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Simplify and Elevate Your Kitchen Space with Customizable Container Solutions

Gabriela Connell
6 minute read

Is your kitchen cabinet space maxed out? Do you constantly struggle to find matching lids for your containers, or have to move everything around to reach that pan in the back? Getting organized can seem like an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be. The right kinds of containers and organizers can make your cabinets feel fresh and new. Read on to discover clever solutions that will help you reclaim your kitchen storage and make everything easily accessible.

The benefits of an organized kitchen go way beyond just having a tidy appearance. When you know exactly where to find everything you need, cooking and baking becomes a breeze. No more wasting time rummaging around or constantly opening and closing cabinet doors. Meal prep is more efficient and cleaning goes faster too. The right combination of kitchen organizers helps corral all those food items, cookware, bakeware, utensils and more into their own designated homes. Your cooking experience will feel smoother and your kitchen will function better than ever.

Plastic and Glass Storage Containers Keep Food Organized

From pasta and cereal to leftovers and baked goods, plastic containers are workhorses of the kitchen. Durable plastic is affordable, lightweight and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Clear plastic makes it easy to identify contents at a glance, avoiding the mystery of what’s inside.

Look for plastic containers with tight sealing lids to keep dry goods fresh and prevent leaks in the pantry. Container sets allow you to mix and match lids and bases. For storing leftovers and bulk items, round and rectangular styles provide ample space. Investing in some freezer-safe plastic containers is useful for meal prep and reducing food waste.

Glass Jars Lend An Upscale Feel

containers for kitchen cabinets

Glass containers bring elegance to your countertop storage. Glass jars and canisters come in beautiful designs to coordinate with any kitchen decor. The airtight seal of glass keeps food fresh and prevents spills. Glass is naturally bacteria-resistant as well. All those features make glass ideal for storing baking ingredients like flour, sugar and coffee beans. Glass canisters also allow you to show off snacks in clear view.

Look for glass food storage with wide openings and latching lids that form a tight seal for secure stacking. Borosilicate glass jars withstand rapid temperature changes. Square jars maximize shelf space while round jars suit countertop use.

Handy Food Storage Bags and Wraps

Resealable plastic bags are a staple for storing fruits, vegetables, leftovers, baked goods and prepped ingredients. Storage bags allow you to portion out bulk items. Vacuum seal bags extend freshness. You’ll get the most mileage out of your food.

Plastic wrap and aluminum foil get messy when not contained. Wrap dispensers cleanly store these materials within reach. Choose dispensers with slide cutter blades for one-handed use.

Organize Utensils and Gadgets in Drawers

That jumbled kitchen drawer crammed full of tools and gadgets can be tamed. Custom inserts and dividers keep items neatly separated so you can find what you need. Specialty organizers for utensils, spices and more make your most-used items readily accessible.

Custom Inserts Maximize Drawer Space

Look for custom-fit inserts measured to optimize your exact drawer dimensions. Felt-lined cutlery and utensil trays have segmented compartments for each type of tool. Rubberized grips keep tools firmly in place, even when you open and close drawers.

Dividers transform wide drawers into compartments for storing and separating items like foil, bags, directions and baking/roasting pans. Custom inserts are a smart way to maximize every inch of drawer real estate.

Handy Drawer Cutlery Trays

Cutlery trays neatly corral all your forks, knives, and spoons into their own dedicated spaces. Compartments keep flatware organized and untangled. Some tray lids allow you to conceal contents when needed. Look for cutlery trays sized to perfectly fit your drawer dimensions.

For quick access to frequently used tools, choose an angled cutlery organizer that sits conveniently on the countertop. The divided sections keep each type of utensil separated for fast access.

Pull-Out Spice Organizers

Digging around to find the right spice bottle can make cooking a hassle. Pull-out spice organizers keep your seasoning collection visible and within easy reach. Mounted on smooth metal drawer slides, the racks glide out so you can view everything at a glance. Angled racks bring even the spices in back forward to grab quickly.

Other options like spinning spice carousels maximize space in narrow spots. Mini shelves corral loose packets and jars. Get your spices organized to effortlessly flavor all your dishes.

Racks, Shelves and Baskets Optimize Cabinet Storage

The space inside your cabinets can be limiting. Specialty organizers help you make the most of the storage you have. Solutions like racks, extra shelving layers, and pull-out baskets make the contents more visible and prevent things from getting buried.

Vertical Racks Double Your Cabinet Space

Stand pans, cutting boards and baking sheets vertically with space-saving racks. Vertical storage takes advantage of unused cabinet height. Stackable racks with adjustable dividers accommodate different pan sizes. Hang racks over the cabinet door to maximize every bit of space.

For lids, pots and pans, choose racks with staggered pegs to neatly store these items and avoid scratches. Dish organizers neatly store plates vertically like files. Get the most mileage from the existing storage you have.

Extra Shelving Creates More Space

Add tiers of storage with organizer shelving mounted inside cabinets. Multiple shelf layers let you neatly stack items and see everything easily. Look for durable shelves with raised edges to corral small jars and bottles. Some systems have shelves that slide and pivot for accessibility.

Cabinet door storage options like mesh baskets and transparent bins utilize the back of doors. Mounted on the door, these holders keep items visible and within reach. Door storage is perfect for small, loose items like packets and lids.

Pull-Out Baskets Keep Items Accessible

Large pull-out baskets mounted on smooth, full-extension drawer slides make it easy to access even those items way in back. Just give a gentle pull and the basket glides out fully to easily grab what you need. Roll-out designs give you full visibility and access without any heavy lifting.

Baskets come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Look for durable baskets with high sides to neatly corral all your goods. Pull-outs keep items handy while hiding away the clutter.

Lazy Susans and Corner Organizers

The corners of cabinets and pantries hold prime real estate, but often end up wasted. Lazy susans and vertical corner organizers put that space to good use.

A lazy susan occupies a cabinet corner, holding items on a spinning tray that rotates for easy access to everything. Great for storing sauces, spices, canned goods and other kitchen essentials. Vertical corner units install right inside the cabinet to add functional shelving layers.

Utilize what would otherwise be inaccessible space. Spinning and pivoting racks bring items to you with just a turn of the wrist. Your cabinet corners become highly useful storage zones.

With some clever organizing solutions like bins, racks, trays and pull-outs, it’s easy to maximize your existing kitchen storage. Plastic and glass containers neatly corral all your dry goods, leftovers and pantry staples. Custom drawer inserts organize gadgets, utensils and spices so everything has a dedicated place. Cabinet racks, extra shelving and slide-out baskets provide efficiency.

An organized kitchen just makes cooking and baking more pleasant from start to finish. No more digging around trying to unearth what you need. Meal prep and clean up will feel smoother too. With a well-organized, optimized kitchen, you can focus on doing what you love – creating delicious foods for yourself and loved ones.