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How to Choose the Right Pull-Out Cabinets for Your Kitchen

Gabriela Connell
4 minute read

If your kitchen cabinets are packed to the brim but you still seem to have no space, it may be time to upgrade to pull-out cabinet solutions. These intelligent storage innovations are designed to maximize every inch of storage capacity while also optimizing accessibility.

We’ll also overview the various types of pull-outs available and prime cabinet locations to add them for optimal organization. With some simple upgrades, you can gain storage, create order, and make your kitchen items more conveniently accessible.

Benefits of Pull-Out Kitchen Cabinets

Maximize Storage Space

One of the biggest perks of pull-out cabinets is their ability to maximize storage space. Full extension drawer slides or tracks allow you to access the entire depth of your cabinets, not just the front third or so. This allows you to efficiently use all available space.

kitchen cabinets that pull out

No more struggling to see and reach items that get buried in the dark, dusty depths. It also means you can potentially fit 25-50% more items into existing cabinets. So before you go through the hassle of a kitchen remodel and tear out perfectly good cabinetry, consider retrofitting with pull-outs instead for expanded capacity.

Convenient Accessibility

Another advantage of pull-outs is the exceptional accessibility they provide. You don’t have to bend, reach, and rummage around to find what you need. Simply slide out shelves and drawers to bring contents right to you.

This perk is especially helpful for those with mobility issues, back problems, or who use wheelchairs. By installing pull-outs, you can create a more ergonomic kitchen environment. Making cabinets more accessible and safer to use improves quality of life.

Enhanced Organization

Pull-outs allow you to easily corral kitchen items into organized zones. Take advantage of vertical space by stacking pull-outs in base cabinets. Designate shelves or trays for platters, pots and pans, mixing bowls, and more.

You can also customize the interiors with dividers, trays, bins and baskets. This makes it simple to group like items so everything has a dedicated place. Contents are visible at a glance, minimizing forgotten and expired items.

Types of Pull-Out Cabinet Solutions

Pull-Out Shelves

The most common type of pull-out system is mounted shelves. Shelves are equipped with slides or tracks on the sides that allow them to smoothly roll out of the cabinet for easy access.

Pull-out shelves are available in wide range of sizes and weight capacities. They work wonderfully in base cabinets, pantries, and other locations where you need full extension. Install multiple shelves stacked vertically to multiply usable space.

Roll-Out Drawers

For a built-in drawer option, install roll-outs. These function just like regular drawers, but are mounted on full-extension glides so they fully extend outside the cabinet.

This allows complete access to contents in the back without any frustrating reaching or bending. Roll-outs are great for lower cabinets where you may store cookware, bakeware, kitchen tools, canned goods, and more.

Lazy Susans

A lazy susan consists of a circular tray that spins around to provide easy access to everything stored on it. These pull-out organizers are ideal options for corner cabinets in the kitchen.

Spin the lazy susan to conveniently reach spices, food items, pans, and anything else you store in that tricky corner area. Their spinning trays make efficient use of wasted space.

Wire Storage Baskets

For a lightweight and budget-friendly pull-out solution, install wire baskets. These open metal frame baskets mount to slides so they can roll in and out.

The open design increases visibility of what’s stored inside. Wire baskets are great for organizing linens, bakeware, cleaning supplies, and more while keeping your cabinets neatly organized.

Prime Cabinet Locations for Pull-Outs

Base Cabinets

Base cabinets with pull-out solutions can hold large and heavy cookware, bakeware, and serving items that are otherwise challenging to access. You can conveniently view contents rather than stacking pots or constantly rearranging.

Pull-outs keep you organized with pans right at your fingertips. Stack two or three in a bank to optimize the storage potential.

Corner Cabinets

Stop wasting precious corner real estate by installing specialized pull-outs made for angled cabinet corners. These include lazy susans or diagonal roll-outs that provide effortless access.

Keep spices, cooking oils, condiments and everyday food staples at your fingertips instead of buried in the corner abyss. You’ll save time searching and have less wasted food.


Walk-in or reach-in pantries often turn into black holes where things get lost in the back only to expire. Retrofit shelves with pull-out slides and add roll-outs at the bottom. This keeps items organized, visible and accessible.

Use pull-outs to neatly store and easily grab canned goods, baking ingredients, snacks, and anything else stashed in your pantry as you need them.

Upper Cabinets

Don’t overlook upper cabinets when adding pull-outs. While you likely don’t store heavy items up high, pull-outs allow you to safely access dishes, small appliances, and other light items without precariously climbing.

Install pull-down shelves to eliminate rummaging around blindly up there. Upper cabinet pull-outs reduce the risk of falls and make putting dishes away easier.

If your kitchen cabinets are stuffed to the gills or you struggle accessing contents, it’s time to upgrade with pull-outs. Sliding shelves, roll-out drawers, lazy susans and more provide you with intelligent storage solutions.

Pull-outs allow you to access everything, from back to front, while keeping cabinets neatly organized. Add them to base, corner, pantry and upper cabinets to maximize storage capacity and convenience.

With a variety of options to browse, you can custom design a pull-out system tailored to your unique storage needs and kitchen setup. Just by retrofitting existing cabinets with these innovations, you’ll gain a more ergonomic, accessible, and spacious kitchen.