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Modernize Your Kitchen With a Stunning Single Sink

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Is your kitchen in need of a modern makeover? Installing a stunning single sink can instantly update the look and feel of your kitchen. Single sinks provide a contemporary style while also delivering practical benefits.

With so many types of single sinks available, from sleek stainless steel to vintage apron-front, you’re sure to find one that matches your kitchen’s motif.

Popular Styles of Single Sinks

When choosing a new single kitchen sink, the options can seem endless. Let’s look at some of the most popular styles.

Undermount Sinks

Undermount sinks install directly beneath the countertop, creating a smooth and seamless finish. Without a lip or edge, these sinks have a clean, modern look and make a striking focal point.

single sinks for kitchens

Undermount sinks are also easy to wipe down and keep clean. However, installation takes more effort than drop-in sinks. The countertop must be precisely cut to fit the sink.

Topmount Sinks

Also called drop-in or self-rimming sinks, topmount sinks sit above the countertop. They are suspended by the sink’s rim or flange.

This is the most affordable and commonly used sink type. It’s also the easiest to install; no special countertop alterations needed. But debris and water can collect around the lip of a topmount sink.

Farmhouse Sinks

Farmhouse or apron-front sinks are a single large basin reminiscent of old-fashioned kitchens. The front face extends down to cover part of the base cabinet front.

These spacious sinks provide vintage styling along with a huge washing area. However, apron-front sinks come in limited size options and require custom cabinetry.

Choosing a Durable Material

Sink materials impact durability, appearance, and cost. Here are some top choices for single kitchen sinks.

Stainless Steel

A stainless steel sink provides a modern, industrial look. Stainless is exceptionally durable and resists scratches, stains, and dents.

These sinks are easy to clean but can be noisy. Preventing water spots requires frequent towel drying. Stainless comes in various metal grades and price points.

Cast Iron

Cast iron sinks have an old-fashioned, traditional vibe. This material is very long-lasting, keeping its luster for decades.

However, cast iron is extremely heavy. These vintage-look sinks can weigh over 100 pounds. Cast iron also tends to show spotting from minerals in water.


Composite sinks blend natural materials like crushed stone with resin for durability. This makes them more affordable than stainless steel while allowing color and pattern customization.

The main downside of composite sinks is they aren’t as impervious to heat damage and scratches as metal sinks.

Key Features to Evaluate

Along with style and material, consider these factors when selecting your single kitchen sink:

Installing Your New Sink

Once you’ve selected the perfect single sink, it’s time for installation. DIYers can tackle this project if you’re handy. Otherwise, hire a pro to ensure it’s done right.

Installation involves:

Take accurate measurements, turn off water supply lines, and have all necessary tools on hand before getting started.

Caring for Your New Single Sink

Show your new single kitchen sink some TLC so it stays beautiful.

Treat stains, scratches, and chips right away. Contact the manufacturer for advice on touch-up and repair products safe for your sink material.

With minimal effort, you can install a trendy new single kitchen sink for a contemporary look. Evaluate popular styles and materials to choose the right model for your needs and design aesthetic.

Follow proper installation techniques for a watertight fit. Then keep your sink sparkling with regular gentle cleaning. A statement-making single sink brings your kitchen decor into the modern era!