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Streamline Small Kitchen Layouts with Smart Corner Banquette Seating

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Having a tiny kitchen with limited space can present challenges when trying to fit in an eating area. Traditional kitchen tables and chairs often take up too much precious room. However, you can transform an unused corner into a cozy banquette breakfast nook, perfect for small spaces.

Banquette seating is a brilliant solution to maximize seating while conserving area in a compact kitchen. Built-in or freestanding corner banquettes tuck neatly out of the way but still allow for a communal dining experience.

Types of Corner Banquettes for Small Kitchens

There are several excellent banquette styles made to suit small kitchen layouts.

small kitchen tables with bench

Built-In Banquettes

Custom built-in banquettes are constructed directly into the corner of your kitchen. Typically made of wood, these banquettes feature plush upholstered cushions for seating comfort. Many built-in designs allow for storage drawers or cabinets underneath the bench.

Built-in banquettes provide a polished integrated look, making the most of unused spaced in your kitchen layout.

Freestanding Banquettes

Freestanding banquettes come ready-made with a metal or wood frame and an upholstered bench for seating. The convenience of pre-built freestanding banquettes is that they can be positioned against any kitchen wall or corner.

Some freestanding banquette styles come on wheels or casters, allowing you to pivot the seating for flexibility. Freestanding options offer versatility without permanent installation.

Storage Benches

Storage bench banquettes are a smart dual-purpose option. The hollow bench lifts up to reveal spacious built-in storage inside. Plastic or wood lined interiors help keep contents organized.

Look for storage benches with waterproof vinyl cushions on top to allow comfortable seating without damage from spills.

Best Practices for Incorporating a Corner Banquette

Implementing a banquette in your kitchen takes a bit of planning. Follow these best practices for installing your banquette seating successfully.

Measure Your Kitchen Corner

First, carefully measure the parameters of the corner space. This allows proper sizing of the banquette for an optimal fit. Be sure to account for traffic flow, leaving ample room for walking past the banquette.

Complement Your Style

Select banquette fabric and wood finishes that integrate with your overall kitchen decor. Accent with colorful pillows or blankets to complete the styled look.

Allow Enough Clearance

Leave leg room between the banquette bench and wall so seating is comfortable. Plan for at least 36 inches of clearance from the edge of your dining table to accommodate seating.

Select the Right Table Size

Rectangular tables in the 36 to 42 inch width range work well with corner banquette areas. For round tables, target a 36 to 47 inch diameter to allow spacious seating without overcrowding.

Styling Your Banquette Breakfast Nook

Once your banquette seating is in place, pull together the area with attractive touches.

Incorporate Storage Solutions

Add storage ottomans or use cubbies under bench seats for concealed storage. Mount a hutch, open shelving or pots racks on the wall for easy access without clutter.

Include Comfort Features

Upholster both the banquette bench and bench back for comfort. Some banquettes have extensions that pull out to allow seating extra guests.

Incorporate pops of color with a fruit bowl display or fresh flowers as a centerpiece. Layer on textured pillows, cozy throws, and tabletop accents for visual interest.

A well-designed corner banquette lets you take advantage of every inch while creating a relaxed dining area perfect for small space living. With proper planning and styling, your new banquette can become a favorite spot to enjoy meals and quality time.