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How to Decorate an Island in the Kitchen

Gabriela Connell
6 minute read

The kitchen island is often the focal point of the room, making it a prime spot for small upgrades that can have a big impact. With a few easy décor changes and additions, you can transform your kitchen island into a stylish and functional centerpiece.

Decorating your island is an inexpensive way to update the look of your entire kitchen. The right touches will lend your space a put-together, designer feel. Island styling is also great for boosting functionality. Proper lighting, seating, and storage solutions allow you to get the most out of the extra counter and prep space.

Choose a Countertop Material With Personality

The countertop is the foundation of your kitchen island design. Options like quartz, marble, and butcher block each offer their own set of pros and cons.

Quartz counters are non-porous, making them very stain and scratch resistant. They come in a wide array of colors and patterns for a customized look. However, quartz lacks the natural variation of other materials.

Marble is elegant but also delicate and prone to stains. Using sealant can help protect marble’s vulnerable surface. The striking veining makes each piece unique.

how to decorate an island in the kitchen

Butcher block exudes rustic charm. It requires regular oiling to prevent drying and cracking. The wood develops a rich patina over time. Butcher block stains easily but can be sanded to refresh the surface.

More Countertop Choices

Concrete offers the modern appeal of an industrial look. It can be poured, stamped, or stained to achieve different finishes. Concrete is porous and will need to be sealed properly.

Ceramic or porcelain tile allows you to install a durable, easy-to-clean counter surface. The grout lines may trap dirt and require more maintenance to keep clean.

Take into consideration your lifestyle, design taste, and budget when selecting an island countertop. Any of these materials can provide the perfect foundation for your kitchen island décor.

Install Pendant Lights For On-Trend Style

Hanging pendant lights above the island provide both fashionable style and essential task lighting. A single statement pendant bulb or cluster of geometric pendants can instantly elevate your kitchen’s aesthetic.

Vintage Filament Bulbs

For a touch of vintage inspiration, hang exposed Edison-style filament bulbs alone or in groups. Pair with rustic materials like woven baskets and butcher block countertops to enhance the timeworn vibe.

Go modern with bulbs inside clear glass globes or sleek metal frames. The transparent pendants keep the filament look while adding contemporary contrast.

Mason Jar Lighting

Mason jars transformed into pendant fixtures supply charming farmhouse flair. You can buy ready-made kits or DIY your own hanging lights. Use tin cans, bottles, or any glass container for eclectic whimsy.

Paint the interior of clear jars for a pop of color. Try spray painting the screw-on lids as well. For warm ambiance, use traditional Edison bulbs with the rustic glass pendants.

Modern Geometric Pendants

The clean lines of geometric pendant lighting lend an airy and sophisticated mood. Polished metal frames in gold, rose gold, or matte black contain the inner light source.

Group three to five slim triangular or spherical pendants for visual interest. The repetitive shapes make a striking style statement over a kitchen island.

Open Shelving Offers Flexible Functionality

Installing open shelving around your kitchen island provides a space for displaying pretty dishware along with highly accessible storage. The airy, open concept keeps items in constant view so you can easily grab what you need.

Wire Shelving Units

Commercial wire shelving has an utilitarian appeal. The slim metal framework maximizes visibility. For extra industrial edge, use galvanized pipe fittings on the corners of wire units.

Weave greenery through wire shelves or prop up vintage books. The transparency of wire plays up any objects placed on the shelves for an artful look.

Wood Brackets or Box Shelves

Sturdy wood brackets present an alternative to metal wire units. The natural material warms up kitchens with more traditional or cottage style. For a neater look, install simple floating box shelves.

Wood elements complement butcher block counters and mix well with black metal bar stools. Keep shelves organized by using woven baskets to corral cooking tools, linens, or home accents.

Ladder Shelf Display

Ladder-style shelves instantly deliver rustic flair. Lean the shelf against a wall or suspend it from the ceiling over the island area. The crossbeam design provides plenty of tabletop space to show off cherished items.

Fill burlap pouches with utensils or dried lavender bundles. Prop up framed photos between shelf treads for a personalized element.

Incorporate Seating For Casual Gathering

Arranging counter-height stools around the perimeter of your island establishes an impromptu eating nook. Opt for barstools to accommodate seated dining and socializing.

Upholstered and Wooden Stools

Upholstered stools with fabric, leather, or faux leather cushions epitomize comfort and softness. Tufted backs provide additional lean-in support. Use upholstered stools to balance sleek, cool surfaces like stainless steel or concrete.

Wood stools bring natural warmth and texture. Carved details, woven wicker, and butcher block seats offer artisanal allure. Place wood stools with butcher block counters for harmonious design.

Metal and Acrylic Stools

The streamlined look of metal stools pairs well with modern and industrial kitchen elements. Black iron Tolix-style stools with crossbars have bistro charm. Or choose sculptural acrylic stools for a transparent, space-saving option.

Look for stools with footrests to maximize comfort and adjustable height mechanisms. Swivel functionality also allows easy movement and conversation flow.

Creative Storage Solutions Keep Items Accessible

While the island provides extra counter space, you’ll need storage to contain cooking equipment, dry goods, and other essentials. Open racks, hanging pots, and baskets keep necessities nearby but out of sight.

Use Baskets to Corral Items

Woven baskets suit kitchens of any style. They offer a tidy way to store fruits and vegetables, cooking utensils, linens, and more. Use baskets in natural hues for an organic look or bold colors for an eclectic pop.

Group baskets by type or color scheme. Nestle smaller baskets within larger ones for pretty presentation. Style them on open shelves or mount baskets on the wall for quick access.

Display with Racks and Rails

Metal racks and hanging bars provide organized storage for frequently used tools. Opt for stainless steel or black metal to coordinate with modern décor. Or try a rustic wrought iron rack to complement cottage-inspired elements.

Hang utensil rods or knife strips from the ceiling over an island for quick access while cooking. Install a wine glass rack underneath to instantly elevate the space.

Final Touches Elevate the Island Aesthetic

A few final flourishes complete the pulled-together island look. Tie your design together with decor accessories that enhance the overall style.

Incorporate Greenery

Plants instantly boost freshness in kitchen spaces. Set a potted herb garden near the countertop for handy seasoning. Or hang air plants in macramé holders above the island.

Add leafy greens to open shelves or wire racks. Try placing a tray of succulents among your pendant lights for an unexpected display.

Introduce personal elements with framed family photos, children’s artwork, or treasured collections. Install a chalkboard for noting grocery lists and recipes. Or attach a bulletin board for pinning up meaningful bits and bobs.

Anchoring your island with an area rug adds softness underfoot. Define the space with woven jute, colorful dhurrie, or patterned cotton.

With the right countertop, lighting, seating, storage, and accessories, it’s easy to elevate your kitchen island into a stylish, multifunctional fixture. Use these décor tips to create an island oasis tailored exactly to your needs and tastes.