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Designing a Small Yet Mighty Kitchen Sink Base Cabinet

Gabriela Connell
2 minute read

When remodeling or designing a small kitchen, every inch of storage space counts. The sink base cabinet offers valuable real estate to maximize function and workflow. With some clever planning and design, even the most modest sink base can be transformed into a storage powerhouse.

When space is limited, the right cabinet size and layout is key. Consider the ideal placement in relation to counters, appliances, and traffic flow. Measure carefully to find a standard width that accommodates your sink and provides sufficient toe kick height for plumbing.

Choosing a Sink Base Cabinet Width

The most common small kitchen sink base cabinet widths are:

small kitchen sink base cabinet

Corner sink bases are also available to take advantage of angled space. When selecting a width, make sure to allow a toe kick height of 5-7 inches for proper drainage and plumbing.

Maximizing Storage in a Small Sink Base

While a 30-inch sink base may seem tiny, smart inner design can transform it into a storage workhorse. Useful options include:

Choosing the Right Sink for a Compact Base

Standard undermount and topmount sink styles fit nicely into small bases. For additional options, consider:

Design Tips for Small Sink Base Cabinets

Prioritize Accessibility

Adequate toe kick height allows stretching legs under the sink while providing sufficient plumbing room. Pull-out trays, roll-outs and drawers enhance the ergonomics within a confined sink base interior.

Visually Expand the Space

Light, bright cabinets colors like white or light gray paired with glass doors give the illusion of a larger sink base. Adding a backsplash in a contrasting color also draws the eye up and makes the space appear more expansive.

Accent with Storage Solutions

Baskets, corner caddies and other storage accessories keep items organized. A tip-out compartment next to the sink provides easy access to hand towels.

Small kitchens can still enjoy a well-appointed sink station with some clever planning. Using standard widths and adjustable storage components allows you to customize your sink base cabinet without sacrificing style or function, no matter the size of your space.