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Choose the Perfect Flush Mount Rectangular Light to Brighten Your Kitchen

Gabriela Connell
6 minute read

The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home. It’s where families gather, meals are prepared, and people spend quality time together. Having the right lighting in your kitchen not only makes it easier to cook and clean, but also sets the mood and creates a welcoming atmosphere.

For many homeowners, flush mount rectangular lights are the ideal choice to brighten up kitchens. Unlike pendant lights or chandeliers, flush mount fixtures have a low profile that sits right against the ceiling. This streamlined, minimalist look blends seamlessly into modern and contemporary kitchens. Flush mount rectangles give you even light distribution without any glaring or shadows. Read on to learn more about the benefits of flush mount rectangular kitchen lights, and how to choose the perfect fixture to suit your style and needs.

Benefits of Flush Mount Rectangular Lights in Kitchens

Even Light Distribution

flush mount rectangular kitchen light

One of the biggest advantages of a flush mount rectangular kitchen light is how it casts light evenly across the entire space. Because the fixture lies flat against the ceiling, the illumination is distributed uniformly, reducing shadows that can make cooking and eating difficult.

Pendant lights and direct task lighting often create pockets of light and dark. Flush mount rectangles bathe the whole kitchen in ambient luminosity. You won’t have to strain your eyes or hunch under cabinets just to see what you’re doing.

Streamlined, Unobtrusive Design

Flush mount rectangles have a low profile fixture that doesn’t call attention to itself. The lights seem to recede into the ceiling, creating a cohesive, integrated look.

Because they don’t dangle down or make a bold design statement, flush mount rectangles don’t distract from or compete with other kitchen decor. Their understated minimalism complements the stove, counters, backsplash, and other features without overwhelming them.

Easy to Clean

Kitchens are prone to grease splatters, food stains, and dust build up. Flush mount rectangular lights tend to have smooth fixture surfaces that don’t collect grime. They have no crevices for grease or dirt to gather in. Just use a duster or mild cleaner to keep your flush mount kitchen lights looking like new.

Pendant lights and exposed bulbs inevitably require more frequent cleaning. Their dangling orientation and decorative elements like capiz shells or beads allow for dirt and dust accumulation. Flush mount rectangles simplify maintenance.

Types of Flush Mount Rectangular Lights for Kitchens


For an energy-efficient kitchen lighting choice, LED flush mount rectangles can’t be beat. LED bulbs last up to 50 times longer than incandescent and halogen bulbs, and use a fraction of the energy.

LEDs give off an intense brightness perfect for illuminating countertops and work stations. They come in cool or warm color temperatures to set the right mood. And LED flush mount rectangles come in a range of stylish designs to match any decor.


If LEDs are out of your budget, fluorescent flush mount rectangles provide an affordable alternative. Linear fluorescent tubes cast a general ambient glow suitable for overall kitchen illumination.

Recessed fluorescent panel lights offer subtle mood or task lighting. Just be aware that fluorescent lights do contain mercury and require special disposal.

Halogen and Incandescent

Halogen and incandescent flush mount rectangles emit a warm, inviting radiance perfect for dining areas. But they are far less efficient than LED and fluorescent options. These older bulbs have a shorter lifespan and consume more electricity.

However, the warm light of halogens and incandescents does set a pleasing tone for breakfast nooks. Just be prepared for more frequent bulb replacements.

Features to Look for in Kitchen Flush Mount Lights

Damp and Dimmable Ratings

Since kitchens inherently involve water and moisture, look for flush mount rectangles rated for damp locations. Fixtures labeled damp-rated will resist moisture, grease, and steam when installed properly.

Dimmable flush mount rectangles allow you to control the ambiance and adapt the lighting to different functions. Slowly dim the lights for a romantic dinner, or boost to full brightness for cleanup time.

Linkable and Rail Systems

Some flush mount rectangles feature controls allowing you to link multiple fixtures together on the same power circuit. This synchronizes the lighting so all units dim and brighten in unison.

Rail systems provide maximum flexibility in kitchen lighting design. Fixtures mount anywhere along a slim LED rail or track anchored to the ceiling. Re-arrange at will for evolving tasks and styles.

Glass/Metal Materials

Glass and metal offer durability and easy cleaning for kitchen flush mounts. Look for unbreakable opal or frosted glass to softly diffuse light. Brushed nickel, matte black, or bronze finishes give metal lights a contemporary edge.

Placement and Installation of Rectangular Flush Mounts

Over Islands

Islands are a popular spot for dramatic pendant lighting. But flush mount rectangles provide an alluring alternative. Center an oversized fixture over the island to make it the focal point.

The flush mount width should equal or exceed the island width. This ensures adequate light coverage across the entire island surface for food prep and dining.

Under Cabinets

Mini rectangular flush mounts plug right into outlets under kitchen wall cabinets for convenient task lighting. Illuminate the countertops or sinks where you need directed light most.

Smaller hardwired units can also be mounted to junction boxes under cabinets. Just be sure to use fixtures rated for damp locations near sinks.

Center of Ceiling

A classic flush mount rectangle placement is in the center of the kitchen ceiling. Choose a fixture about half the size of the room’s width. This provides even ambient lighting throughout the kitchen.

Larger rectangular ceiling flush mounts work well over dining tables. Let the fixture serve double duty lighting the table and kitchen.

Choosing the Right Size Flush Mount Light

To figure the ideal flush mount rectangular light size, measure the length and width of the kitchen or area you want to illuminate. As a general rule of thumb:

Also consider ceiling height. Rooms with 9 foot ceilings need larger fixtures than standard 8 foot ceilings for sufficient illumination.

Wiring and Installation

Hardwire vs Plug-In

Hardwired flush mount rectangles hook directly to a ceiling junction box. They provide a cleaner look, but you’ll need basic electrical skills. First turn off power at the breaker.

Plug-in flush mounts simply plug into a nearby outlet like under cabinet lights. No wiring or electrical work required. Just ensure the cord stays concealed.

Installing Flush Mounts

Here are the basic installation steps:

  1. Turn off power and locate the junction box.
  2. Secure the mounting bracket to the junction box.
  3. Connect the fixture wires to the power supply wires.
  4. Attach the flush mount to the mounting plate until it clicks.
  5. Turn power back on and test the light.

Be sure to consult the specific fixture instructions. Improper electrical work can create unsafe hazards. Consider hiring an electrician if you’re unsure.

Styles and Finishes to Match Your Decor

Flush mount rectangles give you abundant options to coordinate with your kitchen’s design aesthetic. Choose from:

Popular finishes like brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, and matte black add metallic luster. Go for painted white fixtures for a crisp, clean look. The choices are nearly endless.

The right flush mount rectangular light can make your kitchen brighter, more stylish, and easier to use. Flush mounting provides even illumination, unobtrusive design, and no-fuss cleaning. Carefully measure your space, choose efficient LEDs or fluorescents, and select a size and style aligning with your decor.

With the many benefits of flush mount rectangles, you’re sure to find the perfect fixture to brighten up your culinary space. Just take your time researching the options. Before you know it, you’ll be cooking and socializing under beautiful new energy-efficient lighting.