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Choose the Perfect Round Farmhouse Kitchen Table and Chairs for Your Home

Gabriela Connell
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The popularity of farmhouse style decor has soared in recent years. Drawn to the welcoming, rustic aesthetic reminiscent of charming vintage country homes, more and more homeowners find themselves craving a cozy farmhouse vibe in their own kitchens and dining spaces. Key to achieving this inviting farmhouse look is incorporating a round kitchen table and chairs with timeworn, natural finishes and versatile vintage flair.

Choosing the right size, style and finish for a round farmhouse dining set brings warmth and charm to a kitchen. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know to find your perfect farmhouse table and chairs.

Determine the Right Size Round Farmhouse Table for Your Space

When shopping for a farmhouse style round kitchen table, the first consideration is choosing the right size for your room. Measure the open floor area of your kitchen or dining space to gauge what size table will fit best.

round farmhouse kitchen table and chairs

For a small to moderately sized kitchen, an intimate 36-42 inch diameter table comfortably seats 2-4 people. This cozy size works well for a breakfast nook or in kitchens with limited square footage. For medium to large kitchens, a spacious 48-60 inch round table provides seating for 4-6 without feeling cramped. This gives you flexibility to host casual family dinners or small dinner parties.

Standard Sizing for Round Farmhouse Kitchen Tables

Use these standard round table sizes as a guide when selecting the right farmhouse dining table diameter for your home:

Before purchasing, mock up the footprint with tape to envision how a circular farmhouse table will fit and function within your existing layout. This ensures you get the ideal size to dine and entertain comfortably.

Consider Who Will Regularly Sit at the Table

The number of people you need to seat daily or frequently should factor into choosing the right farmhouse kitchen table size. Will this primarily be a table for quick weekday morning meals for two people? Or is a spacious surface for family dinners a priority?

If you regularly host gatherings for 6-8 guests, a 60 inch round farmhouse table allows plenty of elbow room. For just a couple or small family meals, a smaller 3-4 person table works fine.

Choose a Durable Wood Type for Your Farmhouse Table

Choosing the right wood type is key to getting a farmhouse style dining table that will stand the test of time. Opt for solid, durable woods that not only suit the rustic farmhouse aesthetic but will hold up well to years of regular use and wear.

Oak is a popular choice as it stains beautifully and provides a handsome natural wood grain. Pine with its blonde tone and visible knots also fits farmhouse style well. Other woods like maple, walnut, and cherry add unique visual interest while remaining extremely sturdy.

Commonly Used Woods for Farmhouse Tables

Here are details on types of wood commonly used to construct farmhouse kitchen tables:

Using Reclaimed or Recycled Wood

For even more rustic, weathered character, a farmhouse table constructed from reclaimed barn boards, vintage flooring or recycled old beams adds loads of charm. Just be sure the salvaged wood is properly dried and milled for durability.

DP forged and reclaimed wood tables offer the look of authentic aged lumber without the hefty price tag. Their multi-toned finish echoes the worn patina of genuine reclaimed planks.

Solid Wood vs. Engineered Construction

Solid wood farmhouse tables are milled entirely from one continuous cut of hardwood or softwood lumber. The grain spans the full depth of the tabletop. Though more prone to expansion and contraction, solid wood brings unparalleled strength and timeless quality.

With engineered wood, thin layers of premium wood veneer are adhered to a plywood or laminate core. The layered construction minimizes natural wood movement. Engineered wood makes well-built farmhouse style tables more affordable.

Complementary Chair Styles for Your Round Kitchen Table

Finding the right dining chairs to match your new round farmhouse table completes the look. Simple designs crafted from natural unfinished wood complement the table’s rustic style well. Or add warmth with wood chairs featuring padded seats upholstered in cozy fabrics.

Benefits of Unadorned Wooden Chairs

Wood chairs with slat backs and contoured seats mesh seamlessly with most farmhouse tables. Their fuss-free styling lets the beauty of the wood grain shine.

