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Pendant Lights Above The Sink For Style And Function

Gabriela Connell
3 minute read

The space above the kitchen sink is often overlooked when it comes to lighting design. Yet this area can benefit tremendously from proper illumination. Installing pendant lights above the sink creates both form and function for this high-traffic workspace.

Pendant lights add eye-catching style while also providing much needed task lighting. The right fixture can completely transform the sink zone from dreary to dazzling. From small singles to linear rows, pendant lights not only shine a spotlight on dirty dishes but make washing up a little more enjoyable.

Choosing Pendant Lights to Showcase Your Sink

Kitchen pendant lights come in endless shapes, sizes, materials and styles. So how do you choose? Start by considering your sink and kitchen size and style.

light fixture above kitchen sink

Overwhelmingly large fixtures can visually dominate a small sink area. For wide sink spaces, multiple smaller pendants can provide more balanced lighting. The key is finding the right proportions to complement your existing decor.

Focus the Light Where You Need It

Position pendant lights directly over the sink workspace. If centered above the faucet, they can illuminate both basin and countertop. Go for fixtures with adjustable height rods for maximum flexibility in directing light right where you need it most.

Check for potential conflicts from hanging lights like windows, upper cabinets and ventilation hoods. You want pendants positioned where they can shine without obstruction.

Match Your Kitchen Style

Drum pendants with simple cylindrical fabric or metal shades work well for traditional kitchens. Or make a contemporary statement with bold geometric or minimalist glass pendants.

Single pendants feel streamlined. Groupings can provide festive clusters of light. Just be sure to align multiple pendants carefully for visual harmony.

Popular Pendant Styles to Light Up Your Sink

Drum Pendant Lights

Probably the most common style, drum pendants feature cylindrical fabric or metal shades. They direct light straight down, ideal for focusing illumination right where you need it. Drums come in endless material options like rice paper, glass, metal, even creative materials like woven wood.

Bowl Pendant Lights

Glass or metal bowls suspended from the ceiling make for artful pendants. Their spherical shape casts light in all directions for gentle ambient glow. Bowls can have open or closed bottoms and come in various colored glass for added pop.

Linear Pendant Lights

Elongated cylindrical or bar shapes allow single pendants to span the sink workspace. Linear lights provide streamlined modern style. Materials like colored glass, metal, and acrylic give depth and interest.

Statement Pendant Lights

Make your sink area a focal point with bold, eye-catching pendants. Think geometrics, curved lattices, brightly colored glass orbs. These conversation-starting lights jazz up an otherwise utilitarian work zone.

Get Your Pendant Lights Installed Correctly

Hang at the Right Height

Standard hanging height for pendant lights is 30-36 inches above the counter. Consider your lighting needs and style preferences. Lower height can create a cozier feel while higher mounts provide more task lighting functionality.

Hardwire for Clean Looks

Hardwired installations will keep your pendant neat with no visible wires. Though plug-in pendants offer more flexibility in placement. Be sure to have a qualified electrician handle the wiring for safety.

Position Lights Thoughtfully

Locate pendant fixtures directly above the main sink area for optimal lighting. Measure carefully and align multiple lights for visual symmetry. Avoid conflicts with windows, upper cabinets and other features.

Add Those Finishing Touches

Consider installing dimmers for greater lighting control. Pull chains, pendant drops and accent lighting all add extra personality. Get creative to make your new pendant lights truly shine.

With the right pendant lighting, you can transform your kitchen sink from drab to dramatic. Take style and function into account when selecting fixture shapes, sizes and finishes. Install lights at optimal height for the best illumination. Your kitchen tasks will be easier and your space much more inviting.