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Brighten Your Kitchen With Pendant Lights Over The Sink

Gabriela Connell
3 minute read

The kitchen is often called the heart of the home, so it makes sense to ensure this space is as bright and welcoming as possible. One of the best ways to illuminate your kitchen is by installing pendant lighting over the sink. This versatile lighting option provides both form and function by directing task lighting where you need it most while also contributing beautiful style.

Pendant lights over the sink make washing dishes, meal prep, and other kitchen tasks easier and more pleasant. The right pendant lighting also creates a decorative focal point and visually expands the sink area. Read on to discover how to select the perfect pendants to brighten up your kitchen.

Assess Your Lighting Needs

Before shopping for pendants, take stock of your existing lighting situation. Make note of any windows, overhead ceiling fixtures, or under cabinet lighting already installed. Consider the size of your sink and whether multiple pendants are needed to illuminate the entire space.

Also think about what tasks will be performed in the sink area. Washing lots of dishes and extensive food prep will benefit from very directed task lighting. In that case, also install under cabinet LED strip lights to supplement the pendants.

Choose Mini Pendants for Optimal Light Over the Sink

over kitchen sink lighting ideas

Mini pendant lights are an ideal choice for hanging over kitchen sinks. The smaller scale ensures they won’t obstruct your head space while doing dishes. Mini pendants also allow you to install multiple fixtures in a series that provides ample illumination along the entire length of a large sink.

For the best coverage, hang mini pendants in odd numbers like groups of 3 or 5. Space them evenly depending on the size of your sink. Mini pendants with drum, bell, or simple cone-shaped shades direct light downwards right where you need it.

Position Pendants Thoughtfully

Finding the right height for your sink pendants results in proper illumination. Hang them low enough to directly light your tasks, but high enough to avoid bumping your head. For a double sink, stagger the pendants in rows to light both sides.

Take care to align your pendants visually with the lines of your cabinets, backsplash, and other elements. Many mini pendant lights are adjustable, allowing you to angle them to precisely direct light where needed.

Supplement With Other Light Sources

While pendant lights should provide the main lighting over your kitchen sink, consider supplementing with other fixtures for a well-rounded lighting plan.

Under cabinet LED strip lights or puck lights will supply extra task lighting on the countertop work surface below your wall cabinets. Backsplash lighting behind the sink area creates beautiful ambient lighting that can match the pendant finishes for a cohesive look.

Recessed ceiling lights positioned over the sink space provide adjustable accent lighting. This highlights the pendants themselves and adds more directional illumination.

Achieve a Unified Look

Tie your new pendant fixtures together with the rest of the kitchen for harmony. Choose pendant finishes that coordinate with other metallic finishes like faucets, cabinet hardware, and light switches.

Incorporate your pendant lighting into the overall kitchen decor by playing up complementary accents. Glass pendant shades? Add some glass canisters on the counter. Black metal pendants? Bring in black dish towels and utensil crocks.

There’s no doubt that installing stylish pendant lighting over your kitchen sink adds beauty and function to this busy workspace. The right pendant lights provide ample task lighting, create an eye-catching focal point, and bring your personal style to the heart of your kitchen.

Let the light shine bright from above with pendant lights over your sink. Your kitchen will be more inviting, useful, and uniquely you.