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Designing the Perfect L-Shaped Kitchen Island with a Breakfast Bar

Gabriela Connell
8 minute read

There are many factors to consider when designing the perfect L-shaped kitchen island with a breakfast bar. The size and shape of your countertop, the type of material you use for your breakfast bar, and the height of your breakfast bar stools are all important considerations.

An L-shaped kitchen island with a breakfast bar is the perfect solution for having an elegant-looking yet highly functional kitchen. If you are looking for kitchen breakfast bar ideas, keep reading to learn more about the different options available.

Why An L Shaped Kitchen Island Is the Best Choice?

One common question when deciding on a kitchen island is what shape works best in the space. You need an item that will make your kitchen more functional, but it can’t be too bulky. The answer is an L-shaped kitchen island.

There are several reasons why an L-shaped island is the best choice for most kitchens. It provides plenty of countertop space without being too big or bulky. This can be a real lifesaver when you’re trying to prep meals or bake cookies. Having extra counter space makes all the difference in the world!

An L-shaped island can perfectly fit into any size kitchen—whether it’s large or small. If you have a basic l-shaped layout, then adding an island won’t throw off the balance of your room like it might with other shapes.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to designing an L-shaped kitchen island. You can add storage underneath, put shelving on one side for cookbooks and spices, or even get creative with lighting fixtures above!

Benefits of an L-Shaped Kitchen Island with a Breakfast Bar

When it comes to kitchen islands, there are all sorts of shapes and sizes to choose from. But if you’re looking for the best possible option, an L-shaped island is definitely the way to go. Here’s why:

  1. Increased Functionality – An L-shaped island gives you more counter space and storage than a traditional rectangular island. This means that you can use it for food prep, cooking, as a breakfast bar, or even as a spot to do homework or pay bills. Basically, anything that would normally be done at a regular kitchen table can now be done right on your island.
  2. Better Flow – Since an L-shaped island protrudes from one wall of the kitchen rather than being located in the middle of the room, it leaves more open space around it, which makes traffic flow much smoother. No more getting stuck in corners or weaving around people while you’re trying to get dinner on the table!
  3. More Seating Options – When guests come over, they can easily pull up a stool and sit at your new breakfast bar while you finish preparing meals or snacks. And when everyone’s gathered together in the kitchen during parties or holidays, there’s plenty of room for everyone since the L shape provides ample seating options along both sides of the island.
  4. Built-In Storage Solutions – Many L-shaped islands come with built-in cabinets, shelving, and drawers so that everything has its own place and doesn’t need to take up valuable countertop space. You can store pots and pans, dishes, utensils, small appliances, cookbooks, etc., making your kitchen much more organized (and therefore less stressful!) overall.

So if you’re planning a kitchen remodel in the near future, keep these points in mind when considering your layout. A successful kitchen island design takes into account your specific needs, wants, and overall lifestyle.

Pros And Cons of an L-Shaped Island

This type of island offers many benefits, but there are also a few potential drawbacks to consider.

One of the biggest pros of an L-shaped island is that it provides plenty of counter space. This can be especially useful if you enjoy cooking and entertaining guests. Plus, having ample counter space makes meal prep much easier and less cluttered. If your kitchen is on the smaller side, an L-shaped island can help maximize your available space.

Another benefit of this type of layout is that it allows for multiple people to work in the kitchen at the same time. If you often cook with family or friends, an L-shaped island provides a great place for everyone to gather while still being able to move around easily. Additionally, many islands include a breakfast bar counter, which provides extra seating for quick meals or snacks.

There are a few things to keep in mind before deciding on an L-shaped island, though. First off, this type of layout may not be ideal if your kitchen is very small—as mentioned before, it’s important to have enough clearance around all sides of the island so everyone can move freely without feeling cramped. Secondly, depending on how it is positioned, one side of an L-shaped island might become somewhat isolated from the rest of the kitchen. So if you prefer an open-concept layout, this might not be the best option for you.

What to Consider When Choosing an Island Shape

When choosing a breakfast bar, there are three main things you must take into consideration: cost, durability, and appearance. Depending on your budget and needs, one of these factors may be more important to you than others.

Cost is an obvious factor when it comes to kitchen countertops. However, if money isn’t as much of an issue for you, then look at other options such as durability or appearance. If being able to see what type of material will work best in your kitchen before making a final purchase decision is not something that concerns you, then opt for cheaper materials like laminate or tile since they can still give off a high-end look without breaking the bank! However, remember that with anything else made from natural stone (like granite), costs tend to go up, mainly because shipping them takes time, so make sure this doesn’t affect how happy you are with your eventual choice too much!

