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Unclog Your Kitchen Sink by Snaking the Drain Yourself

Gabriela Connell
4 minute read

Is your kitchen sink draining slower than usual? Do you notice gurgling sounds or foul odors coming from the drain? A clogged kitchen drain is a common household plumbing headache. Fortunately, you can often clear the clog yourself using a simple drain snake, and save the cost of a plumber’s service call.

Drain snaking is an effective DIY method for removing sink clogs caused by food particles, grease, hair, and other debris. With some basic equipment and these step-by-step instructions, you can get your kitchen sink draining freely again.

What Causes Kitchen Drain Clogs?

Kitchen sink drains become clogged for several reasons:

how to snake a kitchen drain

Drain pipes also become clogged as they age. Rust, mineral deposits, and roots from outdoor pipes can obstruct water flow. Old pipes may have sagging spots where debris collects.

Signs of a Clogged Drain

Watch for these common signs your kitchen drain is clogged:

Trying a DIY Drain Cleaner First

Before snaking your drain, start with a simple DIY drain cleaner. This may break up or dislodge the clog enough to get water flowing again:

Avoid commercial drain cleaner chemicals, which can be harsh and corrosive to pipes.

How to Use a Drain Snake

If DIY drain cleaners don’t solve the problem, it’s time to pull out a drain snake. Here are the steps for snaking a kitchen sink drain yourself:

Gather Materials

You’ll need the following supplies:

Prepare the Drain

Start by removing components from the drain:

Insert the Drain Snake

Now you’re ready to put the snake into the drain opening:

Finish Up

To complete the DIY drain snaking process:

Calling in a Professional Plumber

A sink drain clog you can’t clear with DIY methods may require a visit from a professional plumber. Call one if:

A plumber has high-powered equipment to clear tough clogs and can inspect your pipes with a camera to identify underlying problems. While a service call isn’t free, tackling a stubborn clog yourself can cost time and frustration.

Don’t let a clogged kitchen sink drain disrupt your household. In many cases, snaking it yourself with a basic drain auger can remove the obstruction in less than an hour, and save the hassle and cost of hiring a plumber. Keep these DIY steps in mind next time your sink is sluggish.