Ladderback, spindle back and Windsor styles all pair nicely. For easy coordination, choose chairs in the same wood finish as the table. Adding a distressed paint wash in white or black creates striking contrast.

Options with Padded Seats or Bench Seating

For additional comfort, look for farmhouse dining chairs with padded seats covered in natural linen or cotton fabrics. Neutral upholstered chairs complement a rustic wood tabletop. Or opt for cozy built-in bench seating with plush cushions.

Don’t overlook vintage finds when selecting charming farmhouse chairs. Repurposed antique chairs add loads of character.

Mixing Complementary Chair Styles

If you like an eclectic look, mix up chair designs around your farmhouse table. Combining wood, upholstered and bench seating with varying silhouettes lends quirky charm. Just keep the finishes and colors cohesive.

Varying chair heights also adds visual appeal. Pair standard height chairs with stools for a fun, casual feel.

Decorating and Styling Your Farmhouse Kitchen Table

Once you find the perfect round farmhouse dining table and complementary chairs, it’s time for the fun part – decorating! Keep decor simple and embrace natural elements to complement your rustic country table.

Organic Farmhouse Tablescapes

Bring nature indoors by crafting tablescapes around organic items like fresh flowers and lush potted greenery. Ferns, eucalyptus, magnolia branches and baby’s breath have an effortless feel.

Tuck blooms into a weathered ceramic jug, vintage bottle or rustic wooden box. Greenery garlands running down the table’s center make a dramatic statement.

Include Rustic or Modern Dinnerware

Mix up your dishes and glassware to dress the table. Classic white ceramic dinnerware pops against the wood tabletop. Or opt for handmade stoneware in earthy hues echoing the rusticity. Dented antique tin plates and cutlery add character.

For modern contrast, try sleek black or stark white dishes. Mismatched glassware like etched wine glasses, water tumblers and milk bottles further the eclectic farmhouse vibe.

Creative Farmhouse Table Centerpieces

Display your favorite decorative items to ornament the table between meals. A distressed wooden bowl filled with fruit makes a lovely natural centerpiece. Position candelabras for ambient lighting. Prop up a vintage-style chalkboard for leaving family messages.

Collections of bottles, antique books, or cake stands brimming with flowers merit rotating showcase placements. The options for accessorizing your farmhouse table year-round are endless.

Get the Perfect Farmhouse Table and Chairs for Your Budget

Quality farmhouse style kitchen tables and chairs can be found at prices to suit most budgets. With some savvy shopping, you can get the rustic country look you covet without breaking the bank.

Price Ranges for Farmhouse Tables and Chairs

Expect to spend $300-$600 for a basic solid wood farmhouse table and $50-$200 per chair. Bench seating often costs $150-$350. Higher end custom farmhouse tables range from $1,500-$5,000 and beyond.

Dining sets from mass retailers offer the most budget friendly options starting under $500. Online direct-to-consumer brands also have selections affordable for small spaces.

Where to Shop for the Best Deals

In addition to big box stores like Ikea and Wayfair, shop small local furniture stores for discounted floor models or quality used finds. Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist also merit checking for secondhand scores.

Watch for sales around holidays and clearance events to save. Be prepared to pounce quickly for the best farmhouse finds on a deal!

DIY Farmhouse Table Tips

Handcrafting your own farmhouse table saves substantially and lets you customize the size and details. Refinishing and repurposing an old table also brings satisfying savings. Visit for easy step-by-step instructions on DIY farmhouse tables for amateur woodworkers.

Creating a cozy farmhouse dining nook with a round rustic table and timeworn chairs infuses vintage-inspired warmth into any kitchen. Follow this guide to choose the perfect size, durable wood, and complementary chairs for your space and lifestyle.

With proper measurement, smart furniture selection and creative styling, your dream farmhouse table for making memories around meals awaits. Gather your family and friends and enjoy the welcoming vibe of your new farmhouse kitchen set for years to come.