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Create an Eye-Catching Herringbone Brick Floor for Your Kitchen Remodel

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If you’re renovating your kitchen, one way to make a stunning statement is with a herringbone brick floor. The classic zigzag brick pattern brings timeless elegance to any kitchen. Herringbone floors not only look beautiful, they are durable and practical as well. Installing brick flooring does require more work and expense than materials like tile or vinyl. But the results are well worth it, lending vintage charm and value to your home.

You’ll learn the pros and cons of brick kitchen floors, how to lay a herringbone pattern, essential installation tips, and ways to integrate and care for your new floor.

An Overview of Herringbone Brick Floors

Before diving into the installation process, let’s look at what makes herringbone brick flooring such a distinctive and appealing choice for kitchens.

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What is Herringbone Brick Flooring?

Herringbone refers to the recognizable zigzag pattern created when rectangular bricks are laid at a 45 degree angle to each other. Thin brick tiles or reclaimed bricks are commonly used. The signature V-shape has an elegant, old-world look well-suited to kitchens seeking a timeless vibe.

Pros of Brick Flooring in Kitchens

There are several benefits that make brick ideal for kitchen floors:

Cons of Brick Kitchen Floors

On the downside, brick floors:

Planning Your Herringbone Pattern

Proper planning is crucial prior to installing a herringbone brick floor. Here are key elements to think through in your design.

Layout and Dimensions

A typical herringbone pattern has bricks laid at a 45 degree angle. However, you can adjust the angle wider or narrower. Wider angles around 60 degrees create a more contemporary vibe. Narrow 30 degree angles have a more historic style.

You’ll also want to decide whether to run the pattern throughout the entire kitchen or just a portion. Using herringbone on part of the floor as an accent can help reduce installation labor and costs.

Selecting Your Brick

Two main options exist – genuine reclaimed brick or thin brick tiles. Reclaimed brick has an aged, authentic look but takes more time to install. Modern brick tile comes in a range of sizes, shapes and colors for easier installation and a versatile look.

Complementary Design Choices

Carefully select additional finishes to enhance the beauty of your herringbone brick floor. Mixing brick with wood open shelving, a butcher block island or timber ceilings creates a stylish vintage-modern kitchen. Contrasting grout color and countertop materials also help the floor stand out.

How to Install Herringbone Brick Flooring

Now let’s dive into the key steps for properly installing herringbone brick floors.

Subfloor Preparation

Create a smooth, stable subfloor by removing old flooring then installing new plywood if needed. The subfloor must be flat, clean and dry for the mortar bed to properly adhere.

Mortar Bed Installation

A thick mortar base provides the foundation for your new floor. Allow the mortar bed to fully cure for 1-2 days before installing bricks.

Laying the Brick

Dry lay bricks first to map out your pattern and make cuts as needed. Use spacers between bricks for consistent grout line spacing. Carefully install bricks row by row using the mortar bed.

Grouting and Sealing

Once laid, apply grout between the brick joints, then seal the bricks to protect from moisture and stains.

Caring for Your Herringbone Brick Floor

To keep your brick floors looking beautiful:

Beautiful Herringbone Brick Floor Inspiration

To spark ideas for your own kitchen, browse photos of some of our favorite herringbone brick floor designs:

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Herringbone brick floors lend vintage charm and sophistication to kitchen spaces. With proper planning and installation, you can enjoy stunning, durable herringbone floors for decades to come. For help bringing this beautiful flooring into your home, consult with kitchen remodeling specialists in your area.