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Create Your Beach House Coastal Kitchen Retreat

Gabriela Connell
3 minute read

Do you dream of preparing meals in a bright, soothing kitchen with the sights, sounds, and feels of an oceanside cottage? Bringing a relaxed, coastal vibe to your kitchen is easier than you think. With the right colors, textures, decor details, and natural lighting, you can create a beach house kitchen escape right in your own home.

Follow these simple tips to transform your kitchen into a relaxing, coastal oasis with the casual charm of a weathered beach cottage.

Transform Your Kitchen with Soothing Coastal Colors

One of the easiest ways to evoke the feeling of the beach is by incorporating ocean-inspired colors. Cool aquas, soft teals, pale blues, and sandy neutrals will give your kitchen a soothing, seaside palette. Try painting your cabinetry, walls, or accent pieces in one of these tranquil colors.

Cool, Ocean-Inspired Hues

beach house coastal kitchen design

Pick a pale, watery tone like an airy aqua or frosted teal for your lower cabinets or an accent wall. These colors replicate the shades of the sea and sand.

Try a misty, weathered blue on upper cabinets or the ceiling. Soft blues lend a peaceful watercolor effect.

Warm Tones

Bring in warm, natural colors reminiscent of the coastline. A light sand or coral color on walls or open shelving adds a pleasing pop.

Paint or stain cabinets in a lightly whitewashed driftwood tone. This replicates sun-bleached wood on a beach cottage.

Use Color on Cabinets, Walls, and Accents

Get creative with where you add hints of coastal color! Just a pop of ocean-inspired hue goes a long way. Try:

Create a Seaside Look with Natural Textures

Incorporate organic, beachy textures that evoke the casual feel of a weathered seaside cottage. Natural wood, stone, rope, and driftwood elements add to the laidback vibe.

Rustic Wood Elements

Wood brings warmth and connects the indoors to the outdoors. Use it liberally:

Natural Materials

Coastal kitchens showcase natural stone, concrete, and wood:

Add Coastal Charm with Found Objects

Display collected bits of nature to accent your beach house kitchen:

Incorporate Relaxed Coastal Decor

Finish your beach kitchen with decor items that reference life on the water and relaxed seaside living.

Nautical Accents

Add maritime touches like:

Beach Cottage Vibe

Include cottage elements like:

Coastal Artwork

Use artwork to transport your kitchen to the beach:

Brighten Your Kitchen with Natural Light

Coastal kitchens are bright and sun-filled. Maximize natural light with design choices like:

Big Windows

Install large windows or sliding glass doors to let sunlight and fresh breezes flow in.


Add skylights to make your kitchen feel open and airy during the day.

Bright White Paint Colors

Paint the walls, ceiling, and trim a bright, clean white. This makes the space feel open and reflects light around.

Pendant Lighting

Use pendant lights over islands and sinks for both illumination and breezy, coastal style.

With soothing colors, natural textures, charming coastal accents, and abundant natural light, you can easily transform your kitchen into a relaxed beach house retreat.

Follow these tips to create your own seaside escape, no oceanfront property required! Your kitchen will feel like a breezy cottage with the sights, sounds, and charm of the beach.