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Modernize Your Kitchen with Trendy Cabinet Hardware

Gabriela Connell
4 minute read

Is your kitchen looking a little dull and dated? One of the easiest ways to update the look is by replacing the cabinet hardware. Switching out tired old knobs and pulls for new, trendy handles can completely transform the style of your kitchen in just a weekend.

When choosing new cabinet hardware, you have an endless array of materials, styles, and finishes to select from. The options can feel overwhelming. By learning a bit about the most popular choices, you can narrow down your search to pieces that will complement your existing decor.

Select Cabinet Hardware Materials That Stand Up to Daily Use

Kitchen cabinet hardware takes a lot of wear and tear. You’ll be opening and closing drawers and doors multiple times a day. That’s why sturdy materials like metal and glass make practical choices.

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Here are some top options to consider:

The Beauty of Metal

Metal cabinet hardware offers exceptional durability. Stainless steel, brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, and brass are very popular.

Stainless steel provides a versatile, affordable option. It comes in brushed and polished variations. The brushed finish helps disguise fingerprints.

Oil-rubbed bronze has become a top choice in recent years. It has an antique aged look that suits many kitchen designs from traditional to modern.

Glass and Crystal Knobs Add Drama

For a touch of elegance, glass and crystal knobs sparkle beautifully. The downside is they’re a bit more prone to chipping or breaking. Handle with care if you opt for glass.

Clear glass or crystal pairs well with stainless steel appliances and chrome faucets. Or go for colored glass for a pop of color that complements your backsplash.

Find the Right Style for Your Kitchen

Beyond the material, the style of your new cabinet hardware is key. You’ll want pieces that enhance your kitchen’s existing vibe rather than looking out of place.

Seek Streamlined Hardware for Contemporary Kitchens

Does your kitchen skew modern and streamlined? Then you’ll want hardware to match like:

Avoid ornate designs and opt for simple shaped pieces in brushed metal, glass, or plastic.

Play Up Character with Rustic Style

For farmhouse or rustic spaces, weathered and distressed hardware sets the right tone.

Some fitting options include:

Craftsman style cabinets also suit this rugged hardware.

Select Ornate Hardware for Traditional Kitchens

Traditional kitchens tend to have more elaborate cabinetry. Choose hardware to match like:

Look for elegant shapes and designs that align with the traditional look.

Factor in the Right Size and Placement

To select cabinet hardware that fits properly, you’ll need to measure. Standard sizing for pulls is:

For knobs, opt for 1 1/2 to 2 inch diameter sizes. Measure the existing mounting holes or cabinet thickness to get the right fit.

Placement is also key. Typically knobs go in the middle of doors. Pulls mount horizontally. For multiple drawers, align pulls for a unified look.

Installation Tips for Hassle-Free Hardware Updates

Once you’ve selected the perfect hardware, it’s time to install. While you can certainly hire a handyman, it’s an easy DIY project for most homeowners.

Simple Steps for Installation

Follow these straightforward steps for replacing cabinet hardware:

  1. Remove the old knobs and pulls (save hardware to fill holes later)
  2. Fill in the old screw holes if needed
  3. Use a drill to make pilot holes for new hardware
  4. Attach the new pulls and knobs

Take care when drilling not to make holes too large. Go slowly and check fit as you go.

Handy Tools for Installation

To tackle installation, you’ll need:

With the right tools and patience, you can upgrade your kitchen easily in a weekend.

When selecting new kitchen cabinet hardware, choose pieces that coordinate with your faucet finish and other metals. For example, stainless steel appliances pair well with brushed nickel or chrome pulls.

Hardware with an aged bronze finish complements dark wood cabinetry. Black hardware makes a bold statement against light cabinets.

Look beyond color to the style details too. Traditional Crystal knobs pair better with beaded inset cabinets rather than flat slab drawer fronts.

Take your time and select hardware you’ll enjoy for years to come. The right pieces can add just the style punch your kitchen needs.