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L Shaped Kitchen Layouts with Island | Boost Your Cooking Experience

Gabriela Connell
4 minute read

An L-shaped kitchen design paired with a strategically placed island can transform your cooking and entertaining experience. This popular layout provides the efficiency of a work triangle, abundant storage solutions, and flexible space for gathering with family and friends.

With some planning and design considerations, you can create a high-functioning L-shaped cook space that meets your household’s needs and lifestyle.

Benefits of an L-Shaped Kitchen

The elongated L-configuration utilizes two adjoining walls to maximize your kitchen’s potential. Here are some of the advantages this shape can offer:

l shaped kitchen layouts with island

Efficient Work Triangle and Workflow

The work triangle formed by the refrigerator, stove, and sink accounts for the main kitchen work zone. An L-shaped layout positions these appliances along perpendicular walls with continuous countertops connecting them. This allows for smooth and efficient movement between each station.

You can easily access the fridge while prepping ingredients at the counters, check on dishes in the sink while cooking at the stove, and more. The workflow is logical and helps minimize steps.

Maximum Cabinet and Counter Space

With cabinetry and counters extending two full walls, L-shaped kitchens offer abundant storage solutions and prep space.

The elongated counter area provides additional room for small appliances and meal prep. Base cabinets offer deep storage for pots, pans, and serving ware while uppers provide space for dry goods and rarely used items.

Open Concept Floor Plan

An L-shaped kitchen integrates beautifully into open concept home designs. The elongated layout allows you to interact with the living room without congestion.

Great sight lines make it easy to monitor kids in the living area or chat with guests from the stove. Open L-shaped kitchens are wonderful for casual gatherings and entertaining.

Incorporating an Island

Adding an island to your L-shaped kitchen opens up even more design possibilities. An island can provide extra seating, storage, counters, and even appliances.

Island Size and Placement

A typical island size ranges from 4×5 feet up to 4×8 feet. Position the island centrally within the L-shaped space, allowing at least 3 feet of clearance on all sides.

This gives enough room to walk around the island and fully open doors and drawers without obstruction.

Added Seating and Gathering Place

Islands are great for casual dining and an extra gathering spot. With 3-4 bar stools tucked under the overhang, you can give the family extra seating for meals.

This keeps the cook involved in family activities rather than isolated at the stove. It also provides space for guests to congregate during parties.

Extra Storage and Counter Space

Maximize the island’s base cabinets and drawers for storing kitchen tools, pots and pans, and pantry items. The surface offers an expansive area for food prep.

Upper cabinets provide space for the microwave, specialty appliances, or infrequently used items. The extra counter space is perfect for serving buffet-style meals.

Second Sink, Appliances, and Utilities

Consider incorporating a second sink into the island for multitasking ease. This allows more than one person to work simultaneously.

You can also build in a cooktop or mini-fridge. The island is ideal for locating a charging station, message board, or recycling bins.

Design and Layout Considerations

When planning your L-shaped kitchen design, keep these layout factors in mind:

Kitchen Shape and Dimensions

An L-shaped kitchen with island works best in a room that’s at least 12×12 feet. Smaller spaces can feel cramped.

You may need to remove or relocate walls to accommodate the workstations. Ensure adequate room for triangle appliances and walkways.

Kitchen Work Zones

Divide your kitchen into separate work zones like storage, cooking, cleaning, and dining. Strategically place cabinets, appliances, and fixtures.

For avid cooks, consider individual prep stations. For example, locate the sink and a mini-fridge together for washing and storing greens.

Traffic Flow and Safety

When laying out appliances and furniture, ensure clear entry, exit, and traffic routes. Avoid placing the island or workstations in high-traffic areas.

Keep sightlines open so you can monitor kids and pets. Locate knife blocks and appliances out of small children’s reach.

Island Inspiration and Ideas

Islands are a creative focal point. Play with color schemes, materials like butcher block or marble, eclectic seating, and pendant lighting.

Explore unique lower cabinet designs like bookshelf-inspired doors, beadboard paneling, or contrasting paint colors.

Consider alternative island shapes like a curvy organic edge or T-shaped extension. Get inspired by the amazing ways to customize your L-kitchen island.

An L-shaped kitchen layout with a spacious island offers the best of form and function. You gain workflow efficiency through the triangle design along with abundant storage and counter space.

Adding an island opens up seating, an extra gathering area, and more organizational solutions. With smart planning, you can design an L-shaped cook space tailored to your family’s needs and lifestyle.