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Treating Kitchen Sink Windows as Lighting and Style Solutions

Gabriela Connell
6 minute read

Kitchen sink windows provide beautiful natural light, ventilation, and lovely views while washing dishes. But bare windows can also show every speck of dirt and water spot. The right window treatments transform your kitchen sink area with added functionality, privacy, and flair.

Read on to discover inspiring ideas to elevate your kitchen sink windows. We’ll explore clever treatment options, styling tips, and lighting solutions to make this workhorse spot shine.

Why Treat Kitchen Sink Windows

There are many benefits to adding window treatments above your kitchen sink.

Functionality – Controlling Light and Privacy

The main reason to treat sink windows is function. Blinds, shades and curtains let you regulate natural light. This helps reduce glare while prepping meals and doing dishes. Treatments also provide privacy from neighbors or passersby. Lifting blinds up and down or opening curtains is easy to get the right amount of light and seclusion.

kitchen window ideas over sink

Window treatments aid in insulation too. Curtains add an extra barrier to prevent drafts and help regulate temperatures. Some also help muffle noise from kitchen tasks like running water or appliance sounds.

Aesthetics – Add Style and Make a Statement

Treatments let homeowners add personality to the kitchen. Play with colors, patterns, textures and layers to reflect your taste. Cafe curtains, swag valances and woven shades infuse cottage charm. Bold roman shades and sleek wood blinds bring contemporary flair. Many treatments coordinate with cabinetry and counters for a cohesive look.

Sink window treatments also provide the chance to accent this focal area. They frame the space beautifully, turning the utilitarian sink zone into an eye-catching accent.

Pros and Cons of Treating vs Leaving Bare

Covering up sink windows also comes with disadvantages. Treatments obstruct natural light to some degree. They must be kept clean to maintain their visual appeal. And some homeowners prefer the unadorned look of bare windows.

But most find the benefits of treated sink windows outweigh the downsides. The key is selecting the right window treatments for your kitchen’s needs and style.

Factors to Consider

Choosing the ideal sink window treatments involves assessing several factors:

Window Size and Placement

Consider the dimensions of your kitchen window. Oversized windows may call for layered treatments to properly cover the space. Smaller windows need appropriately scaled options. Windows low over the sink require a different approach than taller windows. Measure precisely when selecting treatments.

Kitchen Size and Layout

The overall kitchen size and floor plan impact options too. Long kitchens often benefit from treating only the sink window for a focal point. Galley and L-shaped kitchens could do treatments on surrounding windows to tie spaces together.

Existing Kitchen Style

Take your kitchen’s current style into account. Modern and contemporary kitchens may feature sleek wood blinds and simple curtains. Farmhouse kitchens can incorporate charming tiered curtains and cottage valances. Transitional and traditional kitchens could layer tailored roman shades with coordinating drapes.

Lighting Needs

Assess how much natural light you want treatments to filter. Minimal sheer curtains maintain light and visibility. Thicker lined drapes offer more insulation and blackout capabilities. Consider your lighting needs at different times of day when cooking.


Available budget influences options too. Custom window treatments and built-in blinds tend to cost more. Ready-made and DIY options provide more budget-friendly ways to treat sink windows affordably.

Window Treatment Options

From blinds to curtains, explore popular choices for dressing up kitchen sink windows.


Blinds offer adjustable control over light and privacy. Sleek mini blinds work beautifully to direct sunlight over the sink. Vinyl and faux wood varieties add style while being water-resistant. Tilt blinds angles to diffuse light and maintain views.

Pros: adjustable, easy to keep clean, modern style

Cons: can be noisy, not as insulating, uniform look


Shades filter light softly and come in myriad materials. Roller shades in linen or bamboo roll up and down neatly. Roman shades fold up in cascading folds for a sophisticated look. Solar screens reduce glare and heat gain.

Pros: softer filtered light, variety of textures

Cons: more delicate over sink, prone to moisture damage


From breezy sheers to layered drapes, curtains lend a soft touch over the sink. Cafe curtains are casual and washable. Tiered styles add dimension. Choose patterns and colors to complement your decor.

