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The Best Off White Paint Colors for Kitchen Cabinets

Gabriela Connell
6 minute read

If you’re looking to warm up your kitchen with a fresh coat of paint on the cabinets, off white is a timeless yet versatile direction to go in. The many shades of off white provide a soft, welcoming look that brightens up the space while still hiding dirt and wear better than harsh whites. From the ever-popular Swiss Coffee to warmer antique white, the options for off white cabinet colors are plentiful. Whether your kitchen leans traditional or modern, there’s an off white hue that will enhance it beautifully.

You’ll learn the different undertones off whites can have, the aesthetic each creates, what color schemes they coordinate with, and tips for choosing the right soft white for your space. With this guide, you’ll be able to confidently pick a stunning off white paint color for your next kitchen cabinet makeover.

Why Choose an Off White Paint Color for Kitchen Cabinets?

Off white kitchen cabinets offer many advantages over bright, stark white.

off white kitchen cabinet colors

While white cabinets can look clean and modern, off whites provide a much softer, more welcoming look. The subtle creaminess warms up the space and provides an elegant, timeless look. Off whites are also more forgiving than white when it comes to hiding dirt, grease, and wear over time.

In smaller, darker kitchens, off white paint absorbs less light for a brightening effect without being overwhelming. The lighter colors reflect light around, making the space feel more open and airy.

Off whites are also versatile when it comes to color schemes. Unlike bright white, which can look harsh alongside darker colors, off whites pair beautifully with deeper hues like navy and forest green. Their softness helps tie everything together.

Overall, off white kitchen cabinets provide a lovely classic look with a versatility white can’t match. If you want your kitchen to feel welcoming, airy and timelessly elegant, off white is likely the perfect shade for your cabinets.

Most Popular Off White Cabinet Paint Colors

From warm ivories to pale taupes, the options are endless for off white kitchen cabinets. Here are six of the most popular paint colors to consider:

Swiss Coffee

With its warm yellow undertone, Swiss Coffee is one of the most popular off whites for kitchen cabinets and for good reason. This soft, mellow white makes kitchens feel bright and cheerful without the starkness of plain white paint.

Swiss Coffee complements both traditional and contemporary spaces beautifully. It provides light and brightness but still feels soothing. For a seamless, classic look, pair it with marble or granite countertops in soft white, gray or beige.

Antique White

For a vintage cottage vibe, try Antique White. This creamy off white has subtle beige undertones that give it just a touch more warmth than Swiss Coffee. The grayness in Antique White also makes the shade feel pleasantly weathered.

The soft, muted quality makes antique white ideal for giving modern or contemporary kitchens a cozier, more relaxed feel. Pair with natural wood accents and distressed metal for a French country style.

Linen White

Linen white has a subtle hint of gray that distinguishes it from warmer antique whites. With its barely perceptible cool undertone, Linen White strikes a perfect balance – not too stark, not too creamy.

The result is a tranquil, airy look that feels both refreshing and cozy at the same time. Gray and blue accent pieces pop nicely against this versatile backdrop. Stainless steel appliances also coordinate beautifully with linen white cabinets.


For a bright white base with just a whisper of gray, try Alabaster. This gorgeous off white has less yellow than Linen or Swiss Coffee, giving it a crisp, clean look.

Alabaster works wonderfully to light up darker kitchens, as it reflects the most light of the off white paint colors. It creates a bright, modern feel while remaining soft on the eyes. Alabaster white cabinets look striking paired with bold colors like black, navy or emerald.


Another traditional off white, Eggshell has warm, buttery yellow undertones reminiscent of a classic cottage kitchen. It’s not quite as stark and cool as Swiss Coffee.

Eggshell has a soft glow perfect for country kitchens with oak floors and beamed ceilings. For a contemporary twist, pair it with matte black hardware and fixtures. Eggshell whites enhance both styles beautifully while feeling light and airy.


