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Modernize Your Kitchen With Window Covering Ideas

Gabriela Connell
5 minute read

Is your kitchen in need of an update? Tired of dingy, faded window treatments or just looking to revamp your kitchen’s style? Refreshing your window coverings is an easy and affordable way to modernize the heart of your home.

New window treatments not only improve the look of your kitchen, but they can also better control light, add much-needed privacy, and even safeguard your furnishings. Follow this guide to discover the many possibilities for your kitchen windows. We’ll explore popular options, design tips, and factors to weigh when selecting window coverings. With so many choices, you’re sure to find the perfect solution to showcase your beautiful kitchen.

Why Update Your Kitchen Window Treatments?

If your kitchen feels stuck in the past, updating the window treatments is a simple approach to modernize it. Outdated, worn out, or improperly fitted window coverings can make the space seem dark and dreary. Fresh new styles brighten up the room and complement your design.

kitchen window coverings ideas

New kitchen window treatments also allow you to better control the light. Filtering or blocking glare makes the space more functional. Add privacy where needed, while still allowing natural light to fill the kitchen. Protect furnishings and finishes from sun damage as well. And choose options that are easy to keep clean in your busy kitchen.

Factors To Consider For Kitchen Windows

Window Types and Layout

Evaluate the size, number, placement and operation of your kitchen windows. Measure accurately to ensure proper fit. Consider the window height and accessibility as well. Tailor choices to match your existing windows.

For example, opt for shades or blinds for single, larger windows. Add curtains to a set of smaller windows. Check that coverings will clear handles and hardware of casement style windows. And determine if coverings need to tuck neatly to the side for sliding windows.

Light Control

Assess your kitchen lighting needs and window light conditions. Is more daylight desired or do you need glare reduction? Preventing UV rays from hitting furnishings may be a priority as well. Opt for adjustable curtains, shades or blinds to customize light control.

Sheers beautifully filter bright light. Blackout shades or tightly woven woods block it out entirely. Frosted or opaque options add diffused lighting. Balance light blocking with wanted visibility.

Privacy And Visibility

Factor in visibility needs for both inside and outside the kitchen. If the windows offer views to the neighbor’s patio, add screening. No need to lose all visibility though.

Check sightlines when standing at counters and seated at dining areas. Hide window hardware or architectural flaws. But also consider wanted visibility when working in the kitchen or supervising kids.

Kitchen Use and Traffic

Window treatments that stand up to heavy use are a smart choice for busy kitchens. Consider if windows are in high traffic zones or access is needed often.

Kids and pets can wreak havoc on coverings too. Opt for durable, easy cleaning fabrics that can handle wear and tear. Check that cords, wands and pulls are safely out of reach as well.

Cleaning and Durability

Kitchens are prone to grease, splatters and steam. Ensure window treatment fabrics can handle the humidity, heat and grime.

Washable cottons and machine washable polyester blends make maintenance easy. Moisture resistant vinyls withstand the humidity. And smooth fabrics resist dust and grease accumulation.

Popular Window Covering Options for Kitchens

From classic to casual to sleek and modern, today’s window treatments offer unlimited possibilities for your unique kitchen. Consider these top options to find your perfect fit.


A timeless choice, curtains bring a softening effect to kitchen windows. They gently filter light and provide partial coverage for privacy. Choose casual styles in easy-care machine washable cottons or linen. Pinch pleat curtains with grommets offer a relaxed vibe perfect for kitchens.

Avoid anything too frilly, ornate or formal looking. For heat and moisture resistance, polyester blends work well. Crisp white curtains give a fresh feel or go bold with vivid colors or patterns.


Place a decorative valance above kitchen curtains to disguise the hardware. Available in different materials, a fabric valance in similar style to the curtains provides a cohesive finished look.

For a romantic feel, try swag valances mounted at the corners to drape gracefully between. Or install a scarf valance on a decorative rod overlapping the main window treatment.


A smart solution for kitchens, blinds allow you to modulate light and privacy. Adjust slats open or closed as needed. Cordless blinds maintain clean sightlines with no dangling pulls.

Opt for durable and moisture-resistant materials like vinyls. Aluminum or faux wood blinds also withstand kitchen conditions. Add side channels to block light along window edges.


Shades neatly roll up and down or lift and lower to control visibility. Choose from economical vinyl or fabric roller shades. Bamboo and woven woods provide natural texture. For insulation, cellular honeycomb shades trap air.

Roman shades offer a smooth, tailored look when raised. Opaque blackout shades darken completely when lowered. For soft filtering, select translucent shades in materials like sheer linen or vinyl.

Woven Wood Shades

The natural look of woven woods impart texture and warmth. These shades made from bamboo, jute, wood veneers and more allow filtered light. Their durable materials hold up well in kitchens.

Match wood tones to your cabinetry for a cohesive look. Or opt for versatile neutrals like cream or tan. The adjustable slats or sheets filter glare while permitting some visibility.

Window Film

Skip the fabric entirely and dress windows with peel and stick window film. Available opaque or in tints, it offers instant privacy. Frosted and etched designs let in diffused light. Apply over existing glass for quick transformation.

Add a pop of color or pick patters to match your kitchen style. Use in combination with existing treatments to further enhance light filtering and visibility options.

Follow these design pointers when planning your kitchen window revamp:

Updating your kitchen window treatments can make a dramatic difference in your space. Evaluate your needs, explore the many options and inject your personal style. A fresh set of window coverings allows you to control light perfectly, adds privacy and brings your kitchen decor current.