Pros: affordable, easy to install, wide selection

Cons: not as adjustable, prone to staining


Valances mount over windows to provide a decorative accent. Swag and cascade styles look elegant and formal. Rod pocket valances offer a tailored finish. Ruffled valances inject playful cottage character.

Pros: decorative accent, quick DIY option

Cons: don’t provide privacy or light filtering

Combination Treatments

Layer treatments for enhanced functionality and beauty. Pair curtains and valances for a soft layered look. Roman shades and blinds coordinate well. Or mix materials like breezy linen curtains with bamboo blinds.

Choosing Window Treatments

Follow these tips when selecting kitchen sink window treatments:

Measure Precisely

Carefully measure the height and width of your window opening to get an accurate fit. Account for elements like window cranks and sills in your measurements.

Inside vs Outside Mount

Treatments can mount inside the window frame or outside onto the wall or molding. Inside mounts have a built-in look. Outside mounts can cover flaws and add dimension.

How Much Light to Filter

Sheers and light linens allow maximum light through. Soft woods like bamboo diffuse nicely. Heavy drapes, faux woods, and vinyls offer the most light blocking. Go moderate to balance visibility and illumination.

Coordinating Style and Color

Select colors and patterns that complement your decor. Neutrals, whites, and natural textures are versatile. Don’t overlook hardware elements like finials and rods too.

Durability and Easy Cleaning

Kitchens demand durable, moisture-resistant fabrics that clean up easily. Faux woods, vinysl, 100% cottons, and washable blends hold up well.

Styling Sink Window Treatments

Finesse the final look with these styling tricks:

Tie Backs vs No Tie Backs

Tie curtains or drapes back for an open feel, or leave them hanging free. Ties keep fabrics out of the cleaning zone.

Cafe Rods vs Standard Rods

Cafe rods mount curtains high and close to the window for a casual look. Standard rods have curtains hanging below the frame for fuller draping.

Incorporate Kitchen Style

Let your kitchen concept guide stylistic choices. A sleek modern kitchen could feature wood blinds and a simple valance. Play up cottage charm in a farmhouse kitchen with embroidered cafe curtains.

Update Hardware and Finials

Dress up rods and blinds with decorative finials, brackets, and holdbacks. Change hardware finishes to complement faucets and lighting.

Layer and Mix Textures

Combine glossy and matte, light and dark, sheer and opaque. Pair sleek wood blinds with breezy linen curtains.

Add Complementary Kitchen Textiles

Bring in kitchen towels, rugs, baskets and window boxes that coordinate with sink window treatments. Repeat colors and patterns to tie the space together.

Lighting Above the Kitchen Sink

Proper lighting works hand in hand with window treatments. Use a blend of task, ambient and accent lighting for the optimal sink environment.

Ambient vs Task Lighting

Ambient lights illuminate the whole kitchen, like ceiling fixtures or recessed cans. Task lighting targets the sink area for food prep duties. Use both for ideal visibility.

Pendant Lights

Pendants centered over the sink provide direct task lighting. Opt for dimmable bulbs to control brightness as needed. Go modern and minimalist or vintage inspired.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Discreet LED lighting tape under upper cabinets casts helpful task lighting onto the sink space without glare.

Windows as Natural Light Source

Treatments let you regulate natural sunlight from windows. Micromanage their adjustments at different times for sufficient daylight.

Kitchen sink windows deserve special treatment. Clever window treatments not only filter light beautifully, but also add style, insulation and privacy. Carefully selected shades, blinds, curtains and valances transform this utilitarian spot into a decorative focal point.

Layering treatments in coordinating colors and textures gives depth and visual interest. Don’t overlook lighting elements and hardware details either. The right blends illuminate tasks at hand while complementing the rest of the kitchen.

Treat your sink window as an opportunity to showcase your personal taste. With so many options for adding function and flair, you can easily upgrade this hardworking kitchen zone.