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Modernize Your Kitchen With Cream Colored Cabinets

Gabriela Connell
5 minute read

Cream cabinets can make a world of difference in your kitchen. This soft neutral provides warmth and brightness to transform the entire space. If you’re seeking to reinvigorate your kitchen with a lighter, airier look, cream colored cabinets may be the perfect choice.

But like any major home project, successfully incorporating cream cabinets requires some planning and design consideration. The undertones, surrounding colors and finishes must all work cohesively.

Why Choose Cream Cabinets for Your Kitchen?

What is it about cream cabinets that make them so appealing? Here are some of the top reasons to consider this lovely neutral for your kitchen remodel.

Cream Cabinets Create a Light and Airy Look

cream colored cabinets in kitchen

The soft, muted tone of cream cabinets instantly brightens up a dark, closed-in kitchen. The lighter color reflects light and makes the entire space feel more open and airy. Even small kitchens can feel more spacious with the incorporation of cream cabinets.

Going with a crisp white can sometimes feel sterile and stark. Cream delivers a lighter look than traditional wood tones, without the harshness of bright white. The pleasing neutral shade creates a soothing, welcoming ambiance.

The Warmth of Cream Cabinets

While brighter than traditional wood cabinetry, cream cabinets still impart subtle warmth. The gentle hue provides a pleasing contrast against cool granite or tiles.

Cream cabinets are lighter than beiges or browns, but still have a cozy, welcoming effect. The soft cream color brings out the natural variations in wood grain without overwhelming the kitchen with darkness.

Cream Cabinets Offer Flexibility in Design

Another benefit of cream kitchen cabinets is their versatility when it comes to style. The light neutral works equally well in modern, transitional and even traditional kitchens.

Whether your home leans farmhouse or contemporary, there’s a cream cabinet look for you. Go for a glossy lacquered finish for sleek modern spaces, or style with metal accents and hardware for an industrial vibe. For traditional kitchens, play up the wood grain with a natural stained finish.

Cream cabinets also pair beautifully with a wide range of materials and textures. Mix and match with tile, quartz, marble, granite and more.

Tips for Designing With Cream Colored Cabinets

Ready to move forward with your cream cabinet kitchen? Follow these tips to make sure your design flows seamlessly:

Selecting the Perfect Cream Cabinet Color

Don’t simply default to “cream”. There are so many stunning shades to consider like antique white, oyster white, cream, ivory, buttermilk and more.

Look at color samples in your space at various times of day. Lighting can impact how the undertones come across. Cool undertones will read differently than warm.

Factor in your choice of hardware as well. Opt for brushed brass or oil rubbed bronze hardware to play up the warmth of antique white cabinets.

Kitchen Paint Color Ideas for Cream Cabinets

When it comes to wall colors, stick with warm neutral paint colors that won’t clash with the cream cabinets. Soft tans, light taupes, almond and greige work beautifully.

Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige is a nice warm neutral that complements antique white cabinets. Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter is another popular, safe option. For a very muted look, try a pale greige like SW Mindful Gray.

Avoid stark whites, which can look clinical alongside cream cabinets. Also stay away from bold colors like navy or emerald green, which will overpower the soft neutrals.

Backsplashes That Complement Cream Cabinets

Natural stone backsplashes in soft hues work perfectly with cream cabinets. Marble, with its gentle grey veining, offers an upscale yet understated look. Travertine and limestone are other options.

For a lighter palette, consider white or cream ceramic subway tiles or marble mosaics. Ivory and buttercream glass tiles also keep things light and bright.

Stay away from boldly patterned or dark colored backsplashes. The idea is to let the warmth of the cream cabinets shine.

Countertops to Pair With Cream Cabinets

Which countertop colors coordinate seamlessly with cream cabinets? Options like white and light gray quartz offer a clean, classic look. Carrara marble is another favorite, with its soft white background and grey veining.

If choosing granite, select a variety with light cream or grey tones rather than bold black flecks, which can appear jarring next to the cabinets. Quartzite is an on-trend natural stone option as well.

Avoid patterned countertops with heavy veins, specks or spots that may clash. Keep patterns minimal so the countertop doesn’t compete for attention.

Flooring Options to Consider With Cream Cabinets

Hardwood flooring with light, natural oak or maple tones works beautifully with cream cabinets, providing warmth while not going too dark. For a cohesive look, match wood cabinet stains to floor stains.

Lighter stone or ceramic tiles in the cream, beige or gray color families are another option for seamless coordination. Use large format tiles for a sleek, modern look.

Stay away from floors that are too dark, red or orange-toned, as these will look disjointed from the cream cabinets. Avoid busy patterns as well.

Finding the Right Lighting for a Cream Kitchen

When selecting lighting, stick to versatile metals like brushed bronze, antique brass, oil rubbed bronze or nickel. These warm metallics complement a cream palette.

Avoid stark stainless steel or jet black fixtures, as these will feel out of sync with the warmer cream cabinetry. Opt for Edison bulbs or clear globes for plenty of dispersed light.

In terms of style, slim linear fixtures work well in contemporary spaces, while lantern styles pair nicely with farmhouse vibes. Flush mount lights provide clean-lined illumination.

Tips for Accessorizing Your Cream Kitchen

Use cream kitchen accessories to tie the whole space together. Natural elements like woven baskets, ceramic vases, jute rugs and fresh greenery complement the creamy hues.

A wooden cutting board, marble mortar and pestle and ceramic canisters keep things light and neutral. Sheer linen or burlap roman shades soften windows beautifully.

Avoid bold colors or heavily patterned accessories that may compete. Instead, let the dreamy cream cabinets shine as the focal point while accessories play a supporting role.

Bringing cream cabinets into your kitchen design provides a breath of fresh air. The pleasing neutrals brighten and warm at the same time, for a space that feels uplifting yet grounded.

Carefully selecting complementary elements like counters, backsplashes, lighting and floors will allow your cream cabinets to truly shine. Focus on light neutrals and natural materials for peaceful, flowing kitchen that delights.