In general, the ideal multi functional kitchen island should have a countertop surface that can be used for food preparation, as well as somewhere to eat and socialize. Most kitchen islands will also include cupboards or cabinets, so you can store all of your cooking essentials in one place! If you’re looking at adding an island to your already cramped kitchen space, then it might be worth considering how much extra storage space would come with the addition before making any final decisions—this way you won’t end up disappointed when there isn’t enough room to put away everything after a big cook-up!

A functional kitchen space should always have a sink, and this is one area where you can really make a statement with your choice of countertop.

Functionality is another important aspect to think about before purchasing a new kitchen island. Do you want it to double as a breakfast bar? Would integrated appliances like dishwashers or fridges make meal times easier? Consider what types of activities take place in your kitchen on a daily basis and base your decision on that! Sometimes, less is more. If having too many features in such a small space feels overwhelming, you might want to stick to the basics, like adding more work surfaces and shelves, instead of going all out with built-in appliances and other features. After all, simplicity always looks chic.

Tips for Decorating Your L-Shaped Kitchen Island Breakfast Bar

A stylish kitchen space always includes a beautiful kitchen island with plenty of storage, an integrated sink, and space for food preparation. It’s the perfect place to host dinner parties or family gatherings! If you have an L shaped breakfast bar in your home, here are some tips on how to decorate it:

Choose a Color Scheme

The first step is to choose a color scheme that you love and that will complement the rest of your kitchen decor. You can go for a classic look with neutral colors like white, cream, grey, or opt for something more bold and vibrant if you want to make a statement. Once you’ve decided on your colors, start planning what type of furniture and accessories you’ll need to complete the look. A brown breakfast bar can look great with white bar stools and matching accessories, or you could go for a more colorful look with brightly colored stools and accents.


Lighting is key when it comes to creating the perfect ambiance in your kitchen. If you have an L-shaped breakfast bar, make sure to choose lighting that will highlight the area and create a warm and inviting space. Pendant lights are always a good choice, or you could opt for track lighting if you want something more modern. Candles are also a great way to add some extra warmth and romance to the room. Just be sure not to leave them unattended!

Add Some Bar Stools

Bar stools are essential for any breakfast bar – they provide extra seating when needed and can be stored away easily when not in use. Choose stools that fit well under the countertop so they don’t take up too much space, and opt for designs that match your chosen color scheme. If possible, try to find stools with built-in footrests so guests can sit comfortably while enjoying their meal or chatting over drinks.

Stools that fit well under the countertop and have built-in footrests are ideal for breakfast bars. Look for stools in a color scheme that matches your kitchen, and try to find 3–4 stools so guests can sit comfortably while enjoying their meal or chatting over drinks.

The back support is important for comfort, and the footrest will help guests feel more relaxed. You may also want to look for stools with a padded seat, as this can add an extra layer of comfort. If you have a smaller breakfast bar, you can always opt for 2-3 stools instead of 4. The best kitchen island seating will be the right size for your kitchen and will be comfortable to sit on.

Decorate with Fresh Flowers or Greenery

To add a touch of nature to your kitchen space, decorate the breakfast bar with fresh flowers or greenery. This can be a simple way to brighten up your space and make it feel more inviting for guests.

A Beautiful Tablecloth or Runner

If you want to add a bit of luxury to your kitchen, consider using a beautiful tablecloth or runner on your breakfast bar. This can help dress up the space and make it feel more special for guests. Glasses, dishes, and utensils.

Be sure to have all the necessary glasses, dishes, and utensils on hand for your breakfast bar so that guests can help themselves when they’re ready to eat or drink. This can be a great way to avoid any last-minute scrambling around in the kitchen.

Add Some Personal Touches

Lastly, don’t forget to add some personal touches to your breakfast bar! A breakfast bar countertop can be a great place to display family photos, vases of fresh flowers, or even some fun and festive holiday decorations. If you have the space, consider adding a small refrigerator or coffee maker so that guests can help themselves whenever they like.

Breakfast bars are the perfect way to add some extra seating and storage to your kitchen while still allowing guests easy access to everything they need at mealtime. By following these simple tips, you can easily create a breakfast bar that’s both stylish and functional for any gathering—large or small!

Ultimately, whether or not an L-shaped island is right for your kitchen depends on your personal preferences and needs. But if you’re looking for extra counter and prep space, as well as room for multiple people to work simultaneously, then this could be a great option for you!