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Dress Up Your Kitchen Cabinets with Festive Christmas Decor

Gabriela Connell
3 minute read

The holidays are a wonderful time to spread some extra cheer in your home. What better place to highlight festive decor than on top of your kitchen cabinets! Placing Christmas decorations above your cabinets transforms this often overlooked space into a bold seasonal statement.

Decorating the tops of your cabinets allows your Christmas flair to be easily seen from multiple angles in your kitchen. It also takes advantage of valuable visual real estate to showcase seasonal decor. Read on for festive Christmas decoration ideas that will dress up your kitchen cabinets with holiday spirit!

Why Decorate Your Kitchen Cabinets for the Holidays?

During the holiday season, your kitchen becomes the heart of gatherings and celebrations. Decorating this space helps set a warm, festive mood. The top of kitchen cabinets provides the perfect spot to creatively display Christmas decor because:

christmas decorations above kitchen cabinets

Best Areas for Christmas Decor Above Cabinets

When selecting spots for Christmas decorations above your kitchen cabinets, look for areas visible from multiple vantage points. Prime real estate includes:

Festive Christmas Decorations to Display Above Cabinets

From natural greenery to sparkling lights, you have many options for festive Christmas decor to adorn your kitchen cabinets. Here are some of the best ideas:

Greenery Garlands and Wreaths

For a natural holiday look, decorate your cabinets with fresh greenery like pine, cedar, and fir. Accent the garlands and wreaths with festive touches like pinecones, berries, oversized ornaments, and big bows. Use strong adhesive hooks or decorative nails to hang and drape the greenery along the top of your cabinets and backsplash area. The aroma of fresh greens fills your kitchen with Christmas scents.

Twinkling Christmas Lights

String lights instantly add a magical, festive glow perfect for the holidays. Opt for mini lights to allow more flexibility in shaping intricate displays. Use removable adhesive clips or small hooks to hang the lights along your cabinets or backsplash. For convenience, look for lights with built-in timers or remote controls. The sparkling lights brighten up your whole kitchen!

Oversized Christmas Ornaments

Choose a few large Christmas ornaments in shiny finishes to make a bold statement and visual impact from across the kitchen. Plastic, metal, or wood options are durable choices that won’t easily break. Cluster the ornaments together or hang them along the cabinet tops with ribbon, garlands, or ornament hooks. Their festive colors and scales command attention.

Personalized Stockings and Santa Hats

For a playful touch, hang personalized felt stockings with family member’s names along the tops of your cabinets. Santa hats placed on cabinet knobs add a whimsical detail sure to inspire smiles. Securely display these decorations using strong but removable adhesive hooks.

Tips for Safely Hanging Kitchen Cabinet Christmas Decor

When displaying Christmas decorations above your cabinets, follow these tips to safely and securely hang them:

To keep holiday decor on your kitchen cabinets looking festive and not dusty:

Dressing up your kitchen cabinets is an easy way to spread extra holiday spirit this Christmas. With these festive decoration ideas, you’ll enjoy the nostalgic cheer and joy they bring throughout the whole season!