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Light Up Your Kitchen Sink with This Simple Trick

Gabriela Connell
3 minute read

The kitchen sink area is one of the most important prep and cleanup zones in your home. Proper lighting over the sink makes food preparation safer and more enjoyable. The right lighting also sets the mood and adds style to your kitchen decor.

When choosing sink lighting, it’s key to pick options that provide ample illumination for tasks while complementing your design aesthetic. Popular choices include pendant lights, under cabinet lighting, track heads, and island pendants.

Pendant Lights for Striking Style Over the Sink

Nothing jazzes up a kitchen quite like pendant lighting dangling elegantly over the sink. Pendants make a bold style statement and come in virtually endless shapes, sizes, materials, and finishes to match any decor.

light for over the kitchen sink

Mini pendants in a line or clustered together provide focused task lighting. Larger single pendants can serve as captivating focal points. Glass, metal, woven fabric, and carved wood add intriguing textures.

Positioning Pendants at the Right Heights

Place single pendants directly over the sink at 66-78 inches above the counter. Mini pendants in groups work at staggered heights down to 42 inches. Allow proper clearance over the tallest cook or cleaner to prevent bumping heads.

Light colored and reflective finishes help bounce illumination where you need it most. Opt for dimmable pendants to control brightness as needed for prep tasks or ambiance.

Matching Kitchen Decor with Choice of Materials

Pendants come in so many materials that it’s easy to coordinate with your kitchen’s design. Warm metals like brass, copper, and bronze pair nicely with traditional styles. Nickel or chrome finishes add sheen for contemporary spaces.

Iron, wood, and fabric pendants complement rustic farmhouse kitchens. Crystal and colored glass pendants add a touch of elegance. The options are practically endless.

Under Cabinet LED Lighting for Focused Task Illumination

Nothing beats under cabinet lighting for providing glare-free task illumination right where you need it most. LED strip lights mount inconspicuously under upper cabinets to bathe the countertop below in bright, focused light.

Under cabinet lighting is energy-efficient, durable, and easy to install. It creates a work area ideal for chopping, washing, and other cleanup duties. The narrow strips take up minimal space while providing superior lighting.

Choosing Under Cabinet LED Strips and Controls

Look for LED strips with options like dimming, automatic on/off, and daylight color temperatures around 5000K. Diffused lenses prevent harsh glare. Hardwired or plug-in installation is available.

Task-specific controls allow you to preset lighting scenarios for cleanup, cooking, ambiance, etc. Some systems even automatically adjust brightness when you walk into the kitchen!

Proper Positioning for Countertop Coverage

For best illumination, under cabinet lights should run the entire length of the cabinets above the sink and counter space. Position the strips as close to the cabinet front as possible to maximize light coverage.

Allow 3-5 inches between lights for optimal spread. Use connectors to link shorter strips for seamless run lengths as needed.

With the right kitchen sink lighting, you can enjoy both form and function. Stylish pendants and practical under cabinet lighting provide the perfect blend of elegance and utility.

The variety of options let you choose lights tailored to your specific taste and tasks. Properly illuminating your food prep zone makes everything easier while lending your kitchen a gorgeous designer touch.