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Build a Long-Lasting Cedar Wood Outdoor Kitchen Frame

Gabriela Connell
4 minute read

Imagine relaxing on your deck, breathing in the fresh outdoor air while grilling up juicy burgers and vegetables on your shiny new barbecue. The savory smell of smoke and sizzling beef floats on the breeze as you chat with friends and family, drinks in hand. You lean back against the sturdy cedar framed cabinets behind you, taking in the beauty of the weathered wood tones that perfectly complement your outdoor oasis. This scene is now possible in your own backyard with a durable, hand-crafted cedar wood outdoor kitchen frame designed to last for decades.

Cedar’s natural resistance to rot, bugs, and weathering makes it an ideal building material for an outdoor cooking space exposed to the elements. Unlike pressure treated woods, cedar contains natural oils that protect against water damage and decay without the use of chemical treatments. Its bold grain patterns and warm reddish hues add rustic elegance to any patio or deck. Constructing your kitchen’s framework from cedar provides long-term structural integrity you can rely on so that family and friends can gather together for years of backyard barbecuing.

The Strength and Stability of Cedar Construction

Cedar’s dense composition and natural durability lends exceptional stability as a framework material. Its robust structural properties prevent sagging, loosening of joints, and other concerns caused by exposure to rain, snow, and moisture over time. Cedar’s hardness also allows it to firmly anchor your countertops, cabinetry, and appliances in place so they stay securely fastened.

Properly joined cedar timber resists cracking or warping as the wood naturally expands and contracts. Using the appropriate layout, fastener types, and secure joinery techniques will ensure your kitchen frame retains its integrity through seasons of use. Allowing space for plumbing, gas lines, and electrical during assembly makes installing appliances and fixtures easier later on.

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A Strong Foundation Built to Last

Starting with a level, well-constructed base enables your entire outdoor kitchen to function at its best. Take time to properly design and measure your frame to suit the space while accommodating your functional needs. Consult local building codes for requirements if constructing a freestanding frame versus one secured to an existing wall or structure.

While a professional carpenter can assemble your framework efficiently, a committed DIYer can also successfully complete this project. Having an experienced contractor handle the build may provide added peace of mind and expertise to get your kitchen frame squared and plumbed.

Maintaining the Beauty of Your Cedar Frame

Left untreated, cedar will develop a silvery-gray patina over several seasons of exposure to the elements. Many homeowners appreciate this natural weathered look. If you wish to retain the wood’s rich coloration, periodic applications of a penetrating sealer or stain can enhance water resistance while allowing the texture and grain to show.

Proper sealing is key to preventing damage from rain and snow, especially on horizontal surfaces. An overhang roof can provide additional protection for susceptible areas. Keeping the frame well-ventilated allows moisture to dry out before fungus or mildew takes hold. Look for signs of insect infestation and address immediately to prevent destruction.

Tips for Ongoing Care and Upkeep

With periodic maintenance your cedar frame can remain beautiful and functional for decades. Inspect weathered surfaces each season and sand or restore finish as needed. Repair any minor damage right away before it spreads. Prepare for long idle periods by cleaning cooking surfaces and covering, especially in wet climates.

Consider re-staining at least every 2-3 years for optimal moisture protection. Seek finish products specifically formulated for outdoor cedar use. With proper care, your hand-crafted cedar frame will only gain charm as it naturally ages in the weather.

Take inspiration from stunning cedar deck kitchens sporting innovative storage, prep space, and high-end gas grills. Your custom-designed cedar frame sets the foundation for creating your own alfresco entertaining oasis. Savor leisurely days grilling savory foods as family and friends relax together in the comfort of your backyard escape.

Constructing a durable, hand-crafted cedar frame allows you to maximize seasons of outdoor living. Consider the benefits – hosting festive gatherings, effortless school night meals, or weekend lounging all made possible by your new outdoor cooking space. Sturdy, decay-resistant cedar wood keeps your kitchen secure for the long haul.

Taking time to properly build your frame means enjoying its lasting beauty and reliability for decades rather than just a few seasons. Turn your backyard dreams into reality this year with a custom cedar wood frame built to deliver endless days of outdoor cooking fun for years to come.