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The Top 10 On-Trend Kitchen Cabinet Colors for Your Remodel

Gabriela Connell
5 minute read

Choosing a stylish, on-trend kitchen cabinet color for your remodel or new construction project can transform the entire look and feel of your space. While white and wooden cabinets have been popular staples for years, new stylish hues in varying shades of gray, green, blue and even black have emerged as leading color trends.

Keep reading to discover the top 10 must-have kitchen cabinet color ideas to inspire your upcoming remodel.

Sophisticated Gray

Gray cabinets in an array of warm, cool and neutral tones have dominated kitchen design trends in recent years. Ranging from light, almost silvery grays to deeper charcoal hues, gray offers a versatile neutral option that pairs seamlessly with any style from modern to traditional.

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Lighter warm grays with subtle beige undertones create an approachable look. Crisp cool grays with hints of blue offer a more contemporary vibe. For a modern farmhouse feel, try greige – a blend of gray and beige.

Matte or Gloss?

The finish you choose for gray cabinets also impacts the aesthetic. Matte finishes lend a more casual, worn-in style, while glossy gray cabinets make a sleek, polished statement.

Pair with White Countertops

For a foolproof combination, gray cabinets with crisp white quartz or marble countertops create a stylish yet soothing neutral kitchen. The two neutrals beautifully complement each other.

Classic White Cabinets

Timeless white kitchen cabinets always remain in style. White paint creates a fresh, bright look and can make small kitchens appear larger. For a truly vintage vibe, antique white cabinets with distressing evoke cottage charm.

Clean, all-white kitchens feel airy and open. You can also use white cabinets as a neutral backdrop to play up pops of color in appliances, tile backsplashes or accent furniture.

Small Kitchen Solution

The reflective properties of crisp white make it an ideal cabinet choice for small, dark kitchens in need of lightening up. White cabinetry combined with glass doors or open shelving keeps things visually uncluttered.

Sleek Black Cabinets

Black kitchen cabinets make a dramatic, sophisticated style statement. The deep, dark hue creates an elegant, contemporary look when paired with modern finishes like marble countertops and stainless steel appliances.

For a contemporary edge, opt for glossy black cabinets with sleek handles. Textured matte black finishes provide visual depth and interest.

Ground Colorful Kitchens

In vibrant, colorful kitchens, black cabinets provide a bold, grounding contrast to lively hues used on accent walls or kitchen islands. The two opposing shades complement each other beautifully.

Warm Wood Cabinetry

Wood cabinets remain a popular kitchen trend, bringing natural warmth and texture to space. Stains in hues from light whitewashed oak to richer walnut offer a range of tones to match any style.

Unfinished wood cabinets in oak, maple and hickory have an organic, rustic feel. For a more refined but still traditional look, painted wood cabinets provide durability and sheen.

Mix of Stains

Don’t be afraid to mix wood stains. Using lighter cabinets up top and richer ones below creates appealing visual contrast. Or opt for an accent island that pops against more neutral cabinetry.

Sophisticated Navy Blue

A sophisticated alternative to black, navy blue kitchen cabinets provide personality and elegance. The inky blue hue feels bold yet grounded. Navy pairs particularly well with brass hardware and fixtures for a nautical vibe.

In contemporary spaces, glossy navy cabinets make a statement. For a more flexible, timeless look, choose a matte navy finish that suits transitional and traditional kitchens too.

Unexpected Pops of Color

Unlike black, navy cabinets provide a colorful focal point to build your kitchen around. Add pops of contrasting colors like crisp white, canary yellow or burnt orange for an eclectic look.

Vibrant Green Cabinets

Greens like sage, mint and forest offer a fresh take on color that breathes life into any kitchen. These nature-inspired hues provide a cheerful, invigorating vibe.

Cool mint greens appeal in modern spaces, while olive and emerald greens lend traditional charm. Deep hunter greens make a dramatic impact.

Colorful Accents

Vibrant green lower cabinets make a fun statement against white uppers. Or use green on an accent island for pops of color that don’t overwhelm.

Classic Red Cabinets

While vibrant red appliances reign in retro diners, deep red cabinetry makes a sophisticated statement in traditional and contemporary kitchens.

Rich shades like burgundy, merlot and oxblood provide an elegant, luxurious look. Glossy lacquered finishes allow the saturated hues to shine.

Grounded Elegance

Red lower cabinets grounded by neutral uppers and countertops keep the bold color feeling rich yet refined. Red islands or accent doors provide just the right dose of drama.

Cheery Yellow Cabinets

Sunny yellow infuses any space with energy and warmth. From buttery cream to canary yellow, the cheerful hue smiles against white backdrops.

In small doses like islands or lower cabinets, yellow packs a playful punch. Soft buttercup yellow works in cottage spaces, while vivid school bus yellow goes mod.

Colorful Accents

Coordinate yellow lower cabinets with navy blue or green uppers for retro contrast. A yellow island injects a vibrant focal point into an all-white kitchen.

Coastal-Chic Blue Cabinets

Blue cabinetry ranging from misty robin’s egg to deeper navy evokes ocean breezes and easy living. Play up the beach house vibe with weathered finishes.

Soft sky blue offers a cheerful, relaxed look, while slate blue feels grounded and elegant. Vintage-style cabinets in muted aqua or teal create a coastal cottage charm.

Nautical Accessories

Set off blue cabinets with antique brass hardware, rope light fixtures and accent pieces like a driftwood table or seashell knobs. The accessories complete the carefree, seaside theme.

Two-Tone Cabinet Combinations

Two-tone kitchens using different cabinet colors up top and below make a striking style statement. Popular pairings include white uppers with bold color lowers.

Varying finishes like glossy uppers with matte lowers also create appealing contrast. Don’t be afraid to get creative mixing colors, stains and paints.

Coordinated Combos

When mixing two cabinet colors, stick with the same tone family, like light and dark blues. Analogous colors like slate blue and forest green also complement each other beautifully.

When selecting your ideal kitchen cabinet color, first consider factors like the size of your space and how much natural light it gets. Dark dramatic hues make sense in large, bright kitchens but could overwhelm a small, dim galley.

Most importantly, pick a color and style that suits your personal taste. Are you drawn to crisp contemporary spaces or cozy cottage vibes? Let your favorite kitchen design aesthetic guide you to selecting the perfect on-trend cabinet color.

Before committing to a color, order samples and paint large swatches on cabinets or cardboard. Seeing it in your actual kitchen is key to determining if the tone and style work.