decor. From open shelving to framed art, there are endless possibilities for showcasing your favorite items in this often overlooked spot.

Embracing the cabinet tops as a decorative feature can completely transform the look and feel of your kitchen. The space ties together your color scheme, collections, and overall aesthetic. Read on for creative ideas to refresh your kitchen with stylish cabinet top décor.

Why Decorate the Tops of Your Cabinets?

You may have never thought to style the tops of your cabinets, but this space presents unique design potential. Here are some of the benefits of dedicating time to decorating this forgotten area:

decor on top of kitchen cabinets

Add Style

One of the best reasons to decorate your cabinet tops is simply to incorporate your personal style. The space allows you to make a design statement that reflects your taste and complements the existing kitchen decor. For example, you could create a colorful display with painted cabinets and bold accent pieces. Or go for an airy, rustic vibe with natural wood cabinets and woven baskets.

Thoughtfully curating vignettes above your cabinets also creates visual continuity. The items tie together your color scheme, textures, and aesthetic for a pulled-together look.

Create Display Space

Your cabinet tops offer the perfect spot to showcase cherished items. For collectors or those who like to rotate decor seasonally, the space provides plenty of display real estate. You can highlight an ever-changing array of collectibles, antique dishes, or meaningful travel souvenirs. For a coordinated look, group items by color or theme.

Beyond showing off your things, cabinet tops create extra storage and access. Baskets or bins keep items concealed but conveniently within reach. You can organize anything from craft supplies to snack foods. Install a few open shelves for frequently used cookbooks, small appliances, or dinnerware.

Increase Functionality

While decorating your cabinet tops, don’t forget the opportunity to increase functionality! For example, accent lighting installed above cabinets provides both style and illumination for prepping food or reading recipes. Floating shelves can stash spices, oils, and other staples near the stove. Consider changes like:

With some creativity, you can implement storage options that are both beautiful and useful.

Ideas for Styling Your Cabinet Tops

Ready to start designing your new display area? Here are some ideas for stylishly decorating the tops of your kitchen cabinets:

Open Shelving

Open shelves provide easy access and visual appeal. The airy look helps kitchens feel more spacious. Mix and match baskets, trays, and decorative objects for an eclectic feel. Or keep things coordinated with containers in matching wood tones and metals.




Closed Cabinets or Hutches

For those wanting concealed storage, closed cabinets or hutches keep items out of sight but easily accessible. Glass doors allow for visibility while protecting more fragile objects. Try illuminating the interior with puck lights to highlight favorite collectibles.




Plants and Greenery

Incorporate nature into your kitchen by placing plants and fresh greenery on top of cabinets. Trailing varieties in high pots work well. Or fill planters with succulents or air plants for low maintenance. Groupings of the same plant make the biggest impact.




Accent Lighting

The right lighting can make your displayed items pop. Sconces flanking cabinets provide task lighting while lending rustic style. For more contemporary flair, install pendant lights in metallic finishes. If planning a lighting update, splurge for dimmable smart bulbs to set mood lighting.




Decorating with Collections

Displaying collections is a fun way to decorate your cabinet tops and reflect what you love. A few tips for creating an eye-catching vignette:

For a unified display, opt for matching containers like a series of baskets or trays. This keeps various objects from looking random or cluttered. Place special pieces on risers to stand out.

Style Ideas for Cabinet Tops

Looking for more inspiration on ways to style your tops? Some go-to decorating ideas include:

For a whimsical accent, try displaying colorful glass cloches or terrariums. The options are endless – have fun and feature items that bring you joy!

Design Considerations

When decorating above your cabinets, keep these design tips in mind:

Proper measuring, spacing, and attachment ensure your functional cabinets remain usable. Choose durable materials that can handle humidity and heat from cooking. And decorate in a style that flows with your home so the kitchen feels cohesive.

With a bit of planning and styling, your kitchen cabinet tops can become a decorative feature that expresses your personality. Take advantage of this often unused space by display your collections, adding greenery, or installing pendant lighting. The project requires little time and money but makes a major impact.

Experiment with different vignettes and pieces to find your ideal look. Re-styling your cabinet tops brings new life to your kitchen while showcasing what you love. Anytime your decor feels lackluster, look up – the tops of your cabinets provide the perfect canvas for an instant refresh.