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Choose the Best Painted Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Gabriela Connell
4 minute read

Your kitchen cabinets set the tone for the entire room. The color you choose can breathe new life into an outdated space or complement your existing design. Painting cabinets is a budget-friendly remodel that transforms the look of your kitchen. With so many painted cabinet color options to consider, it’s important to select a hue that matches your personal taste and lifestyle needs.

Whether you favor airy whites, sophisticated grays, calming blues or sunny yellows, there is a perfect shade to match your kitchen’s style.

Benefits of Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Painting tired oak or dated cabinets offers many advantages over a full cabinet replacement. It’s a quick, easy and cost-effective way to give your kitchen an updated look without a major renovation. Here are some of the best reasons to paint your cabinets:

painted kitchen cabinet color ideas

With proper prep and application, painted cabinets can last for years before needing a touch up. The transformation is dramatic, allowing you to add your own personal flair.

Factors that Influence Cabinet Color Selection

Choosing a painted cabinet color that you’ll love for years requires considering several factors unique to your kitchen. Keep the following in mind before deciding on a hue:

Lighter whites and grays create a bright, airy ambiance, while deeper greens and blues feel cozier. The cabinet style also impacts color choice. For example, crisp white complements Shaker style cabinets beautifully.

Best Neutral Painted Cabinet Color Options

Neutral cabinet colors provide versatility in design. They effortlessly pair with any kitchen decor from modern to farmhouse. Here are top-rated neutral painted cabinet colors:


A white palette keeps things simple, clean and bright. It makes small spaces appear larger and works with any cabinet style. The choices are endless, from bright white for contemporary flair or antique white for traditional charm. Crisp white cabinets feel fresh, timeless and clutter-free.

Shades of Gray

Gray beautifully modernizes Oak or Cherry cabinets without sacrificing their visible woodgrain. Soft, warm grays create a soothing vibe, while bold charcoal grays make a dramatic statement. Gray plays well with stainless steel, quartz countertops and subway tile backsplashes. Sophisticated grays transition seamlessly between design eras.

Beige and Tan

For a warm, welcoming ambiance in your kitchen, consider beige or tan painted cabinets. These earthy neutrals provide a cozy feel for Tuscan, Mediterranean and farmhouse spaces. Buttery tan cabinets complement exposed wood beams and butcher block counters. Subtle beige adapts well from casual to upscale.

Best Colorful Cabinet Paint Colors

Beyond classic white, infusing color into your cabinetry makes a bold impact. Painted cabinets allow you to easily introduce trending hues that show off your unique personality and taste with each redesign.

Soothing Blues

Blue cabinetry brings a calming, cooling effect to cooking spaces. Navy blue islands make a striking contrast to white uppers. Lighter shades like powder blue or Aegean blue have a coastal cottage charm. Blue colors complement white and stainless accents beautifully.

Organic Greens

Earthy green hues range from regal emerald to refreshing mint. Organic sage green painted cabinets complement granite counters and tile backsplashes elegantly. For contemporary spaces, bright chartreuse pops against dark floors and ceilings.

Warm Yellows

Infuse your kitchen with sunshine by selecting golden yellow or mustard cabinet colors. Yellow Stimulates the appetite and uplifts the mood. Try pale lemon yellow for a subtle touch or vibrant mustard for retro flair. Yellow cabinets pair nicely with exposed ceiling beams.

Sleek Black

For modern and edgy style, choose jet black cabinets. The dramatic hue makes a bold statement, especially when accented with brass hardware and fixtures. Black painted cabinets highlight stainless steel appliances beautifully. It’s an ideal color for urban lofts and contemporary spaces.

Which Cabinet Paint Sheen is Best?

Another major decision is the paint sheen, which impacts aesthetics and durability. Consider these common sheens for kitchen cabinets:

Traditional matte or eggshell finishes suit textured cabinet types like Shaker style. For modern cabinets, opt for luxurious satin or semi-gloss sheens. Regardless of your selection, proper prep and application are key.

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

The painting process requires careful planning and precision for a flawless finish. Follow these basic steps:

  1. Clean cabinets thoroughly then lightly sand surfaces
  2. Fill any holes or imperfections with wood filler
  3. Apply high-quality primer for optimal adhesion
  4. Paint with 2-3 thin, even coats allowing proper dry time
  5. Add protective clear coat for added durability

Proper prep work and using high-quality primer are essential for smooth, professional results. With patience and care, you can DIY your dream kitchen cabinet colors.

The right painted cabinet color can rejuvenate your kitchen’s aesthetic in days, not weeks. Consider popular hues like white, gray and blue as well as trending green, black or yellow if you’re feeling bold. Ultimately, choose colors that delight your senses and fit your lifestyle each time you remodel. With proper painting techniques, it’s easy to try new shades when you crave change.