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Make a Statement with These Contemporary Large Kitchen Wall Clock Designs

Gabriela Connell
5 minute read

If you’re looking to make a bold statement in your kitchen, an oversized contemporary wall clock is a stylish option. Ranging from 30 to 50 inches in diameter, these dramatic timepieces immediately become eye-catching focal points.

Large modern clocks create visual impact and enhance high ceilings and expansive wall spaces. Their generous scale balances out proportions and brings a palette cleansing neutrality. Clean-lined with minimalist numbered or numberless dials, contemporary clocks complement both classic and current kitchen aesthetics.

Benefits of Large Wall Clocks

Contemporary Clock Style

Contemporary kitchen clocks are defined by sleek, minimalist design. Look for clean lines, simple faces with plain numbers or no numbers at all, and neutral coloring like black, white or natural wood.

Oversized contemporary kitchen clocks come in geometric shapes like circles, squares, rectangles and octagons. Their pared-down modern aesthetic effortlessly complements both traditional and contemporary kitchen decor.

Tips for Styling an Oversized Kitchen Wall Clock

When incorporating an oversized contemporary clock in your kitchen, consider placement, size, shape, color and visual clarity to enhance your space.

Place for High Visibility

Since the goal is creating a statement, choose a spot with high visibility. Above the kitchen sink framed by a window is a popular choice. Over the stove or centered on the kitchen island are also prime positioning.

Near the dining area lets a large clock conveniently keep meal times. On an empty wall near busy work zones where checking the time is handy.

Complement Your Decor

Select a clock finish or color that coordinates well with your existing kitchen cabinets and hardware for a cohesive look. A wooden clock pairs nicely with warm wood cabinetry, while painted metal clocks match cool toned counters.

Consider the Shape and Size

When it comes to shape, classic round clocks are a safe bet for blending seamlessly. For more modern edge, try a square, rectangle, starburst or hexagon. Sizing ranges from 30 inches as the minimum for a statement up to 50 inches for true visual impact.

Readability Matters

Look for uncluttered, easy to read dial designs with large bold numerals when available. Contemporary clocks often have minimalist numberless faces, which can work as long as the hands stand out clearly.

Modern Oversized Kitchen Clock Ideas

1. Stellen Round Wall Clock

With its gently curved frame in mixed matte metals, the Stellen 36-inch round wall clock brings contemporary glamour. The riveted finish adds interest, while warm brass hands complete the luxe look of this oversized timepiece.

– 36 inch diameter

– Brushed brass hands

– Matte and polished metal finish

2. Menu Norm Wall Clock

This stylish 30-inch diameter clock from Menu defines modern minimalism with its sleek round wooden rim and stark black and white color palette. With no numbers to clutter the clean dial, it makes telling time graphic yet simple.

– 30 inch diameter

– Numberless dial

– Black hands and rim on white face

3. Umbra Numbra Wall Clock

Featuring an open construction with floating intersecting black metal rings, Umbra’s 40-inch Numbra wall clock has serious contemporary style. The black-on-white color scheme and simple hour markers keep the focal dial looking graphically modern.

– 40 inch diameter

– Floating matte black metal rings

– Clean white face with black markers

4. Polar Starburst Wall Clock

For geometric flair, the Polar oversized starburst wall clock packs visual impact. Made from powder coated steel in contrasting matte black and high-gloss white finishes, this cool 33-inch clock makes a contemporary statement.

– 33 inch diameter

– Starburst shape

– Matte black and glossy white colors

5. Design Ideas Oversize Hexagon Clock

The oversized hexagon shape of this powder coated steel Design Ideas clock lends eye-catching modern edge to contemporary kitchens. Measuring a substantial 40 inches, its clean black and white palette keeps the look minimal.

– 40 inch wide

– Hexagon shape

– Matte black frame and hands

6. Newgate Mr. Clarke Clock

For contemporary industrial edge, Newgate’s round Mr. Clarke clock features a distressed finish and vintage-look grating texture. The cool silver and black color scheme enhances the urban loft vibe of this classic yet edgy 36-inch oversized timepiece.

– 36 inch diameter

– Distressed silver case

– Vintage industrial details

7. Normann Copenhagen Watch Me Wall Clock

With its eye-catching clean lines, the Watch Me clock is an iconic Scandinavian design from Normann Copenhagen. The distinctive hour markers and minimalist white face encircled by a sleek powder coated steel frame epitomize Danish modern style.

– 35cm diameter

– Powder coated steel case

– Numberless dial

8. Menu Kettle Teapot Wall Clock

Add a playful touch with Menu’s Kettle Teapot clock. Resembling its namesake, this whimsical all-black design is a conversation starter with its oversized angular “handle” and “spout”. An innovative timepiece, it epitomizes chic modern attitude.

– 13 inch wide

– Matte powder coated steel

– Unique teapot shape


What size oversized kitchen clock should I get?

For impressive visual impact as a statement piece in your kitchen, target oversized contemporary clocks in the 30 to 50 inch diameter range. Anything under 30 inches risks getting lost, while over 50 inches could overwhelm some spaces.

Where is the best place to hang a large kitchen clock?

To maximize visibility, position your large kitchen clock in high traffic cooking zones like above the stove or sink. Centered on a kitchen island or wall is ideal. Near the dining area also lets a big clock enhance meal times.

What’s the difference between a contemporary vs modern clock?

While the terms are sometimes used interchangeably, contemporary design is generally sleeker and more minimalist than modern. Contemporary clocks have very clean lines and simple, often numberless, faces. Modern allows more playful shapes and materials with a broader array of styles.

How do I choose the right shape and color for my kitchen?

Consider the existing style of your kitchen cabinets, counters, backsplash and hardware finishes. Then select a clock with coordinating metallic, wood, painted or black/white color tones. As far as shape, round and square clocks suit both traditional and contemporary kitchens.

Are large kitchen wall clocks expensive?

Oversized statement clocks do often cost more than smaller timepieces. But today’s wide range of contemporary kitchen clock options includes affordable choices between $25-$150. Look for clocks sized 30 inches and up made of painted metal, wood or plastic vs pricier premium materials.

With their commanding presence and eye-catching style, oversized contemporary kitchen clocks are guaranteed to elevate your space. From boldgeometric forms to elegantly simple round silhouettes, they make impressive focal points full of modern flair.

When selecting your statement clock, carefully weigh placement, size, shape, color scheme and visual clarity. With the right oversized timepiece that speaks to your personal taste, you can easily add a contemporary punctuation mark to your kitchen design.