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Create a Stunning Rustic Kitchen on a Budget with DIY Cabinets

Gabriela Connell
4 minute read

Want to give your kitchen a beautiful rustic makeover but don’t want to spend a fortune? DIY rustic kitchen cabinets allow you to customize your space with charming reclaimed wood accents without breaking the bank.

With the right materials, tools, and techniques, you can give your kitchen a total transformation even if you’re a beginner DIYer.

Materials For DIY Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

The first step is gathering the raw materials for constructing your new cabinets. The main component is the wood itself.

diy rustic kitchen cabinets

Wood Types

Reclaimed lumber like old pallets, crates, and barn wood are great rustic options. The worn, weathered look enhances the vintage vibe. Pine and poplar are softwoods that are easy for beginners to work with using basic tools. Oak is a popular choice for more durability.

Sand down rough edges for a smooth surface. Distressed wood with dents, nail holes, and varied stains add to the charm of rustic cabinets.

Stain, Paint & Finish

Staining wood planks in colors like espresso, charcoal, or ebony results in dramatic dark cabinets. For a weathered whitewashed look, paint boards in antique white, cream, or light grey. Sand paint between coats to expose wood grain.

Seal the wood with polyurethane or clear coat for moisture protection and durability. Multiple coats prevent drips for a smooth polished finish.

Designing Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

Now comes the fun part – dreaming up your perfect rustic cabinet design. The style details you add give DIY cabinets character.

Door Styles

Plank cabinet doors made from individual wood boards have a bold rustic aesthetic. Louvered shutter-style doors offer an alternate way to achieve the farmhouse vibe. Open shelving gives cabinets a breezy, cottage feel while displaying treasured dishware.


Iron cabinet pulls and handles along with black hinges reinforce the rugged industrial look. Hammered knobs, vintage-style latches, and oversized ring pulls are fitting hardware choices.

Farmhouse Touches

Incorporate charming farmhouse elements to maximize the cozy appeal. Wrap glass cabinet fronts with chicken wire for a homey touch. Open shelving shows off pretty plates and mugs. Displaying rolling pins, mixing bowls, and utensils also enhances the cottage kitchen look.

Constructing DIY Rustic Cabinets

Now we get down to the business of building your DIY masterpieces. With the right methods, rustic cabinets are achievable even for total beginners.

Cutting & Joining Wood

A circular saw makes straight cuts through reclaimed planks to desired sizes. Always use protective gear like goggles when operating power tools. Sand edges smooth.

Pocket holes drilled with a jig allow you to securely join pieces of wood at angles with screws. Apply wood glue before screwing for extra strength. Use bar clamps to hold glued boards tightly together until bonded.

Framing & Installing

Construct a sturdy base frame on which to mount cabinets. Check for level and attach securely to wall studs. Between cabinets, add adjustable shelves anchored with shelf pins drilled at regular intervals.

Hanging Doors

Measure hinge placement precisely to get doors plumb. Pre-drilling pilot holes prevents splitting. A cabinet door hanging jig helps get doors positioned just right. Adjust until aligned and screws are tightened.

Finishing DIY Rustic Cabinets

The finishing touches really bring out the beauty of your DIY reclaimed wood cabinets and get them cabinet-ready.


Lightly sand cabinets to smooth any rough patches or sharp edges. Fill any holes, dents or gaps with wood filler and let dry completely. Tack cloth removes any remaining sawdust before painting or staining.

Stain & Paint

Use a foam brush or rag to evenly apply stain or paint over cabinets. For a timeworn look, distress painted cabinets by lightly sanding to expose wood underneath. Distressing between coats creates layers.


Polyurethane or water-based sealer protect painted or stained surfaces from daily wear and tear. Slowly brush on 2-3 coats for best durability, allowing drying time between coats. Avoid drips by applying thin coats.

Transform Your Kitchen On A Budget

While premade or custom cabinets can be pricey, DIY rustic cabinets provide an affordable solution for any kitchen. The satisfaction of crafting unique cabinets yourself using reclaimed wood and simple tools is a rewarding experience.

Add a cozy cottage vibe without sacrificing utility. Stash pots, pans and food staples while displaying your china and country crockery. Rustic cabinets infuse any kitchen with farmhouse charm on a budget.

With the right materials like reclaimed wood, essential tools, and some helpful techniques, DIY rustic kitchen cabinets are an achievable weekend project for any skill level. The combination of custom doors, finishes, and hardware lets you design cabinets tailored to your space and style.

Now you have all the information you need to start planning your next rustic cabinet creation – and the next transformation your kitchen is longing for.