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Mastering Maximum Storage & Organization In Your Small Kitchen Pantry

Gabriela Connell
4 minute read

Having ample and organized storage space in a small kitchen can feel like an impossible challenge. From a lack of cabinets to cluttered countertops, every inch counts when designing a functional cooking area in a compact home. However, with some clever solutions, you can transform even the tiniest kitchen into a highly-utilized culinary workspace.

Start by taking measurements of your current storage and making an inventory of kitchen tools and food items. This will help you identify where more capacity is needed, like spice storage or a place to tuck away bulky appliances. Consider how you cook and prep meals too. Frequently reached for items should be most accessible. With an assessment of your needs, you can then look into space-saving storage hacks.

Hang It Up

Going vertical is a hallmark of great small space storage. Hanging rails, shelves, and baskets allow you to take advantage of oft-neglected air space. Under-cabinet rails offer a spot to hang utensils and free up drawer space below. Wall-mounted pot racks also showcase your cookware collections while getting them off the counter. Floating corner shelving is perfect to display oils, spices, condiments and other cooking essentials. For fresh fruits and veggies, suspended wire baskets allow air circulation while containing produce in a tidy way.

Other vertical storage ideas include wine glass racks, paper towel holders, hooks for mugs and towels, and over the door racks. You can hang these anywhere viable – in a kitchen, nearby dining nook, or food prep zone. The main goal is to maximize what’s out of reach yet still easily accessible.

DIY Ideas

creating a pantry in a small kitchen

Roll In Storage

When floor space is limited, consider portable storage solutions. Kitchen carts offer the dual benefit of extra counter surface on top and storage in the base or shelves. Choose one with wheels to easily tuck it out of the way or move it as you cook and prep. Utility carts and rolling caddies are also great for keeping cleaning items, snacks, or extra supplies. Just roll them wherever you need while keeping your countertops and cabinets cleared.

For the inside of cabinets, insert sliding and wheeled organizers to optimize what’s within. Tiered caddies double vertical storage real estate while making it easy to see everything. Or install pull out trays, racks, and drawers for effortless access to items in back that normally get buried. Hardware allows many of these organizational systems to smoothly glide out then back into place.

Storage Cart Picks

Get Organized with Containers

For food items like flours, sugars, pastas, and snacks, clear plastic canisters allow you to see contents at a glance while protecting from pests and spills. Labels on the front keep similar looking items easy to distinguish. Opt for stackable, square shapes to efficiently use shelf space. Glass jars are also great for non-perishable pantry goods as well as fridge storage.

In the refrigerator and freezer, use bins, baskets, and dividers to separate ingredients and foods. Glass storage helps quickly identify leftovers and sections make grabbing meal prep ingredients simpler. Under the sink, caddies with built-in buckets corral cleaning supplies while slide-out bins keep soaps tidy.

Container & Bin Ideas

Get Creative with Space

An organized kitchen starts with a designated spot for everything, so aim to group like items together. Use trays or bins to corral similar cooking tools, utensils, food staples, etc. This prevents the dreaded rummaging through stuffed drawers or cluttered cabinets. Take advantage of vertical zones like walls and doors for additional storage real estate.

Inside drawers, customize dividers, tray stacks, and risers to neatly hold items like silverware, dish towels, gadgets and more. Install vertical holders on walls or doors to store cutting boards, knives, and other oft-used tools to save counter space. Shelving lets you neatly display oils, spices, condiments and appliances off counters.

Extra Storage Spots

An organized space won’t stay that way on its own. Make decluttering and purging a regular habit. Toss expired foods, chipped Tupperware, and other unnecessary items. Re-evaluate if you acquire new kitchen tools and appliances so everything still has a dedicated home. Frequent quick wipe downs of shelves, drawers, and containers keep things tidy.

Avoid letting surfaces like counters and tables become dumping grounds. Always return items to their designated spots after using them. Develop a regular cleaning schedule and create zones so messes don’t spread. With some routine maintenance, you can maintain kitchen organization bliss in your tiny home.