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Affordable Kitchen Countertop Cost Estimates

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Upgrading kitchen countertops can completely transform the look and functionality of your kitchen. However, with so many options on the market, budgeting for new countertops can be overwhelming. The costs of a countertop remodel depend on several key factors – the materials, edge treatments, size and layout, demolition, and installation.

With proper planning and research, you can create a budget that allows you to get the high-quality, durable countertops you want for your kitchen remodel without breaking the bank.

Countertop Materials: Pros, Cons and Costs


Granite is a prestigious natural stone quarried from granite deposits around the world. Known for its elegance and timeless beauty, granite is one of the most desired kitchen countertop materials.

Pros of granite include unparalleled variety in colors and patterns, superior durability and scratch-resistance, and natural heat resistance. Minor cons are the need for periodic sealing to prevent stains and visibility of cracks or chips if they occur.

cost of new kitchen countertops

The average installed cost for granite countertops falls in the range of $80-150 per square foot. The final price depends on the thickness, edge treatments, and complexity of installation.


Quartz has surged in popularity in recent years as an engineered stone made from crushed quartz bound together with polymer resin. Quartz offers a stylish, modern look and requires little maintenance.

Benefits of quartz include resistance to scratches, stains, chips and heat damage. Quartz is non-porous so it never needs sealing either. Minor downsides are seams may be more visible and it lacks the prestige and natural beauty of real stone.

Pricing for installed quartz countertops typically ranges from $100-150 per square foot, putting it on par with granite for cost. Its look and low maintenance make it a sound investment.


On the affordable end of options, laminate countertops consist of decorative laminate sheets bonded to a plywood or particle board substrate. What laminate lacks in prestige, it makes up for in budget-friendly appeal.

Laminate pros include a huge selection of colors and patterns, low cost, and easy do-it-yourself installation. Drawbacks are its susceptibility to chipping, scratching, heat damage, and lack of durability compared to stone.

At just $20-50 installed per square foot, laminate costs a fraction compared to other materials. It’s a great option to keep your new countertop costs low.

Other Materials

There are a range of additional countertop materials to consider including marble, concrete, stainless steel, recycled glass and more. Each has their own aesthetic appeal, cost range, and mix of pros and cons to weigh when selecting your new kitchen countertops.

Countertop Edge Styles and Pricing

The edge treatment you choose for your countertops – straight, bevel, bullnose, or decorative ogee – impacts both aesthetics and price. While straight edges are the most affordable at $2-5 per linear foot, decorative ogee, chamfered, or custom edges can run $15-30+ per linear foot.

These more ornate edges add beautiful detail but significantly increase the fabrication price. Consider your budget tradeoffs between simplicity and elegance.

Size, Layout and Demolition

The total size of your countertops directly correlates with cost – larger and more complex layouts mean higher price tags. Having an experienced contractor precisely measure and template your countertops is crucial. Seams, carved areas, and specialty shapes will boost your overall price as well.

If you choose to demo and remove your old countertops yourself, you can save on labor fees. However improper demolition can damage cabinets and walls, adding unnecessary costs. There is value having pros handle this part of the job.

Hiring a Contractor vs. DIY Install

Professional countertop installation from a qualified contractor costs $40-100 per hour but is highly recommended. Experts have the skills to properly secure tops to cabinets, integrate seams and joints, cut out sinks/cooktops, and finish edges beautifully.

Attempting DIY countertop installation as a novice carries risks of cracking seams, miscalculations on cutouts, and improper anchoring. The potential damage and rework can lead to more costs down the line.

Factors That Increase Your Remodel Budget

Several decisions in your remodel directly increase the price such as choosing premium materials like granite and quartz, opting for upscale edge details, needing structural modifications, or integrating high-end fixtures.

Having an expansive or complex layout leads to more seams, cutting, and fabrication time too. Backsplashes and accent strips add to square footage costs as well. Be prepared for these extras in your countertop budget.

Ways to Lower Your Countertop Remodel Costs

Luckily there are also ways to curb your budget for new countertops without sacrificing quality:

The costs of replacing your kitchen countertops can vary widely depending on the materials used, sizing, edge treatments, demolition, and installation. While premium materials like granite and quartz have higher price tags, you can still control your budget by shopping around, limiting decorative upgrades, and being open to more affordable options.

Focusing on the long-term functionality and your own preferences over luxury amenities can go far in creating a beautiful, durable kitchen remodel that fits your budget.