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Refresh Your Kitchen with Light Blue Gray Cabinets

Gabriela Connell
3 minute read

If you’re looking to update your kitchen with a stylish yet timeless look, light blue gray cabinets may be the perfect option. This versatile neutral colorscheme opens up smaller spaces while providing a soothing, sophisticated ambiance.

We’ll also cover how to integrate this cooler tone with counters, backsplashes, floors, and hardware for a pulled-together design.

Why Choose Blue Gray for Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Blue gray cabinetry provides a calming, inviting backdrop that pairs well with many styles from modern to farmhouse. Unlike stark white or black, it adds subtle interest without overpowering a room.

The cooler gray blue tones create a relaxing vibe that can make spending time in the kitchen more enjoyable. Busy patterns tend to recede on blue gray, making it perfect for small spaces.

A Soothing, Sophisticated Look

light blue gray kitchen cabinets

Whether you prefer a light airy blue gray or deeper dramatic hue, this versatile neutral adds a touch of sophistication. The soft color provides a calming oasis in the often hectic heart of the home.

While white can read clinical, blue gray infuses warmth and personality. Black can look imposing, but blue gray cabinets invite you in with their tranquility.

On Trend and Timeless

Blue grays draw from popular aesthetics like coastal and modern farmhouse looks. Brass hardware nicely picks up the subtle golden undertones, complementing another current trend.

Yet blue gray has an enduring appeal as a classic neutral. Unlike bolder navy or teal shades, blue gray selections remain versatile enough to stay relevant through minor design shifts.

Options for Every Budget

The most budget-friendly way to get the blue gray look is with cabinet paint. Even inexpensive stock cabinets can be transformed with a fresh coat like Sherwin Williams Rainwashed or Benjamin Moore Gray Wisp.

For more depth, many brands offer blue gray wood stains like Minwax’s Weathered Oak. Ready-to-assemble and stock cabinet lines from Home Depot, Wayfair and Ikea include affordable blue grays.

Choosing the Best Blue Gray for Your Space

Undertones and Lighting

Blue grays range from those with greenish hints like Hale Navy to purple-tinted options like Benjamin Moore Baby Seal Black. Samples help discern undertones.

Consider how lighting affects color. North-facing rooms may need lighter hues. Check how different blues look against current elements like counters and floors.

Pairing with Other Finishes

Crisp white quartz counters offset blue gray’s moody effect while providing a handy working surface. Butcher block also adds pleasant contrast.

Busy backsplashes compete with blue gray’s subtler presence. Opt for solid tiles or glass mosaic in soft hues.

Wood flooring introduces natural warmth. Medium to dark stained oak or walnut grounds the cabinets nicely.

Evaluating Brands and Lines

For freshly painted or stained cabinets, Benjamin Moore’s Coventry Gray and Sherwin Williams Rainwashed are safe selections with wide availability.

Stock cabinetry lines like Hampton Bay’s Stanton, Wellborn’s Dove Gray, or Diamond’s Mystique Mink offer affordable blue gray options.

Design and Remodel Considerations

Layout and Workflow

Blue gray can help dissolve heavy columns or choppy corners. Floating shelves in a contrasting wood further open up the space.

Slab door styles and recessed finger pulls maintain the streamlined, uncluttered look of blue gray.

Rollouts and inserts allow closed storage for appliances and food items without disrupting sightlines.

Backsplash and Hardware

Mirrored or glass subway tiles pair well with contemporary blue grays like Benjamin Moore Half Moon Hall, reflecting light beautifully.

For farmhouse styles, white ceramic subway tiles, wood accent tiles, or reclaimed barnwood contribute rustic charm.

Unlacquered brass hardware summons a touch of shine against cooler blue grays. Matte black iron provides pleasing contrast.

Crisp white quartz counters with subtle veining add elegance and brighten up blue gray cabinets nicely. Marble accents bring in soft gray tones.

Concrete countertops offer an industrial modern vibe, especially with sandy finishes full of variegation.

Butcher block provides a handy work surface while contributing natural wood tones to balance the color scheme.

In short, refreshing your kitchen with light blue gray cabinetry creates a calming, inviting space. The right blue gray shade and complementary finishes tailor this look to your style and achieve the kitchen of your dreams.