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Create Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen With The Perfect Appliance Package

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Outdoor kitchens allow homeowners to cook, dine and entertain outside, bringing family and friends together. With a fully-equipped outdoor cooking area, you can enjoy beautiful weather while grilling delicious meals or hosting parties. From sleek gas grills to beverage refrigerators, today’s outdoor kitchens can have all the amenities of an indoor kitchen.

When designing your ideal outdoor living space, one of the most important decisions is choosing the right outdoor kitchen appliance package. The appliances you select set the tone and functionality for your outdoor oasis. With so many options for high-end grills, ovens, sinks, refrigerators and more, it can be tricky to figure out the perfect appliance combination. Pre-configured packages take the guesswork out of the process by offering turnkey collections with everything you need for cooking alfresco.

Outdoor Kitchen Appliance Packages


The crown jewel of any outdoor kitchen is the grill. Grills come in a wide range of fuel types, sizes, and features.

outdoor kitchen appliance packages

Gas grills are the most popular choice for convenience and even heating. Propane and natural gas models range from entry-level to professional restaurant-grade. Look for power in BTUs, large cooking surfaces, and features like side burners and rotisseries.

Charcoal grills are loved for their traditional smoky flavor. Built-in charcoal grills simplify the mess of dealing with briquettes. For true wood-smoke taste, try a wood pellet grill.

Leading grill brands like Weber, Napoleon, and Lynx offer high-performance, durable builds. Your grill can be a centerpiece or an integrated part of a built-in outdoor kitchen.


An outdoor kitchen isn’t complete without a refrigerator to keep drinks cold. Outdoor refrigerators are specially designed for life outside.

Freestanding units have the classic refrigerator look in stainless steel or custom finishes. For a built-in look, integrated refrigerators install seamlessly into cabinetry. Choose the right capacity and configurations such as drawer refrigerators and models with freezers or ice makers.


Bake pizzas, broil meat, or roast veggies with an outdoor oven. Many ovens offer serious cooking power with convection fans, infrared burners, and rotisseries.

Propane is the most common fuel for outdoor ovens. Wood fired ovens reach hotter temperatures upwards of 700°F and impart a delicious wood-fired taste.

Look for generous capacity to cook full meals. Extra insulation helps ovens maintain steady heat for perfect results.


An outdoor kitchen sink provides space for food prep and cleanup. Stainless steel is the most durable material, or opt for a stylish stone sink.

Consider the number of basins needed and depth. Look for built-in features like cutting boards or drying racks. Don’t forget the faucet – choose a style that matches your kitchen’s finishes.

Side Burners & Cooktops

Expand your outdoor cooking potential with side burners or cooktops. Located beside the main grill, these extra burners give you flexibility to boil, sauté or simmer.

Gas burners are common, but induction and electric options are also available. Portable cart-style side burners let you move the cooking zone anywhere.

Opt for a three or four burner cooktop for serious outdoor cooking. Look for power in BTUs and smart space-saving designs.

Designing Your Outdoor Kitchen

With your ideal appliance package selected, now comes the fun part – designing the rest of your outdoor kitchen. Careful planning creates a functional, gorgeous space for effortless outdoor cooking and entertaining.

Space Planning

Start by measuring your outdoor area to understand your footprint. Map traffic flow, exits, entrances and boundaries.

Arrange appliances in convenient work triangle zones for grilling, food prep, and cleanup. Allow ample counters and pathways for multiple cooks.


Choose countertop materials that are durable and waterproof like granite, marble or outdoor-rated tile. Integrated countertops fit appliances flush. Modular counters let you reconfigure.

Check countertop depth – a too-shallow surface makes appliance usage awkward. Outdoor-rated sealants protect surfaces against weather and UV rays.


Cabinetry provides storage for appliances, cookware and pantry items. Outdoor cabinets need water, heat and UV resistance through materials like stainless steel, aluminum and weatherproof laminates.

Design choices include doors, drawers, racks, and inserts. Conceal appliances behind integrated cabinet faces for a streamlined look.


Islands add prep space, storage and design flair. Popular configurations include L-shaped islands, smaller rolling cart islands, and straight-line islands along one counter.

Look for islands with storage features like cabinets, shelves, and drawers. Extend your counter space by adding an island. Islands can also incorporate seating, sinks, or side burners.

Electrical & Plumbing

Electricity and plumbing enable appliances to function. Outdoor kitchens need sufficient electrical outlets and wattage for plug-in appliances. Waterproof lighting illuminates task areas and sets ambience.

Natural gas lines may be required for gas grills, burners, or ovens. Outdoor kitchen sinks need water lines, drains and possibly stub outs for appliances like ice makers.

Compare Outdoor Kitchen Packages

With so many possibilities, shopping pre-planned outdoor kitchen packages makes appliance selection easy. Compare options across brands like Alfresco, Lynx, and Kalamazoo.

Evaluate the appliance types, quantities and brands included. Assess cabinetry, counter materials and hardware. Look at the overall footprint and layout options. Check for special features like lighting, storage accessories and more.

Cost often correlates to materials, appliance quality, and customization. Be sure to compare warranties – many packages offer impressive 10 or 20 year warranties. Assess different packages to find one that best matches your budget, lifestyle and design vision.

Creating a stellar outdoor kitchen starts with smart appliance selection. Outdoor kitchen packages provide turnkey solutions to take the hassle out of planning. With robust grilling, chilling, cooking, prep, and storage, you’ll have everything needed for amazing outdoor meals. Let your package guide the design for your dream outdoor living space.

Focus on choosing high-quality, durable appliances suited for outdoor use. Mix and match components like islands, cabinetry, counters and more to reflect your personal style. Proper installation and maintenance will keep your outdoor kitchen working flawlessly. In no time, you’ll be hosting fun summer gatherings in your sleek new outdoor oasis.