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Streamlined Meal Prep and Cleanup with Smart Kitchen Faucets

Gabriela Connell
5 minute read

Washing hands frequently is a simple yet effective way to prevent the spread of germs and keep your kitchen clean when cooking elaborate meals or tackling piles of dirty dishes. However, having to grab a separate soap bottle every time you need to clean your hands can disrupt your workflow and leave your counters cluttered. The solution? Upgrade to a kitchen faucet with an integrated soap dispenser.

Kitchen faucets with built-in soap dispensers provide immediate access to hand soap right at the sink. Rather than fumbling around for a bottle or bar of soap, you can quickly lather up and rinse off without missing a beat. Models with touchless, motion-activated pumps allow for seamless hand washing without ever having to touch the dispenser. If you regularly handle raw poultry and meats or craft messy baked goods in your kitchen, a faucet with soap dispenser streamlines the process of keeping your hands squeaky clean.

Key Types of Built-In Soap Dispensers

Today’s kitchen faucets are available with handy soap dispensers in a range of styles to suit different needs and budgets.

Push-Button Dispensers

kitchen faucets with soap dispensers

The most affordable and straightforward type, push-button dispensers require you to physically press a button to release a dose of soap into your palm. Buttons are designed for easy one-handed pumping. This purely mechanical system doesn’t require batteries or electricity.

While not as advanced as touchless options, push-button dispensers get the job done with a simple manual pump. They’re a reliable option if you only occasionally need to wash up at the sink.

Motion Sensor Dispensers

For maximum convenience, many modern kitchen faucets incorporate an infrared motion sensor that automatically dispenses soap when you wave your hand near the sensor. Touchless activation helps prevent the spread of germs by eliminating the need to physically touch the dispenser.

Motion sensor dispensers run on batteries or electricity to power the sensor and soap pump mechanism. Though pricier than manual dispensers, they’re ideal if you frequently handle messy ingredients and value a completely hands-free, hygienic experience.

Dispenser Placement Styles

Some dispensers are housed under the faucet spout, while others attach to the neck or base of the faucet. Deck-mounted dispensers require one or more holes in your countertop or sink to install the dispenser alongside the faucet.

Top Reasons to Choose a Faucet with Integrated Soap Dispenser

Here are some of the best benefits of upgrading your kitchen with a faucet featuring a built-in soap dispenser:

Enhanced Convenience and Efficiency

Having soap at your fingertips makes quick hand washing simple while cooking or doing dishes. No more hunting around for a misplaced bottle or bar of soap. The dispenser provides soap right when you need it, allowing you to cleanly rinse away raw meat juices, flour-coated hands, and more in seconds.

Consolidating hand washing to one spot minimizes movements and makes multi-tasking easier. Built-in soap dispensers also free up precious counter space.

Improved Sanitation

Integrated soap dispensers encourage more frequent hand washing by removing barriers to lathering up. Their presence at the sink reminds you to wash hands after touching contaminated surfaces, raw food, and trash.

Touchless, automatic dispensers prevent cross-contamination by eliminating contact with a communal pump. They make it easy to practice good hand hygiene while limiting the spread of bacteria in your kitchen.

Sleek, Space-Saving Design

With both functions combined in one fixture, faucets with soap dispensers have an ultra-streamlined look. Matching finishes let you coordinate the faucet and dispenser for a cohesive style.

Since you don’t need a separate bottle or bar of soap on your countertop, an integrated dispenser maximizes your workspace. Even small kitchens can benefit from the compact all-in-one design.

Key Features and Buying Considerations

When shopping for a kitchen faucet with a built-in soap dispenser, keep the following features and factors in mind:

Faucet Features

– Spout height and reach to easily fill pots and clean large items – Pull-down sprayer functionality for increased maneuverability – Adjustable water temperature and flow controls

Dispenser Capacity and Refills

– Reservoir size – larger is better for busy kitchens – Liquid vs. foam soap compatibility – Ease of opening to refill soap when empty

Installation and Power Considerations

– Electric hardwire vs. battery-powered for touchless models – Required mounting holes or deck plate for installation – DIY vs. professional installation difficulty

Top-Rated Faucet Brands With Soap Dispensers

Leading faucet manufacturers like Delta, Moen, Kohler, and Pfister offer kitchen models equipped with handy soap dispensers. Here are some recommended products to consider:

– Delta Trinsic Pro with Touch2O Technology – $$$ – Moen Arbor Motionsense with Power Clean – $$ – Kohler Simplice with DockNetik – $$$ – Pfister Cagney with Soap Dispenser – $$

Prices range from budget-friendly Pfister models under $200 to more advanced Delta and Kohler faucets in the $500+ range. Determine how much you want to spend, then look for the best rated faucet with a dispenser in your price point.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the downsides to built-in soap dispensers?

Potential drawbacks include the added cost over standard faucets, the need to periodically refill soap, and possible technical issues with electronic touchless dispensers. Regular cleaning is required to avoid clogs.

Do I need a special kind of faucet for an add-on dispenser?

If purchasing a dispenser separately, ensure your existing faucet has holes for installing it on the counter/sink deck. Commercial and bridge style faucets often accommodate add-ons.

How difficult is it to install a faucet with a soap dispenser?

It depends on the specific model. Most clip onto the faucet neck or base fairly easily. Deck-mounted dispensers require making 1-3 holes in your countertop. Professional help is recommended if you lack plumbing skills.

A kitchen faucet combined with a handy soap dispenser eliminates hassles and clutter while making it easier to keep your hands clean. Whether you opt for an affordable manual pump or indulgent touchless activation, this small upgrade can make a surprising impact on your daily cooking and cleaning routines.

With everything you need to wash up now conveniently combined in your faucet, you can spend less time hunting for soap and more time enjoying your fresh, home-cooked meals. Start streamlining your kitchen workflow today with an integrated soap dispensing faucet.