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Stylish Space-Saving High Top Tables for Small Kitchens

Gabriela Connell
4 minute read

Finding the perfect dining table for a petite kitchen can feel like an impossible task. With limited floor space, bulky furniture pieces simply won’t fit. But who wants to sacrifice style and comfort just because your kitchen is compact? Have no fear – high top tables provide the ideal small space solution to keep your eat-in dining area both stylish and functional.

High top tables, also known as counter height or bar height tables, are tailored to suit tight quarters. By choosing furniture with a smaller footprint, you can maximize every inch of your cozy kitchen. Read on to discover how high top tables can open up your small kitchen and learn savvy shopping tips for choosing the best size, shape and style table for your needs.

Why High Top Tables Work for Small Kitchens

Take Up Less Floor Space

high top table for small kitchen

Standard height dining tables typically need ample clearance on all sides for chairs to pull out and sit comfortably. But compact high top tables take up less square footage since they are designed for counter stool seating that tucks right under the table ledge.

The reduced clearance required means you can position a high top table inches from a wall, island, or other furniture – much closer than a regular height table. This gives you more flexibility when laying out furniture in your petite kitchen.

Open Up The Room

The taller table height also creates the illusion of a more expansive space. The raised tabletop lifts the eye up, which makes your kitchen feel more open and airy. To enhance the light and bright vibe, look for tables with light-reflecting finishes like white, light woods, glass, or metal.

High top tables are multifunctional pieces that transition from dining area to desk or standing work station with ease. When you aren’t eating meals at your high top table, use the space for food prep, arts and crafts, laptop work, or other projects that benefit from standing.

Buying Considerations for Small Space Tables

Measure Your Dimensions

When shopping for any piece of furniture for a small kitchen, accurate measurements are crucial. Pay close attention to the floor plan and dimensions both of the table and where you intend it to go. Be sure to account for comfy accessibility around the seated table – at least 32-36 inches for stools.

Table Shapes

Round and oval shaped tables optimize your layout options, as they can fit into nooks that may be too tight for square or rectangular tables. Pedestal table bases with no bulky legs also maximize leg room in a compact floor plan.

Table Heights

Standard table height (around 30 inches) often feels too low and closed-in for petite kitchens. Aim for the 36 inch counter height or 42 inch bar height range. The tall table maximizes valuable visual space as well as physical footprint.

Finishes & Materials

The lighter the finish, the more expansive your small space will feel. Opt for painted woods in white or light natural tones, glass tabletops, or metallic finishes like brass, copper or chrome. Darker woods tend to feel bulky and overwhelming in a tiny kitchen.

Portable folding tables offer bonus flexibility – collapse them entirely when not in use to free up valuable real estate. Nesting tables that slide under each other are another excellent space-saving choice.

Storage Optimization

Integrated storage is key for small kitchens. Look for high top tables with storage cubbies, shelves, or drawers built into the base. Drop-leaf table extensions allow you to fold down the sides when not dining for a more compact footprint.

Casters or wheels on table legs let you easily roll the table aside when you need the floor space. Then store stools beneath or behind for a completely clear floor.

Top High Top Table Picks for Small Kitchens

Modern Glass Top Pub Table

For a lightweight and ultra-modern look, a small tempered glass high top table is perfect. The slim chrome base has a streamlined profile. Glass tops are also naturally easy to wipe down and keep sparkling clean in the busy kitchen.

Rustic X-Base Farmhouse Table

Warm wood farmhouse tables bring cozy cottage style to a kitchen. Look for an airy x-base design for a more open feel. The casual farm table vibe suits relaxed family mealtimes in a small but mighty kitchen.

Marble & Metal Bistro Table

Marble bistro tables have enduring elegance for small spaces. The cool marble top contrasts beautifully with matte black or brass finished metal bases. Scaled-down bistro tables tuck perfectly into kitchen nooks.

Black Bar Table with Storage Shelves

Industrial edge meets function in a black bar table with open storage shelves instead of legs. The reclaimed wood shelves are great for cookbooks, barware and seasonal decor. Made for studio kitchens.

Folding High Top Table

For the ultimate space-saving versatility, choose a folding high top table. Look for lightweight designs with quick collapse and fold features for pop-up dining. When collapsed, the folding table requires zero precious floor space.

High top tables allow for creative expression when styling your petite kitchen. Mix and match stylish counter stools for eclectic seating. Incorporate pendant lights or sconces mounted right above the tabletop to amplify intimate ambiance.

Use your high top table as a stage for displaying cherished kitchen items and seasonal decor. The elevated tabletop becomes a little vignette area for plants, fruit bowls, or cake stands. But most importantly, choose high top tables that suit both your space and personal style – then enjoy the new entertaining possibilities your tiny kitchen holds.