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Streamline Outdoor Entertaining with a Kitchen Pass Through Window

Gabriela Connell
4 minute read

Is your indoor kitchen separated from your outdoor patio and dining area? Do you wish you could easily pass appetizers, drinks, and meals from your kitchen to backyard gatherings? A kitchen pass through window creates an opening between interior rooms and outdoor spaces that revolutionizes outdoor entertaining.

Kitchen pass through windows bridge your home’s interior kitchen and exterior patio or deck, allowing you to effortlessly serve freshly made food outside. Read on to learn all about kitchen pass through windows, their benefits for entertaining, what to consider during installation, and how this specialized window can upgrade your indoor/outdoor experience.

What is a Kitchen Pass Through Window?

A kitchen pass through window is a window installed between the interior kitchen and an outdoor entertaining area, usually a patio, deck, or veranda. It creates an access point that allows passing platters, dishes, and drinks from indoors directly outside.

kitchen pass through window outside

These specialty windows come in different styles – some slide horizontally, others open outwards like a hinged door. Folding pass through kitchen windows are also popular. Installation is typically at counter height or standing height for ease of use.

Window Between Indoors and Outdoors

The main purpose of a pass through kitchen window is facilitating the transfer of food and drink from inside a home’s kitchen to the exterior patio or dining space. It creates a literal window between the interior rooms and outdoor areas.

With a pass through window installed, gone are the days of awkwardly carrying heaping platters and overflowing drinks through multiple doors and hallways. You can seamlessly pass dishes directly from your kitchen’s prep space to outdoor tables.

Different Types of Pass Through Windows

There are a few common styles of kitchen pass through windows to consider:

Ideal Size and Placement

When installing a kitchen pass through window, consider size and placement:

Benefits of a Kitchen Pass Through Window

Why should you consider adding a pass through window between your indoor and outdoor spaces? There are many excellent benefits that enhance outdoor entertaining and everyday use.

Facilitates Outdoor Entertaining

The number one benefit of installing a kitchen window to the outside is facilitating easy food and drink service for patio parties, backyard BBQs, and outdoor gatherings.

You can quickly pass appetizers, main dishes, beverages, and more to your outdoor dining table directly from your kitchen prep space. No need to painstakingly carry items outside through a maze of indoor rooms.

A pass through window also allows the party host to remain in the kitchen cooking, replenishing dishes, and prepping additional courses, while easily passing food outside to guests.

Improves Indoor/Outdoor Flow

In addition to party and entertaining perks, a kitchen pass through window improves the indoor/outdoor flow of your home’s living space.

The window visually connects your kitchen and outdoor patio or deck creating an open, continuous feel. It also allows fresh outdoor air and natural light to freely circulate into your kitchen interior.

Enhanced Views

Strategically placed, a kitchen pass through window can provide your indoor cooking space with beautiful views of backyard scenery. Gaze at greenery and gardens while prepping meals inside.

Temperature Regulation

Cracking open a kitchen pass through window invites cooling fresh air from outside into your kitchen. The breeze can help regulate interior kitchen temperature on hot days.

Considerations for Installation

Installing a kitchen pass through window requires some planning. Think through the considerations below for your situation.

Weather Protection

Since the window will be exposed to outdoor elements, incorporate overhangs or awnings to prevent rain drips. Shutters, flaps, or sliding covers help seal the window in cold or windy weather.

Window Styles

Determine if a swinging hinged style, sliding style, or folding pass through window best suits your needs. Each has pros and cons regarding use, weatherproofing, and security.


Assess any security concerns with having an open window accessible from the outside. Include locks, limit the size of window openings, or install an alarm system if needed.


Carefully consider the placement of the pass through window for ideal functionality. Ensure it’s easily accessible from your kitchen countertops but also near your outdoor cooking or dining zone.


Kitchen pass through window costs vary based on the size of your window, materials chosen, whether it’s a DIY or professional install, and other factors. Expect to invest anywhere from $500 to $2,000+ for this type of specialty window. It’s a smart upgrade that can boost your home’s value.

A kitchen pass through window is a unique architectural feature that upgrades your home’s indoor/outdoor experience. Seamlessly passing food, drinks, and dishes from interior kitchen to exterior patio and dining areas revolutionizes backyard entertaining. This window also enhances everyday enjoyment with improved views, airflow, and natural light.

Consider installing a kitchen pass through window to better connect your interior rooms and outdoor living spaces. With some planning for weather protection, security, placement, and style, this specialty window can maximize the synergy between kitchen and patio.