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Kitchen Sink Splash Guard Wall Protection

Gabriela Connell
3 minute read

Is your kitchen backsplash looking tired and dated? Are you noticing water stains and damage on the wall behind your sink? Upgrading to a sleek, new splash guard is an easy way to instantly improve this high-use area while protecting your walls.

A kitchen sink splash guard installs behind your faucet and acts as a barrier, preventing splashes and spills from soaking into the drywall. Not only does a splash guard shield your walls, it also adds a decorative accent that complements your overall kitchen decor.

Choosing the Best Splash Guard Material

Splash guards come in a variety of materials, each with their own advantages. Consider which features are most important for your needs and kitchen style.

The Pros and Cons of Acrylic Splash Guards

kitchen sink splash guard for wall

Acrylic is an affordable and user-friendly option. These guards are lightweight and easy to clean. A glossy finish gives acrylic a sleek, modern look. However, acrylic can be prone to scratching, staining, and discoloration over time with regular use and cleaning.

The Benefits of Durable Stainless Steel

Stainless steel guards are very durable and resistant to stains, rust, and corrosion. This material offers a contemporary, professional-grade look. However, steel can show water spots and fingerprints if not wiped dry after washing. It also comes at a higher cost than acrylic.

Elegant Tempered Glass Splash Guards

For a seamless, ultra-modern accent, glass splash guards are unbeatable. They maintain a like-new shine with simple cleaning. However, glass tends to be heavier than other materials and could shatter if dropped. The cost is also on the higher end.

Finding the Right Size and Style

Once you’ve decided on the material, it’s time to choose the right size and look. Accurately measure the area behind your faucet to determine width and height. Allow several extra inches above the nozzle. Consider your overall kitchen decor – sleek contemporary, rustic charm, retro funk? Match your splash guard to the mood you want to create.

Installation Made Simple

Installation is a breeze with most splash guards’ peel-and-stick adhesive backing. Ensure the wall area is clean and dry before pressing the guard into place. For a super secure hold, some choose drill-mounted brackets. If you’re unsure, have a handyman tackle this step.

Caring for Your New Splash Guard

With day-to-day use, your splash guard will need occasional cleaning. Use a soft sponge or microfiber cloth with warm, soapy water. Avoid abrasive cleaners or scrubs that could damage the surface. Be sure to immediately wipe away any water drips or spots to prevent buildup of mineral deposits. Reapply sealants or protective treatments as needed.

Once mounted, it’s time to show off your new focal point! Coordinate your faucet and soap dispenser finishes. Contrast with an eye-catching wall color. Install floating shelves for pretty display space and extra storage. A personalized drying rack adds warmth and purpose. Your stylish new splash guard pulls the whole space together into a complete, decorator kitchen.

With minimal effort, a kitchen sink splash guard updates your space with modern flair while keeping walls protected. No longer dread doing dishes thanks to this simple but transformative upgrade. Your kitchen will maintain its showroom shine for years to come!