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Choosing the Perfect Backsplash Tile Style for Your Kitchen

Gabriela Connell
5 minute read

The backsplash is often overlooked as a key design element in kitchen remodeling projects. Yet this relatively small section of wall space offers the opportunity to add visual interest, color, and style to your culinary space. With so many backsplash tile options to choose from, making the right choice may seem overwhelming. Keep reading to discover the versatile range of beautiful, functional backsplash materials available to complement your dream kitchen.

From sleek glass mosaics to rustic penny tiles, the backsplash provides a creative way to showcase your personal taste. The right backsplash tiles can take your kitchen design from drab to dramatic. From quartz counters to statement light fixtures, a new backsplash can pull your whole kitchen together and give it that “wow” factor you’ve been envisioning.

Popular Kitchen Backsplash Materials

Today’s backsplashes go far beyond basic white square tiles. There are countless materials, colors, shapes, and designs to enliven your backsplash. Explore some of the most popular options.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile reigns supreme as the quintessential backsplash material. Available in a broad spectrum of styles, shapes, colors, and patterns, ceramic tiles offer flexibility at affordable prices. These are some of the benefits of ceramic backsplash tile:

floor and decor kitchen backsplash

Glazed ceramic tiles provide a shiny, polished finish that cleans up nicely in kitchens. Unglazed or natural terracotta tiles offer an earthier, more rustic appearance. Beyond classic white subway tiles, ceramic backsplashes can flaunt fun mosaics, Moroccan-inspired patterns, artsy medallions, or bold colors and designs.

Glass Tile

For a sleek, contemporary look, glass tile backsplashes add luminous style. Made from recycled glass, these eye-catching tiles contain no porous surfaces to absorb stains and moisture. Some advantages of glass backsplash tiles:

Downsides of glass tile include vulnerability to cracking and a tricky installation process requiring expertise. But the dazzling design options from bold hues to shimmering metallics make glass backsplashes a focal point.

Natural Stone Tile

For those seeking a touch of nature and Old World elegance in their kitchens, natural stone tiles like marble, travertine, and slate exude upscale sophistication. Each stone boasts unique veining, patterns, and fossilized imperfections that add rustic warmth and charm. Benefits of stone backsplash tiles include:

Downsides of stone backsplashes include required sealing to prevent staining and etching. The porous surfaces also necessitate careful cleaning. Natural stone ranges widely in cost depending on rarity. But for investment that endures, stone backsplashes elevate kitchens to new heights of style.

Metal Tile

Industrial, modern kitchens seek the sleek lines and metallic glimmer of metal backsplash tiles. Stainless steel, copper, brass, and nickel add contemporary edge with shine, luster, and durability. Pros of metal backsplash tiles:

Downsides of metal backsplash can include higher prices and conducting heat or cold. But for ultra-modern kitchens, few materials rival the sophisticated style of metal.

Factors To Consider in Choosing Tile

With limitless backsplash materials and designs to pick from, filtering through the options starts with identifying your priorities. Consider what matters most for your kitchen.


Do you want a backsplash commanding attention or subtle neutral? Consider a color, material, and style that integrates with your cabinets, counters, appliances and overall aesthetic. For a seamless look, select backsplash tile in the same tone family as countertops. Or make the backsplash pop with an intense contrasting color. Reference photos of kitchen designs you love to guide your style direction.

Tile Shape and Size

Backsplash patterns influence the visual footprint and vibe. Subway tiles in neutral hues keep the look light and classic. Tiny mosaics and unique 3D tiles create artistic impact. Oversized tiles convey modern simplicity. Combine shapes for eclectic charm. Lean into a shape that complements your kitchen’s layout.


Factor where your backsplash falls and its exposure to moisture, grease, and daily wear and tear. Glass works better than porous limestone near a busy stove. Natural stone suits protected spaces, while hardy ceramic thrives behind a sink. Assessing traffic patterns and potential backsplash hazards guides durability needs.


From thrifty to luxurious, backsplash tiles span a wide budget range. Keep costs reasonable by limiting custom cutting needs with an installed height under 18 inches. Labor and installation costs also rise for intricate, multi-piece backsplash designs. Balance your style vision with realistic budget constraints.

Design Inspiration and Trends

Once you pin down the look you love, explore inventive ways to implement it through your backsplash tile installation. Consider these fresh trends and inspiring ideas.

Dare to be different and let the backsplash set your kitchen apart. Visit a tile showroom or backsplash design center to stimulate your creativity with samples. Verify availability of any custom styles and allow ample lead time. Be bold – this is your chance to indulge your inner kitchen designer.

With a myriad of backsplash tiles to browse, the options can seem limitless. Focus first on the look and ambiance you want to achieve. Consider your unique style, kitchen layout and how the space functions when weighing practical factors like durability, maintenance, and pricing. From sleek glass mosaics to textured stone, the backsplash offers a blank canvas for infusing color, visual interest, and your personal flair.

Let the backsplash bring your dream kitchen to life. With endless colors, materials, shapes and designs now available, you have the freedom to choose a backsplash that perfectly complements your countertops, cabinets, and home decor. Turn to tile specialists at showrooms like Floor & Decor to make your backsplash vision a reality.