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Make a Bold Statement with Navy Blue Kitchen Decor

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With its rich, sophisticated hue, navy blue makes an elegant and dramatic statement in any kitchen. More popular than ever, navy blue offers a bold yet versatile color for your kitchen design. Whether used as an accent or dominant color, navy evokes feelings of timeless sophistication.

From navy painted cabinetry to patterned backsplash tiles, implementing navy blue into your kitchen decor allows you to create a striking, fashionable space. Keep reading to discover inspiring ways to incorporate captivating navy style into your kitchen.

Paint the Walls or Cabinets Navy Blue

Painting your kitchen walls or cabinetry navy blue makes a bold, breathtaking statement. As a dark, moody hue, navy blue paint creates drama and visual impact.

Going all-navy with your cabinetry creates a cohesive, saturated look. For a subtler take, just paint either the upper or lower cabinets navy. Navy kitchen islands are also a popular accent.

Navy Blue Accent Wall

navy blue kitchen decor ideas

One simple way to implement navy is by painting one wall as an accent. Often used behind a stove, sink or open shelving, a navy accent wall adds striking contrast.

Since only one wall is navy, it won’t overwhelm the space. Consider choosing the backsplash wall behind the range or sink for your navy accent.

Navy Blue Cabinetry

For a dramatic, enveloping look, consider making navy blue the dominant cabinetry color. Besides painting the cabinets, you can also stain them navy for a wood finish.

To prevent a dark, heavy look, pair navy cabinets with light countertops like white, gray or butcher block.

Navy Blue Island

The kitchen island is the perfect spot to showcase navy blue. Painting just the island navy adds a bold focal point.

Try navy blue island cabinets with white, gray or wood base cabinets. Top with a natural butcher block or marble for elegance. Add matching navy bar stools for a pulled-together look.

Incorporate Navy Blue Tiles

Navy blue tiles offer a subtler way to implement navy style. From stunning backsplashes to eye-catching floors, navy blue tiles make an impact.

Navy blue mosaics, subway tiles, glass tiles or travertine add pretty pops of color. Use navy tiles sparingly against light cabinetry to prevent a dark look.

Navy Blue Backsplash

One of the most popular uses of navy tiles is on the kitchen backsplash. Navy backsplashes look striking against white cabinetry and marble countertops.

Try a bold pattern like chevron or geometric navy tiles. Or go for solid navy tiles or mosaics for a subtle touch of color.

Bold Navy Flooring

Want to make a statement? Use navy blue tile or vinyl flooring. From checkered patterns to solid navy floors, it creates serious drama.

A navy blue floor looks best against light cabinetry, walls and furniture. Otherwise, the look can become overwhelming and darken the space.

Accessories & Decor in Navy Blue

Don’t stop at just cabinetry or tiles. Include navy blue in your kitchen decor through rugs, seating, art and more. Navy accents tie the whole room together.


Anchor your navy kitchen with an area rug in a matching shade of navy blue and white. Navy rugs add softness underfoot while hiding stains and crumbs.

Try a striped Moroccan rug or Distressed Persian rug – both patterns complement navy kitchens beautifully.

Bar Stools & Dining Chairs

Tie in navy blue seating for a harmonious look. Navy upholstered, metal or wooden bar stools and dining chairs keep the color scheme going.

Add a pop of brass or chrome with the chair legs or handles for chic contrast against the deep blue.

Kitchen Art

Don’t forget the walls! Add navy art prints, canvas paintings, or framed photos to your backsplash or open shelving to enhance the navy style.

Display plates, bowls or glassware in shades of navy blue. Or invest in navy pots and pans for a matching moment.

Tips for Making Navy Kitchens Work

When designing your navy blue kitchen, keep these tips in mind for a cohesive, polished look:

Cabinet & Countertop Combos

White, light gray, black and natural wood cabinetry pair attractively with navy walls or cabinets. For countertops, choose materials like marble, granite, butcher block or concrete.

Appliances & Hardware

Stainless steel appliances complement navy cabinetry for a modern vibe. Opt for chrome or brass cabinet hardware and faucets for a pop of metallic shine.

Overhead pendant lights or under cabinet lighting in brushed nickel, chrome or brass enhance the navy color scheme. Extra lighting prevents the space from feeling too dark.

When looking for dramatic impact in your kitchen design, navy blue is a classic, elegant option. Paint the walls, cabinetry or island in bold navy hues. Or opt for navy backsplash tiles, flooring or accessories for a subtler accent. Sophisticated, timeless navy works well in kitchens of any style.