No off white list would be complete without Cream. This rich, warm ivory has a distinctly golden undertone that feels cheerful and welcoming in any kitchen.

Cream has enough saturation to hold its own against even the most colorful accent walls or backsplashes. It also keeps contemporary spaces from feeling too stark and impersonal. For timeless appeal, pair cream cabinets with bronze or nickel fixtures.

What Color Undertones Do Off Whites Have?

The undertones in off white paint colors make all the difference in the look they create. Warmer off whites have yellow and beige undertones, while cooler options have subtle hints of gray.

The warm off whites such as Swiss Coffee, Cream, and Eggshell owe their sunny qualities to yellow pigments that edge them toward ivory on the color spectrum. Their golden glow feels welcoming and cheerful.

On the cooler side, off whites like Linen and Alabaster have almost imperceptible traces of gray that balance out yellow tones. These off whites feel bright and airy but still remain neutral and versatile.

If you prefer a cozy cottage feel, choose warmer off whites for your kitchen cabinets. For an airier, more modern look, go with cooler off whites with just a touch of gray. The undertones make a big difference in the overall aesthetic.

What Aesthetic Do Off White Kitchen Cabinets Create?

Bright and Airy

Some of the palest off whites like Swiss Coffee and Alabaster reflect the most light for an airy, sunlit look. Their cooler undertones keep things feeling fresh and open without starkness.

Traditional Cottage

Warmer off whites like Cream and Eggshell capture the essence of a cozy cottage with their creamy yellow hues. Distressing also enhances their vintage style.

Modern and Sleek

Super crisp off whites like Alabaster provide brilliant contrast against bold accent colors and modern black fixtures for a streamlined look.

Rustic Farmhouse

Off whites in the antique family complement worn, distressed woods beautifully in rustic kitchens. Hand-rubbed antique white paint finishes the farmhouse look.

Timeless and Classic

While their tones vary, all off whites share an ability to make kitchen cabinets look softly elegant. Their versatility suits either traditional or contemporary styles.

What Color Schemes Go Well with Off White Cabinets?


If you want to keep things simple, off whites look gorgeous paired with different neutral tones like grays, browns and other soft whites. Wood cabinet finishes also complement off white paint beautifully.


From navy to sky blue, crisp blues make off white cabinets pop. Blue walls, tile and décor create a soothing yet vibrant look against off whites.


Earthy green tones like sage and forest green combine wonderfully with creamier off whites. Mint and seafoam greens also give off whites a cool, invigorating look.

Black and White

For modern edge, pair off white cabinets with black granite counters, matching black hardware and light fixtures. The contrast is stunning.

Natural Materials

Off whites complement natural surfaces like marble, travertine and light granite beautifully. Quartz counters in soft whites are another seamless match.

How to Choose the Right Off White Paint Color

With so many stunning off whites to pick from, choosing the right one for your kitchen requires a bit of consideration. Here are some tips for selecting an off white cabinet color:

Amount of Natural Light

The lighter the off white, the more it will brighten up a dark space. Save warmer hues like Eggshell and Cream for sunnier rooms where brightness isn’t an issue.

Desired Aesthetic

Do you want your kitchen to feel crisp, clean and modern or cozy and cottage-like? Cooler off whites like Alabaster suit the first, while Cream fits the latter.

Cabinets, Counters and Floors

Choose an off white that enhances your existing cabinet finish, counters, backsplash and floors. Soft beiges pair better with brown granite, for example, while gray tones match stainless beautifully.

Test Paint Swatches

Paint large swatches on cabinet doors to see how the off whites look in your specific lighting before committing. Bulbs can alter tones.

Achieving an elegant off white cabinet finish requires careful prep and application:

With the right off white paint color and application techniques, you can give your kitchen cabinets a stunning, fresh look that feels timeless. Whether your style leans modern, eclectic or traditional, a beautiful off white paint breathes new life into kitchen cabinets.