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How to Wrap Around Kitchen Cabinets

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If you’re looking to maximize storage and create an efficient kitchen layout, wraparound cabinets may be the perfect solution. Extending your cabinetry along two or more walls allows you to fully utilize every inch of space. Wraparound cabinetry also enables seamless organization and customization so you can design your dream kitchen. From clever pull-outs to glass door displays, you can incorporate specialty features that make sense for how your family cooks and lives.

From layouts that promote ideal workflow to storage innovations you need to see, you’ll find inspiration to create a high-functioning kitchen that expresses your unique style.

Layout Possibilities for Wraparound Cabinet Designs

Wraparound cabinetry can be configured in several formats to maximize your kitchen’s footprint. Consider the following popular layouts when planning your design:

U-Shaped Cabinet Layout

As the name implies, U-shaped cabinetry extends along three walls, leaving one side open for appliances and work space. This creates an efficient triangular workflow and expansive storage capacity. The only disadvantage is a U-shaped kitchen lacks space for an eat-in dining area.

wrap around kitchen cabinets

L-Shaped Cabinet Layout

The most popular wraparound format, L-shaped cabinets run continuously along two adjoining walls. This leaves room to include a kitchen island with seating. The island adds prep space and design style. An L-shaped layout also promotes an efficient work triangle between your sink, stove and refrigerator.

Galley Kitchen Cabinet Layout

Ideal for small spaces like galley kitchens, cabinets can run in two parallel rows along opposite walls. While storage is limited to the perimeter, this economical layout amplifies every inch of space. The corridor-like work area stays open and free of clutter.

Peninsula Kitchen Cabinet Layout

Similar to a galley kitchen, peninsula cabinets extend along three walls with a half island or peninsula coming out from one side. This creates a second work zone with seating while keeping the layout open. The peninsula is an especially nice addition for entertaining guests.

Storage Innovations With Wraparound Cabinets

From floor to ceiling, wraparound cabinetry allows you to build in specialized storage and organizational solutions:

Maximize Base Cabinets

Deep lower cabinets provide massive storage capacity for large pots, pans and serving platters. Optimize the space even further with roll-out trays, lazy susans and other smart inserts so items are easily accessible.

Utilize Wall Cabinets

Make the most of vertical real estate by extending cabinetry to the ceiling. Wall cabinets give you additional room for rarely used appliances, oversized cookware and serving pieces. For a lighter look, add glass fronts to neatly display collectibles.

Take Advantage of Corner Cabinets

Corners often turn into black holes where things get lost in the depths. Wraparound cabinet designs allow you to install specialty cabinets in corners to store items neatly. Lazy susans create easy access to items in deep corner spaces. Diagonal corner cabinets make contents visible and reachable.

Include Specialty Storage Pull-Outs

To optimize organization, incorporate pull-outs designed for your most-used pots, pans and small appliances like stand mixers. Customize with spice racks, built-in knife blocks and other specialty inserts tailored to your cooking and storage needs.

Customization Options for Personalized Style

The extensive cabinetry canvas provided by wraparound designs allows for all kinds of customization so you can create a kitchen that suits your family’s lifestyle and taste:

Vary Cabinet Depths

Playing with cabinet depths adds architectural interest to your design. Opt for deeper lower cabinets to maximize storage and shallower upper ones for a light, airy look. Varying depth also keeps your sightlines interesting.

Include Drawers

Outfit lower cabinets with handy drawers to keep utensils, cooking tools and other kitchen essentials within easy reach. Soft-close drawer glides prevent slamming. Customize drawers to fit baking sheets, cutting boards and other awkward items.

Add Glass Cabinet Doors

Frame your prized dinnerware or glassware collections using glass-front upper cabinets. The see-through doors eliminate dust buildup while also enabling you to view and access items easily. Glass fronts add modern style to contemporary kitchens.

Pick Statement Hardware

Swapping out boring standard knobs for unique hardware lets you put your personal stamp on cabinets. Black iron pulls suit industrial style kitchens while hammered copper knobs complement rustic or farmhouse designs.

Materials and Finishes for Wraparound Cabinets

The look of your kitchen largely comes down to the materials and finishes you select for your wraparound cabinets:

Wood Species

Opt for oak or maple if you appreciate visible wood grains. Hickory and cherry impart a tighter grain pattern. Maple provides a neutral background for painted cabinets in any color.

Stains and Paint Colors

For a natural wood look, apply stains like espresso or chestnut glaze to bring out wood tones. White, grey and black painted cabinets suit modern kitchens. Soft pastels like sage green create a cottage feel.

Door Styles

Simple Shaker-style recessed panel doors complement both traditional farmhouse and sleek contemporary designs. Flat slab doors lend a stark, modern look. Traditional raised panel doors and molding details promote an elegant, timeless aesthetic.

Incorporate Lighting for Form and Function

Strategically placed lighting takes your wraparound kitchen cabinets from mundane to marvelous:

Under Cabinet Task Lighting

Outfit the undersides of wall cabinets with LED strip lighting to illuminate countertops. This makes food prep and cooking tasks easier on the eyes.

Interior Cabinet Lighting

Install LED strip or puck lights inside upper cabinets to spotlight contents. No more rummaging around in the dark to find ingredients.

Accent and Decorative Lighting

Use rope lighting or mini pendant lights to highlight open glass cabinets displaying your collections. The accent lighting becomes a design focal point after dark.

Finishing Touches to Elevate Your Design

Special details like the following provide the final flourishes that take wraparound cabinetry from purely functional to fabulous:


A backsplash becomes an integral design element tying your full cabinet run together. Natural stone, metal or glass tile provides visual interest while protecting the walls.

Open Shelving

Floating open shelves staggered between upper cabinets break up the cabinetry. Open shelves lend handy space for frequently used cookbooks, small appliances and accents.

Trim and Molding

Weave in trim details like crown molding capping cabinets, light rails bridging uppers and baseboards under lowers. This adds decorative depth and interest.


Your countertop material also impacts the overall kitchen aesthetic. Quartz, granite, butcher block or concrete pair nicely with various cabinet styles.

Budget Considerations for Wraparound Cabinetry

The cost of wraparound cabinets depends on factors like materials, cabinet quality, custom work and kitchen size. Here’s an overview of what to expect:

– Ready-to-assemble cabinets cost $100-300 per linear foot, putting a 10×10 kitchen around $6,000-$15,000.

– Custom cabinets range from $200-800+ per linear foot installed, so $15,000-$30,000 for a medium-sized kitchen.

– Luxury upgrades like glass fronts, integrated lighting and gourmet pull-outs increase costs but may be worth it.

Wraparound cabinetry constitutes a significant investment that boosts your home’s functionality and value. Focus your dollars on durable wood species and timeless door styles.

By surrounding two or more walls with seamless, continuous cabinetry, you can achieve maximum storage capacity along with customized organization. Wraparound kitchen cabinet designs enable you to make the most of every inch while incorporating clever innovations and beautiful finishes tailored to your lifestyle. Take advantage of this adaptable layout to create your family’s ideal kitchen environment for years to come.