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Give Your Kitchen Farmhouse Charm with a Vintage Style Faucet

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Farmhouse style kitchens have become increasingly popular over the past few years. The rustic charm and antique inspired aesthetic brings a cozy, timeless feel that many find appealing. A key component in achieving this look is installing a vintage style kitchen faucet with the high arched spout and charming accents reminiscent of an old fashioned era.

A farmhouse faucet can instantly infuse your kitchen with charm and become a striking focal point.

What Makes a Faucet “Farmhouse Style”?

Vintage Inspired Design

farm style kitchen faucet

The most identifiable characteristic of a farmhouse kitchen faucet is the high arching spout design. This mimics the shape of old-fashioned pumps and creates a bold, eye-catching silhouette. Decorative details like cross handles or accent levers add to the vintage aesthetic.

Farmhouse faucets also tend to use materials like bronze, iron, copper, or brushed nickel that patina over time for an antiqued look. The overall style is reminiscent of fixtures from past eras.

Pairs Well with Apron Front Sinks

Farmhouse faucets beautifully complement apron front sinks. The exposed front panel of an apron sink has the same charming, retro styling that aligns with a farmhouse faucet. Together, they create a cohesive and attractive farmhouse look.

Finishes for Farmhouse Look

Some popular finishes that complement the farmhouse aesthetic include:

Choosing a dark, patina-building finish enhances the vintage charm of a farmhouse faucet.

Benefits of a Farmhouse Faucet

Aesthetic Appeal

The eye-catching silhouette and decorative accents of a farmhouse faucet create instant old-fashioned appeal. The prominent high arched spout becomes a striking focal point and charming highlight.

Farmhouse faucets lend vintage character that enhances the rustic charm of a kitchen. Their unique style brings warmth and aesthetic interest.


Beyond just looks, many farmhouse faucets incorporate useful features. Pull-down sprayer heads, soap dispensers, and sturdy metal materials add convenience.

The high arch accommodates filling even very deep apron front sinks. Farmhouse faucets blend visual appeal and everyday functionality.


Farmhouse style faucets made from bronze, iron, and other metals are built to last. The sturdy construction can withstand years of regular use.

The patina finish often improves with age. Made from quality materials, farmhouse faucets are an investment that resist wear and look great year after year.

What to Consider When Choosing a Farmhouse Faucet

Bridge vs. Deck Mount

Farmhouse faucets come in deck mount or bridge styles. Deck mount faucets install directly through holes in your sink or countertop. Bridge faucets mount to the backsplash wall behind your sink.

The main difference is visibility of the plumbing. Pick which mounting fits your kitchen setup and decor style.


Be sure to choose a finish that complements other fixtures and hardware in your kitchen. An oil-rubbed bronze or matte black faucet would stand out against a lighter sink or countertops.

Spout Height

Check your sink depth and cabinet height to ensure the faucet spout reaches comfortably into the basin. Farmhouse style spouts tend to arc quite high, so measure first.

Sprayer or Stream Spout

Many farmhouse faucets offer interchangeable heads with pull-down sprayers or a solid stream spout. Decide which provides the utility you need.

Popular Farmhouse Faucet Brands

Some top brands for farmhouse style kitchen faucets include:

Brand 1 – Key Features and Models

Paragraph on brand 1.

Brand 2 – Key Features and Models

Paragraph on brand 2.

Brand 3 – Key Features and Models

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With their vintage design and rustic finish, farmhouse kitchen faucets infuse antique character and charm into a space. When choosing one, consider size, finish, spray options, and installation style.

Investing in a quality farmhouse faucet made with durable materials will provide beauty and daily functionality for years to come. For anyone seeking to cultivate farmhouse appeal, a vintage style faucet sets the perfect foundation.