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Choose the Perfect Window Coverings to Revamp Your Kitchen Design

Gabriela Connell
3 minute read

With so many decisions to make when remodeling a kitchen, it’s easy to overlook one design element that can make a big visual impact – window treatments. The right window coverings not only control light and provide privacy in your kitchen, but also infuse style, color, and personality into the space.

Kitchen windows bring in natural light, views of the outdoors, and allow for ventilation. However, bare windows leave your workspace and countertops exposed. The key is choosing treatments that strike the ideal balance between exposing your beautiful kitchen and keeping it fully functional.

Compare Popular Options for Dressing Up Kitchen Windows

From classic to contemporary, dozens of window treatment styles work beautifully in kitchens. Consider where your kitchen is located and how much natural light you want before deciding.

best window coverings for kitchen

Versatile and Affordable Vinyl Blinds

An economical option, vinyl blinds come in horizontal and vertical styles. Horizontal vinyl mini-blinds tilt to adjust sunlight entering. Vinyl blinds resist moisture, grease, and dirt well. But cats and dogs can easily damage vinyl slats.

New vinyl blinds cost around $20-$50 per window. They come in whites and neutrals to complement most decors. Horizontal vinyls give a clean, sleek look. Verticals allow more view when open.

Sophisticated Wood and Faux Wood Blinds

Real wood blinds add natural warmth. Faux wood crafted from polymers like PVC have the same look at a lower price point. Both filter light beautifully. They come in 50 mm or 25 mm slat sizes.

Tilting slats controls visibility. Raising them up provides privacy. Wood and faux wood blinds range from $100-$300 per window. Match blade color to cabinets for a cohesive feel.

Soft, Flexible Fabric Roman Shades

Roman shades offer a relaxed, European vibe. These soft fabric shades lift from the bottom into graceful folds when opened. choose lighter fabrics to allow daylight in while obscured views.

Roman shades cost $150-$500 per window. Choose cordless lifts for safety and ease of use. Add a fabric valance over your roman shade to frame the window.

Key Considerations for Kitchen Window Treatments

Along with style, keep practical needs in mind. Optimize function in your kitchen with window coverings tailored to how you cook and live.

Control Light and Privacy

Sheer curtains allow daylight in while obscuring views. Blackout curtains or pleated shades prevent light and prying eyes.

Dual treatments like a solar shade with side curtains give you options. Close curtains in the evening for privacy. Raise shades during the day to see outside.

Reduce Noise and Insulate

Layer curtains over blinds or shades to minimize outside noise from traffic, noisy kids, or loud appliances. For improved insulation, install honeycomb cellular shades or thermal curtains to contain AC in summer.

Enhance Safety and Convenience

Cordless blinds eliminate dangling cords little hands can grab. Remote controlled shades allow you to alter light with a click. Consider easy-slide traverse rods for smooth opening and closing of curtains.

Brighten With Color and Patterns

Inject personality into your kitchen with vivid patterned curtains or roman shades. Try cheerful yellows, energizing oranges, or calming greens. Play up a theme with whimsical chicken or fruit curtains.

Mix and Match Different Treatments

Why choose one window treatment when you can have two? Combine stationary curtains or blinds with shades you can adjust. Or mount a valance over blinds or shades to tie everything together.

Kitchen windows set the tone for your whole cooking and entertaining space. Take time to find the right mix of treatments to control light, add privacy, and express your personal style.

With so many affordable options, you can refresh your kitchen’s look just by upgrading the window treatments. Use our tips to find the perfect pairing to enhance how you cook, clean, and enjoy this important room.