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The Best Extra Large Kitchen Trash Cans for Maximum Waste Storage

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An extra large kitchen trash can is a game changer for busy households. With their expanded capacity, durable builds, and handy features, oversized cans make waste management much easier.

When shopping for the ideal extra large kitchen trash can, key factors to consider include the capacity, durability, ease of use, odor control, and style. High quality cans will have thick plastic or stainless steel materials, removable inner buckets, secure lids, foot pedals, wheels, and odor fighting technologies. Finding the perfect can for your needs and kitchen aesthetics takes the hassle out of waste disposal.

Why You Need an Extra Large Kitchen Trash Can

Handle More Waste

extra large kitchen trash can

Standard 6-10 gallon kitchen trash cans fill up fast in busy households. You end up taking out the trash multiple times per day. Extra large cans with 13 gallons or more allow you to handle more waste and minimize trips to empty it.

Large families or homes with toddlers using diapers generate piles of waste. An oversized kitchen garbage can prevents overflow messes and frequent changes. With some extra large cans holding 50+ gallons, you may only need to take out the trash once a week.

Odor Control

Food scraps, soiled diapers, and other smelly waste accumulate quickly in kitchen trash cans. The larger the capacity, the more odor buildup you get from accumulated trash. Features like tight seals and antimicrobial materials in extra large cans contain those unpleasant smells.

Many extra large trash cans have activated charcoal filters or air tight lids that trap odors inside. This keeps the kitchen smelling fresh despite the increased garbage volume. Some stainless steel models resist fingerprint smudges that can harbor odors.

Improve Kitchen Aesthetics

An extra large kitchen garbage can tucks waste neatly out of sight. The best models have sleek stainless steel exteriors and foot pedal lids that blend seamlessly into modern kitchen designs.

Large capacity trash cans prevent countertop clutter and mess around the bin. With more room inside, you can quickly clear food scraps, packaging, bottles, and other junk off your counters.

Key Features To Look For

Durable and Sturdy

It’s essential that extra large trash cans maintain their structure under the weight of heavy waste. Durable stainless steel, thick plastic, and reinforced bases prevent cracks and dents during use and when hauling the can to the curb.

Reinforced rims, hinges, and step plates ensure the can withstands daily use without failing. Sturdy handles make lifting and moving the can easy, even when filled to capacity.

Inner Bucket or Liners

Many extra large trash cans include a removable inner bucket or custom fit liners. These contain all the waste neatly inside for no-mess emptying. Inner buckets have handles for easy lifting out.

Disposable liner bags can simply lift out when full. Some cans have slots to tuck bag liners out of sight. Inner containers also protect the outer can from stains and smells.

Secured Lid

A tight sealing lid contains odors and prevents pests from getting into the waste. Some lids have gaskets for an airtight seal. Others have filtration systems to keep the can smelling fresh.

Many large stainless steel cans have lids designed to close slowly and reduce noise. You can avoid loud bangs that disrupt the peace in an otherwise quiet kitchen.

Foot Pedal Operation

For convenient hands-free use, pedal operation lets you simply step to open the lid. This is perfect when your hands are full prepping food or washing dishes.

Hands-free opening also minimizes the spread of germs from touching the lid. Some cans allow you to change the pedal position or remove it entirely.

Wheels for Mobility

Wheeled extra large trash cans can roll right out to the curb on trash day. With handles on the rim or sides, you can tilt and steer the can easily. This avoids lifting and carrying a massively heavy can.

Wheels also allow you to move the can around your kitchen into different positions. Retractable wheels tuck inside when not needed for a flush freestanding look.

Odor Fighting Technology

To control odors, some extra large kitchen trash cans use activated charcoal filters. Charcoal absorbs and neutralizes food waste smells. Replaceable filters keep the can fresh for longer.

Silver ion antimicrobial treatments in the plastic or metal kill bacteria that cause odors. Airtight seals prevent smells from escaping when the lid is closed.

Top Extra Large Kitchen Trash Can Picks

Simplehuman 50 Liter / 13 Gallon

With its sleek stainless steel exterior and proprietary lid design, Simplehuman’s extra large can looks great in modern kitchens. Custom fit liners and thick plastic inner buckets lift out for easy bag changes. The rim has an integrated handle for carrying, along with rear wheels and a 10 year warranty.

Hefty Ultra Strong 55 Gallon

Boasting massive 55 gallon capacity, Hefty’s extra large trash can handles even the biggest household waste loads. It’s made from heavyweight plastic with a reinforced steel rim and pedal operation. Locking wheels and side handles offer smooth mobility when hauling to the curb.

iTouchless 45 Gallon Automatic

For hands free convenience, iTouchless cans feature automated motion sensor lids. The brushed stainless steel 45 gallon model has odor fighting carbon filters, fingerprint proof coating, and adjustable open/close settings. Powered by batteries or an optional AC adapter.

Tips For Use and Placement

Position extra large trash cans in spots where you generate the most waste like near the sink or cooking areas. Just ensure adequate clearance around the can to fully open the lid without obstruction.

Avoid placing in high traffic zones where the can will be bumped into or block flow. Empty the can when it gets around 3/4 full for optimal odor control and performance.


What size is considered extra large?

Extra large kitchen trash cans are typically 13 gallons or more, compared to standard kitchen cans of 6-10 gallons. Popular extra large capacities are 13 gallon, 20+ gallon, 30+ gallon, and 50+ gallon.

How often should it be emptied?

Depends on capacity and household waste volume, but extra large cans of 20-50 gallons can often last 1-2 weeks without emptying for an average family. Cans with good odor control can go even longer between empties.

What are the best extra large kitchen trash can brands?

Top rated brands for extra large kitchen trash cans are Simplehuman, Hefty, Rubbermaid, iTouchless, and Tramontina. They make durable cans with useful features and large capacities.

Where should it go in the kitchen?

The best spots are low traffic areas near sinks or where you generate food waste. Ensure adequate clearance around the can to fully open the lid. Avoid blocking walkways.

With their expanded storage capabilities, handy features, and sleek designs, extra large kitchen trash cans simplify waste management for busy households. Find the ideal size, construction, and style to suit your family’s needs.

The best oversized kitchen garbage cans have durable stainless steel or plastic materials, inner buckets, secure lids, foot pedals, wheels, and odor control. They will blend seamlessly into your kitchen décor while providing expanded waste storage and convenience.